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  1. How does Neil Obstat reconcile geocentrism with modern science?
  2. Connections Between Relativity and Babylonian Kabbalah
  3. Do You Believe any Space Shuttle has Ever Orbited the Moon?
  4. Sungenis nonsense - flat earth
  5. Theological reasons against the flat-earth theory
  6. A great video for Neil
  7. Moon Illusion
  8. 2nd rebuttal to samuel
  9. Launch Replay! SpaceX's 1st Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch into Space!
  10. Antarctic Sun
  11. Pictures of Earth from Mars?
  12. Pilots study guide says earth is flat and non moving
  13. Elon Musk Unveils Tesla Truck for Flat-Earth Customers Only!
  14. How do Flat Earthers explain an Eclipse
  15. Inferior Image Experiment - Conducted Without Bias - Earth is Not Flat!
  16. radio waves
  17. The Moon's Phases On A Flat Earth Model
  18. MIR Space Station -- opens the curtain for the ISS
  19. Fix Wiki on coronation of statues
  20. Record Long Distance Photographs Prove the Flat Earth
  21. Solar Eclipses prove that the earth doesn't rotate?
  22. Phenomenological language in Scripture
  23. Something fishy going on with Mt Taranaki
  24. Chinese Magic Mirrors and the Firmament
  25. Horizon Always Rises to Eye Level
  26. Neil: My moon experiment
  27. 1st proof of the flat earth -Lasers and levels
  28. Early Church battled to EXCLUDE Greek philosophy
  29. What's your best argument for a Flat Earth?
  30. Are Self-Professing Globe Earthers on Bad-Willed
  31. End to the lie
  32. Compilation of FEF
  33. December 3rd supermoon -- this one is the biggest
  34. Interest to both Flat Earthers and Globe Earthers
  35. 2nd proof of the flat earth
  36. Globe earthers use KARL RAHNER to defend globe earth
  37. Fathers: earth round like a trencher
  38. Best sunrise ever
  39. Imagine a place so flat you seem to see the curvature
  40. China's fake space walk
  41. Lunar eclipse not from earth's shadow
  42. Marx thanked Copernicus
  43. Do you believe in heliocentrism?
  44. Globe Earthers Worship 666
  46. May Catholics believe science that comes from pagans?
  47. I am Wondering if WE Should Start referring to Self-Professing Globe Earthers
  48. Heretics' Could not Prevail Against Jesus so They Killed Him.
  49. JESUS
  50. 10 Flattest Places on Earth