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  1. New Geocentrism Book by Robert Sungenis
  2. Venerable Maria de Agreda on the Shape of the Earth
  3. FEIC18 - Flat Earth International Conference, Denver, Colorado, 2018
  4. Looking Round
  5. C. S. Lewis and Flat-Earth and Beasts
  6. Modern Science Bashes Traditional Catholic Geocentrists & Dr Sungenis' Theories
  7. The Only Reason That Counts (why flat-earthdom syndromers don't trust NASA)
  8. Amazing 3D Moon Lamp Proves Moon Can Have Its Own Light Source!
  9. Modern Science Bashes Traditional Catholic Geocentrists & Dr Sungenis (Part 2)
  10. The Moon's Phases in the Real (spheroid) Earth World
  11. The Top 10 Reasons I Don't Trust NASA
  12. Two photos of Jupiter from NASA
  13. Robert Sungenis to debate Rob Skiba
  14. Moon landings hoax - Sounds in Vacuum
  15. FEer not paying up on challenge for closed 3-leg flight path with 3 right angles
  16. Patent Falsehoods by happenby
  17. Father Pfeiffer slaming Flat Earth, our response
  18. If the Earth is Flat and the NWO Knows it, Why Doesn't the NWO Believe in God?
  19. Flat Earth priest responds to Tradidi claims over St. Thomas
  21. Our Lady of La Salette said the Earth is a globe.
  22. Flat Earth in C.S. Lewis's DISCARDED IMAGE
  23. Amazing star, hanging from the "dome" by a moving wire -- NOT
  24. Church always condemned Pythagoreans
  25. Shadows, eclipses, phases, prove moon is not a globe
  26. Reentry possible?
  27. The Church censors flat earth criticism
  28. Navy Missile Fixed Radar proves flat earth
  29. Flat Earth on CBS News This Morning!
  30. Flat Earth on CBS News This Morning!
  31. What is the geocentrist explanation for stellar aberration?
  32. This Ought to Settle It
  33. The Most Embarrassing Debate Ever
  34. Response to Robert Sungenis' Book
  35. Samuel Rowbotham move over, there's a new Parallax in town.
  36. Flat Earth Trads supporting B. Williamson
  37. Sunset Due West Proves Globe Earth, As Usual
  38. Spacewalks filmed in a pool
  39. Equinoxes and Solstices from Space
  41. Catholic flat-earthism probably blasphemous or worse
  42. Flat Earth threads defame traditional Catholics on these forums
  43. Flat-Earther "Riley" Does Research on Foucault of Pendulum Fame
  44. Japanese Himawari8 geostationary satellite takes 1 photo per 10 minutes
  45. Space Myths by Chris Hadfield
  46. How does "flat-earthism" defame Church, providing material for ridicule thereof?
  47. Very Compelling Flat Earth Video
  48. Go look at the moon right now!
  49. Flat-earth demigod Robotham and his diatribe
  50. The Last Word on Why Flat-Earth Doesn't Need a Model