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Author Topic: New Geocentrism Book by Robert Sungenis  (Read 84 times)

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New Geocentrism Book by Robert Sungenis
« on: January 05, 2019, 12:31:33 PM »
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  • I was informed by Robert Sungenis that he will be coming out with a new book next week: Geocentrism for Dumskies and Smart Children.  He said it would be "for kids 10 and up and teens and adults."  I think it is one more praiseworthy and noble effort by Sungenis to try to inform the world of an important and profound truth which so much of the modern science establishment seems hell bent on rejecting even though more and more evidence for it continues to stare them in the face.

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    Re: New Geocentrism Book by Robert Sungenis
    « Reply #1 on: January 08, 2019, 05:27:08 AM »
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  • Great news, geocentrism for beginners. Badly needed for here is heliocentrism for Catholics according to the philosopher Pope John Paul II:

    (11) In Galileo’s time, to depict the world as lacking an absolute physical reference point was, so to speak, inconceivable. And since the cosmos, as it was then known, was contained within the solar system alone, this reference point could only be situated in the Earth or the sun. Today, after Einstein and within the perspective of contemporary cosmology neither of these two reference points have the importance they once had. This observation, it goes without saying, is not directed against the validity of Galileo's position in the debate; it is only meant to show that often, beyond two partial and contrasting perceptions, there exists a wider perception which includes them and goes beyond both of them…'
    --- Pope John Paul II’s address to PAS, 31 October 1992.

    Do you get it? Having told the boys of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences that the popes and theologians of 1616 and 1633 didn't know how to get anything right, he offers us the above codswallop as the Catholic Church's position on the Galileo case.'

    The philosopher pope says that Einstein explained relativity exists for humans, that is man cannot prove or falsify FOR CERTAIN either geocentrism nor heliocentrism.  He then says that this relativity is not directed against Galileo's position, that is, relativity does not eliminate Galileo's heliocentrism. And he got away with that nonsense. This same type of philosophical tomfoolery cominf now from Fr Robinson SSPX.

    But then, this is the same nonsense coming from Rome since 1741. No wonder the Church as truth, is disappeaering from the Earth.


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