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  1. How the climb rate of an airplane debunks the globe
  2. Flat earth on Good Morning America
  3. NEW GEOCENTRICS: Earth's Spin and Gravity
  4. Midnight in the Same Place Six Months Later
  5. Catholic intro video to Flat Earth
  6. Flat Earthers on Are Spending More Time on
  7. SpaceX Launch Proves Flat Earth
  8. What Church teaching means by "literal sense of Scripture"
  10. Canon of the Synod of Constantinople (543) Souls Raised Upright Not Spherically
  12. Ptolemy's first premise in error
  13. Galileo was wrong and the Church was right to condemn him
  14. 100 Proofs Earth is Not a Globe (Videobook)
  15. Conflating geocentrism with flat earth
  16. TradCathetKnight & the Flat Earth
  17. Is there a correlation between Flat Earth and position on the Crisis?
  18. ______________________________________________________________________
  19. What is the Max Distance Before God is Very Angry With Globe Earthers?
  20. Why The Lie, why heliocentrism and globe earth were pushed in the first place
  21. Gravity; You've Got To Be Kidding!
  22. Flat Earth Debunked!
  23. No, ye Thin Skinned, I won't change my forum's basic terminology
  24. FLAT EARTH - Flat Earthers on Australian TV - GLOBE IS A LIE and you can't debun
  25. Flat earth article on RT
  26. Do you Believe Part of the Restoration of the Catholic Church Will Include an
  27. Windows open on the space station?
  28. Globalism=Freemasonry=Judaism
  29. A Compass Proves A Flat Earth
  30. Ball Earth Geocentrism is flat-lining
  31. What do Globe Earthers Believe is the Single Most Compelling Piece of Evidence..
  32. Why do so Many Traditional Catholics Wish God Would Have Created a NASA......
  33. End of Story at least for Catholics
  34. Welcome to our newest FE'er: Lastdays
  35. Dizzy and the glober's hero
  36. Flat Earth for newbies
  37. Are There any Bible Verses on the Movement of the Earth?
  38. A Globe Earther Takes Flight; WOOPS......
  39. Reflections of a Globe Earther
  40. Google's Pixel 2 commercial acknowledges FLAT EARTH
  41. If Getting the Answer Wrong Meant Going to Hell......?
  42. This GHETTO: most popular place at CI
  43. Why did the Sun dance in 1917?
  44. Looking for a book: Pythagoras, Bruno, Galileo
  45. Google shows FE for Columbus Day!
  46. Members, who Know Earth is Flat, Continue to Pretend Earth is Globe
  47. Our Lord stands upon the world - not the atheist globe
  48. Is the Earth a Globe?
  49. There is no globe in the Bible
  50. Edinburgh street interviews