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  1. Ptolemy's first premise in error
  2. Galileo was wrong and the Church was right to condemn him
  3. 100 Proofs Earth is Not a Globe (Videobook)
  4. Conflating geocentrism with flat earth
  5. TradCathetKnight & the Flat Earth
  6. Is there a correlation between Flat Earth and position on the Crisis?
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  8. What is the Max Distance Before God is Very Angry With Globe Earthers?
  9. Why The Lie, why heliocentrism and globe earth were pushed in the first place
  10. Gravity; You've Got To Be Kidding!
  11. Flat Earth Debunked!
  12. No, ye Thin Skinned, I won't change my forum's basic terminology
  13. FLAT EARTH - Flat Earthers on Australian TV - GLOBE IS A LIE and you can't debun
  14. Flat earth article on RT
  15. Do you Believe Part of the Restoration of the Catholic Church Will Include an
  16. Windows open on the space station?
  17. Globalism=Freemasonry=Judaism
  18. A Compass Proves A Flat Earth
  19. Ball Earth Geocentrism is flat-lining
  20. What do Globe Earthers Believe is the Single Most Compelling Piece of Evidence..
  21. Why do so Many Traditional Catholics Wish God Would Have Created a NASA......
  22. End of Story at least for Catholics
  23. Welcome to our newest FE'er: Lastdays
  24. Dizzy and the glober's hero
  25. Flat Earth for newbies
  26. Are There any Bible Verses on the Movement of the Earth?
  27. A Globe Earther Takes Flight; WOOPS......
  28. Reflections of a Globe Earther
  29. Google's Pixel 2 commercial acknowledges FLAT EARTH
  30. If Getting the Answer Wrong Meant Going to Hell......?
  31. This GHETTO: most popular place at CI
  32. Why did the Sun dance in 1917?
  33. Looking for a book: Pythagoras, Bruno, Galileo
  34. Google shows FE for Columbus Day!
  35. Members, who Know Earth is Flat, Continue to Pretend Earth is Globe
  36. Our Lord stands upon the world - not the atheist globe
  37. Is the Earth a Globe?
  38. There is no globe in the Bible
  39. Edinburgh street interviews
  40. Have You Ever Noticed That Globe Earthers Refuse to Believe the Earth is Flat...
  41. Is it Possible to Prove the Earth is a Globe by Just Using our Eyesight?
  42. NASA lies: 2 Trillion galaxies
  43. Quantum Physicist and NASA employee flat earthers
  44. NASA’s Lies don’t end at Evolution
  45. I moved FE threads from first 20 pages so far
  46. Flat Earth discussions should have own subforum
  47. 1 in 10 Romanians are flat earthers
  48. How we know the world is round
  49. F.E. Interviews - streets of Paisley, Scotland
  50. Movement of the Stars on a Flat Earth