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  1. Fascinating Flat Earth Map
  2. Patent Falsehoods by happenby
  3. Very Compelling Flat Earth Video
  4. Why don't you believe the Earth is flat? (Think: Fun 4th Family Activity!)
  5. Flat-earth demigod Robotham and his diatribe
  6. Problems with Sungenis' Book
  7. Circum-polar flight scheduled for October, 2018
  8. 50 Plus Reasons The Earth Is Not Flat
  9. Dr. Robert Sungenis Debuts New Book: Flat Earth, Flat Wrong
  10. Flat Earth Flat Wrong
  11. Sungenis' FE book released
  12. What is Neil Up To?
  13. Go look at the moon right now!
  14. How does "flat-earthism" defame Church, providing material for ridicule thereof?
  15. "Flat" Earth -- Complete Balderdash
  16. Copernican heliocentricity concept gradually broke the back of Bible credibility
  17. The Moon's Phases in the Real (spheroid) Earth World
  18. Prove to me the earth is round!
  19. Sungenis on Non Sequitur show 6/25
  20. Amazing star, hanging from the "dome" by a moving wire -- NOT
  21. The calculation of Eratosthenes
  22. Catholic flat-earthism probably blasphemous or worse
  23. Proof of no gravity
  24. SpaceX Falcon Rocket a Conspiracy by Donald Trump and Elon Musk to Expose
  25. Chiasms Show How Fatima Flat Earth Revelation and Creation Come Together
  26. Heliocentric Model Came From Pagans
  27. ESA Departure from ISS and Soyuz Re-Entry & Hard Landing Kazakhstan
  28. Robert Sungenis' New BooK: Flat Earth- Flat Wrong
  29. Flat-Earthism goes public.
  30. Sungenis' Outrageous Contradiction
  31. Proof the Church accepted Globe Earth before Copernicus
  32. The Madness of the Globe Earth theory
  33. Issues Related to the Flat Earth Movement ~ Dr Robert Sungenis
  34. Faith and science today
  35. What is FAKE about P900 sunset videos online? Plenty!
  36. Sun in level path
  37. Air Traffic Control Under NASA Control
  38. Malaysia Flight 370
  39. Freemasons image of the flat earth
  40. Are Globers Catholic?
  41. Strongly Leaning Flat Earth
  42. Tracking of Satellites, Rockets, ISS, Prove Earth's Curvature
  43. Is this a Catholic forum or Muslem forum?
  44. Shadows, eclipses, phases, prove moon is not a globe
  45. Flat plane and perspective
  46. How Do The Sun And Moon Float In The Sky?
  47. The Shape of the Earth Is Not Important to the Faith.
  48. Jaynek was right on St. Thomas
  49. Indoctrination starts early
  50. Did Catholics before the "Reformation" believe in FE?