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  1. How does Neil Obstat reconcile geocentrism with modern science?
  2. Why Do Submarines Work?
  3. Why Do Periscope Views Hide the Lower Hull of Distant Ships?
  4. Pope Urban VIII Makes Condemnation Because of Spherical Earth
  6. Do You Believe any Space Shuttle has Ever Orbited the Moon?
  7. Neil Obstat's Motivation For Posting So Much On This Sub-Forum
  8. Objects below the horizon
  9. Status of the Book of Enoch
  10. Bible Depicts a Flat and Stationary Earth
  11. How Do The Sun And Moon Float In The Sky?
  12. Are other planets flat?
  13. Flat plane and perspective
  14. Sungenis nonsense - flat earth
  15. What do Cathinfo members think?
  16. Theological reasons against the flat-earth theory
  17. Strongly Leaning Flat Earth
  18. A great video for Neil
  19. "Truth is Eternal" is unmasked
  20. Moon Illusion
  21. Copernicus's reasoning that the universe and the earth are global
  22. Flat earth and transgenderism
  23. Advice for Happenby-PSA
  24. 50 Plus Reasons The Earth Is Not Flat
  25. 2nd rebuttal to samuel
  26. Launch Replay! SpaceX's 1st Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch into Space!
  27. Homemade Rocket just hit speedbump
  28. Antarctic Sun
  29. Pictures of Earth from Mars?
  30. Global Navigation Satellite Systems -- tutorial
  31. The Moon's Phases in the Real (spheroid) Earth World
  32. Pilots study guide says earth is flat and non moving
  33. rebuttal to Samuel
  34. Elon Musk Unveils Tesla Truck for Flat-Earth Customers Only!
  35. How do Flat Earthers explain an Eclipse
  36. Inferior Image Experiment - Conducted Without Bias - Earth is Not Flat!
  37. radio waves
  38. The Moon's Phases On A Flat Earth Model
  39. ‘Nice try, Earth is flat’: Conspiracy theorists can’t handle 360 space video
  40. MIR Space Station -- opens the curtain for the ISS
  41. Catholic flat-earthism probably blasphemous or worse
  42. Parkland, FL students prove FE
  43. Fix Wiki on coronation of statues
  44. Record Long Distance Photographs Prove the Flat Earth
  45. Solar Eclipses prove that the earth doesn't rotate?
  46. NASA's Spiritual Roots
  47. Shadows, eclipses, phases, prove moon is not a globe
  48. Phenomenological language in Scripture
  49. Who Invented the Flat Earth?
  50. Something fishy going on with Mt Taranaki