Author Topic: End of Story at least for Catholics  (Read 3749 times)

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Re: End of Story at least for Catholics
« Reply #180 on: October 22, 2017, 03:10:33 PM »
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  • I had not noticed the word "flat" in any definition mainly it is defined as A circle is a shape consisting of a curved line.
    A circle, (Euclidean) geometrically speaking, is "two dimensional". 

    Any "circle" contingent upon 3+ dimensions, which likely includes any external sense objects are representative and not actually circles such as with the given image. 

    Why? because they have "thickness", such as with a cylinder. 

    Circles are curious things though, because their "length" is their "width" which would seem to make them one, not two, dimensional. 

    But Feists and abstraction don't tend to get on well, so this is likely a waste of time; however, it does serve to show the folly of straying from the true Liberal Arts.
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    Re: End of Story at least for Catholics
    « Reply #181 on: October 22, 2017, 04:36:36 PM »
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  •  For one ma'am, because in spite of modern and pernicious trends, who and what the alleged Supreme pastor, teacher, and judge, the Vicar of Christ, is says and does actually matters.

      This whole "who cares" attitude is not just anti- Catholic and so anti-Christ; it is also a widespread vice of epidemic proportions fed by, among other things, the entire "Recognize and Resist" racket.

      We are bound to far more that just the irreformable (i.e. "infallible") under, AT MINIMUM, the pain of mortal sin which will send you, and anyone else straight to hell.

      We the pope speaks, "He who hears...." people damn well better buck up and bloody listen.

     Peter used to stand and speak, and that was that; 'member Pentecost?

     Where is the Holy Spirit? Where all the saints? There they are.

     Now we stand, speak, and scratch ourselves, and our itching ears.

     Now we make our own saints, of Protestants, faggots, pretty much anyone "nice" which excludes Catholics inevitably, like now.

     Why and how do you think we got here? "As goes the Church, so goes the world", "Omnia malo a clero"... "Omnia bonum a clero"; do those ring any bells?

    We got here because "who cares"?

    YOu know what, you're right; "Who cares?"

    I'll bet that's exactly why we have no pope, because we didn't, and wouldn't REALLY care anyway what he said or did so, why not "rent-a-clone" instead.

    "Church Militant"?

    What a joke; No, it's  "church mob" or "church gaggle" like a bunch of easily decapitated geese. "FORE! Who likes Pez?"

    You know what happens to a mob in war ma'am? They break, rout, bleed, and die... screaming.

    You seem like a nice lady, so I esp. don't want to cause you undue distress; however, to return that "niceness" first to God, WAKE up!

    Complacency kills, all the way through the dirt, all the way to Hell.
    Let the whining commence, then we'll see the claws and teeth pop from the "Laissez-faire", oh so tolerant, woolly pack of liberal fakes "congregating" here; who's first?
    Seems Dizzy's having another of his manic episodes. Can't make heads or tails of this post.


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