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  1. Quantum Physicist and NASA employee flat earthers
  2. NASA’s Lies don’t end at Evolution
  3. I moved FE threads from first 20 pages so far
  4. Flat Earth discussions should have own subforum
  5. 1 in 10 Romanians are flat earthers
  6. How we know the world is round
  7. F.E. Interviews - streets of Paisley, Scotland
  8. Movement of the Stars on a Flat Earth
  9. An ANTI-Flat Earth Protestant
  10. All Rivers Run to the Sea. Which Poll Option in This Thread is Correct?
  11. Globe-Earthers Are About to Convert to Biblical Flat Earth Truth.
  12. Globe-Earthers Globeplanes
  13. How to Quickly Turn a Globe-Earther into a Flat-Earther.
  14. Where did Globe-Earthers Get Their Erroneous Anti-Bible Globe Earth Beliefs From
  15. Kyrie Irving (NBA) still thinks earth is FLAT
  16. Globe-Earthers, Why Does the Sun Light up the Earth but Leaves Space
  17. The Fruits of the Flat Earth Position
  18. Lengthening Horizons Much Further than Globe-Earthers Ever thought possible.
  19. Father Pfeiffer slaming Flat Earth, our response
  20. Some "Fathers" of Flat Earth
  21. Proof earth is NOT a ball from the ISS
  22. Is the Sun 93,000,000 mi away? Nope.
  23. FE in the Modern World
  24. Earth is NOT a celestial body
  25. Flat Earth threads defame traditional Catholics on these forums
  26. I Move CI Be Renamed:
  27. Are There Any People on who do not Believe That the Earth is Flat,
  28. Google Earth Proves Earth is not a Globe
  29. Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo moon landings
  30. Speed of the Universe
  31. The Church Fathers and the flat earth
  32. Scientific Proof Earth is Not a Globe
  33. Why Sungenis's Geocentrism model is wrong
  34. Shaq says EARTH IS FLAT!
  35. Errors with Robert Sungenis "Globe" model
  36. Email from Robert Sungenis