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Scapular of Benediction
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  • Quote from: parentsfortruth
    I have a couple now. One is in my living room over our picture of the Sacred Heart, the other one I still have to get blessed. I -was- going to give it to Church, but I think I'll save it for when I find a more permanent place to go to Mass.

    This is really tragic for me to hear, that the faithful who were blessed
    to have the great Fr. Hector Bolduc as their pastor now are looking for
    a place to go to Mass.  

    A friend told me he was the heir to the Benzinger fortune, and what did
    he do with the money, but go about the western United States buying
    property and setting up chapels for the SSPX, and he turned over the
    ownership to all that real estate to the Society, then what did they do
    but kick him out - but he never complained about it.  He said it was all
    due to "a misunderstanding."   You have been given the tragic life of a
    saint, parentsfortruth.  I hope you can tell a few stories.  

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    Scapular of Benediction
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  • Quote from: Luker
    Quote from: Boots
    When wearing more than one scapular, is it okay to get the scapulars stitched together to avoid tangles? Do the scapulars have to be re-blessed, like a rosary that gets repaired? I've also attached a couple of medals onto my brown scapular because I didn't want to have them on a separate chain. Any thoughts on that?

    Hi Boots, I can't comment on the stitching of scapulars together, but when I started attending Mass with the SSPX Fr Girouard (now of the resistance) got me enrolled in the brown scapular right away and he hung a miraculous medal on my scapular and told me to keep it there.  Thanks Fr G!

    Edited to add: This Scapular of Benediction looks interesting.  Where can I buy one? or find some more info on it?


    The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is unique, like the
    St. Benedict Medal is also unique but in a different way.  They are both
    uniquely unique, I guess you could say.  

    When you are INVESTED with the Brown Scapular, it is YOU who receive
    the blessing, as well as the scapular, but once that one wears out, as
    all of them do in time, since they are made of fibrous materials, you
    can get a new one, but you do not have to have your new Brown
    Scapular blessed!  All you have to do is PUT IT ON, piously of course,
    and the fact that you have put it on makes it become blessed.  There is
    no other sacramental that has this unique quality.  The priest invests
    (that is, clothes you) with the scapular by placing it over your head as
    he says the investment prayer.  He intends to invest you and you
    cooperate by intending to receive investment.  This is the image of the
    Church Teaching or Blessing and the Church Receiving same.

    Of course, when you no longer are using an old scapular, you ought to
    either bury it or burn it.  Some people have been known to keep them
    lying around, but that is not a good idea, because they tend to become
    abused by others who do not know or care about what they are.  They
    should not be thrown in the trash, for example, but that is exactly what
    happens to them when servants or caretakers of the elderly, for
    example, are "cleaning up."  If you have a dear one in hospice or
    assisted living, you should both tell the person(s) doing the care, as well
    as their supervisor(s), as well as the owner of the company (if there is
    such a one), not only that this is not merely 'symbolic' but it is a real
    sacramental which must be treated with due respect, and that when
    your father, or mother, or friend wears out the scapular, you would like
    them to set it aside and give it to you so you can take proper care of it.
    And you should write this down on a 3x5 card to keep with the
    patient's personal effects, where the caretakers can read it.  

    The background of the Brown Scapular rests in the fact that it is a sort
    of mini version of the habit that Carmelite religious wear.  The habit is
    a very large front and back panel of brown woven sheep's wool cloth
    that reaches from shoulders to the floor and covers side to side of the
    body. Over the years, the panels became smaller, for 3rd order
    members and such, until it was two swatches of wool cloth connected
    by ribbons over the shoulders.  Some societies and associations have
    swatches about 5" wide and 7" tall for this purpose even today.  But
    the swatches got smaller over time to be finally the size they are now,
    which is 1-1/4" X 1-3/4".  (The width of things is always given first and
    the height second, with apparently only two exceptions.  Guess what
    those are? Hint: one of them is on this page, the other is not.)  

    Therefore, since the wearing of the Carmelite habit is the use of a
    sacramental integral with the life of the religious, they do not need to get
    their new garment blessed, but all they have to do is to put it on, piously
    (they have prayers for that, just as a priest who vests for Mass has a
    prayer for each item that he dons) of course, and their new habit is
    then blessed by the fact that they are putting it on.  This makes the
    Carmelite habit one that endures a lifetime, even if they do not have
    recourse to a priest for the rest of his life ('his' meaning the Carmelite's).

    Now, as for sewing another scapular on it, I have not heard specifically,
    but it would seem to me that just as a religious might sew another
    scapular inside his habit, out of view but yet always there, so to speak,
    so too a layman might be able to sew another scapular to his Brown
    Scapular.  I'm not answering the question because I have not been given
    the answer, but I'm just putting 2 and 2 together here.  Also, as another
    member, Luker, said, above, the great Fr. Girouard hung a Miraculous
    Medal on Luker's Brown Scapular and told him to "keep it there."  Now,
    I don't have to wonder, for if the great Fr. Girouard said that, the issue
    is therefore no longer open to debate, IMHO.  Also, consider how not
    a few Brown Scapulars come with   A)  a St. Benedict Medal clipped to
    one strand and   B)  a crucifix clipped to the other strand, such that you
    then DO need to have your Scapular blessed -- not for the scapular, but
    for the two medals attached!   The Crucifix can be blessed with a
    regular blessing, or that is, the standard blessing for crucifixes, but the
    St. Benedict Medal is a horse of a different color.  

    I already have 6 paragraphs here, and adequate description of the
    ominous St. Benedict Medal would need at LEAST another 6 paragraphs.
    I recently was privileged to hear a sermon where the priest spent about
    half the time talking only about the power, signification, history, efficacy,
    usefulness, blessing and appropriateness of this one particular medal for
    Catholics today.  I would like to only mention one testimony that I was
    given by a friend.  She was working a booth for a pro-life rally and they
    had set up the booth carefully placing one properly blessed St. Benedict
    Medal in each corner of the booth (the blessing is very important, for
    this Medal has a unique blessing that even requires a unique faculty for
    the priest to bless it - which means that there are many priests who do
    not have this faculty, and even if the WANT to bless a St. Benedict
    Medal and use the proper formula, they cannot effect the unique blessing
    until such time as they would obtain the faculty, which is independent of
    their priestly ordination).  During the course of the event, a pair of
    obviously ɧoɱosɛҳųαƖ men approached the booth, but when they came
    close to the line that would be as if a string were taut between the two
    Medals placed in the front of the booth, these two Sodomites seemed
     They appeared to be put off by this, when they
    physically bounced backward, so then they approached again, and the
    same thing happened.
     Neither were they able to reach their hands or
    any part of their bodies past this invisible force field, as it were. They
    stood there and had a brief, polite conversation with the booth attendants,
    if though not a bit bewildered, and then they walked away.  This
    phenomenon did not happen to any other visitors that day to the booth,
    only to those two men.  

    The purpose of my telling this story is to show that there is real evidence
    that the St. Benedict Medal is a formidable reality against which the devil
    has no power.  En Espanol, el nombre es San Benito - Ruega por nosotros.

    .--. .-.-.- ... .-.-.- ..-. --- .-. - .... . -.- .. -. --. -.. --- -- --..-- - .... . .--. --- .-- . .-. .- -. -.. -....- -....- .--- ..- ... - -.- .. -.. -.. .. -. --. .-.-.

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    Scapular of Benediction
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  • That was a really great explanation, Neil, but he was asking about the Scapular of Benediction.

    Marie Julie Jahenny
    Ecstasy of 23rd August, 1878

    This is what the Holy Virgin shows me on Her Immaculate Heart, it is a large scapular, larger than ordinary scapulars, it is a little larger than the palm of the hand. It is a pretty violet, nearly the color of a violet. Here is what is on top: -- in the middle are the three nails which crucified Our Lord on the Cross, they are placed above each other, not quite in the shape of the Cross, and at the point of each nail, there is a drop of purple blood. Above the heads of the nails, there is a kind of large sponge which has pieces of bark that stand out, it is a little like bales of oats. The three drops of blood join to fall into a small chalice painted red, and the chalice is surrounded by a crown of thorns, there are three little Crosses engraved on the front of the chalice. That is the side of the scapular which is on the middle cloak of the Holy Virgin.

    I notice that this scapular is held with two violet ties which go over each shoulder, there are three knots on the left shoulder and two on the right.

    The other side of the scapular represents the Holy Virgin Mary sitting, holding Her Adorable Son in Her arms, the mouth and the head of Our Lord rest on the heart of the Holy Virgin.

    At the bottom of the scapular, and nearly at the feet of Our Lord, is an Angel dressed in white, with curly hair; he has on his head a white crown, his belt is red. He holds in his hands a white cloth with which he wipes the feet of Our Lord. Next to the Angel, on the right side of the scapular, there is an engraved ladder. Behind Our Lord, on the left, is the reed of the Passion painted red, but there is no sponge. The tears of the Holy Virgin flow onto Her breast, to the right and fall to the feet of the Angel. The scapular is edged with a red band and the cords are made of wool.

    "Let Me now my dear child" the Virgin Mother said to me, "give you the explanation of this scapular. I am addressing you, My victim and My servant (most likely the spiritual director of Marie-Julie).

    "My children of the Cross, for a long time My Son and I have wished to make known this scapular of benediction. This scapular, My children, is modeled on My Heart, because My Heart is the emblem of simplicity and humility, which explains the color of violet. The nails which have pierced the feet and the hands of My Son are barely venerated and are venerable, that is why My Son, in His Divine Wisdom, has had three nails painted on the front of the scapular.

    "Those three drops of blood and the chalice represent the generous hearts gathering the blood of My Divine Son. The red sponge will represent My Divine Son drinking, in a certain sense, the sins of His children, but which His adorable mouth refuses.

    "I wish that the background (usually) black of the scapular should be violet, but I wish that the nails, the chalice, the sponge and the crown should be on a dark red piece of flannel. This first appearance of this scapular will be a new protection for the times of the chastisements, the calamities and the famines. All those who will wear it will be able to go through storms, tempests and darkness, they will have light as in broad daylight. Such is the power of this unknown scapular."

    The Holy Virgin presents the scapular to Our Lord who, in His turn says: "I address you My victim and also My victims and My servant, My children of the Cross, I wish to and I come to give you an idea and a deep thought: When taking Me down from the Cross, I was given to My Mother, that descent, that thought, that devotion is little known. I wish that by the reproduction of this scapular, it should enter the hearts of My children of the Cross, and that they hail Me by these three greetings (The Crux Ave):

    --I hail Thee, Jesus crucified, to let me live.

    --I hail Thee with all the joy of the Angels and of the Saints on bringing Thee down from the Cross.

    --I hail Thee with all the sorrow of Thy Mother when Thou rested on Her Immaculate heart and on Her lap.

    "My children, very few souls think of wiping the adorable wounds on My feet when the blood flows and I wish this representation to be known. Little thought is also given to the tears shed by My Mother during My Passion: those tears are at the feet of the Angel who wipes My sacred feet. By this scapular, I wish you to think about that ladder, that reed and those nails of My Passion.

    "My children, any soul, any person who will possess this scapular, will see his family protected, his house will also be protected, firstly from conflagrations, which will never penetrate it.

    "This scapular will crush the ungrateful who will blaspheme My Name in the house where it will be exposed. If an impious enters, he will be so struck that his conversion will occur. All those who will wear it will be protected from thunder, sudden death and accidents. During the chastisements they will be protected. Whoever places it in the Holy Temple, will drive out the impious and the profanations. Our Lord also adds that by reminding an obstinate soul about this scapular at the time of death, it will reawaken in it faith and conviction, that all those who will think about it and love it, will be spared the pains of the soul, that those who will wear it will be sheltered from all danger as if they possessed Heaven.

    "And finally that this scapular will be like a lightning conductor beneath which the blows of just Divine Anger will not strike."

    Our Lord also says: -- "Any priest will be able to bless this scapular. You, My victim, will be able to make the model... While wearing this scapular the 'Crux Ave' may be said 5 or 7 times and meditate for 1 to 3 minutes on My Passion... I will grant great graces to those who will wish to wear this holy Habit.

    If you notice the measurements, this is not a small scapular at all. It's very large.
    Matthew 5:37

    But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.

    My Avatar is Fr. Hector Bolduc. He was a faithful parish priest in De Pere, WI,

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    Scapular of Benediction
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  • I must have one.
    Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux! Ne Draco Sit Mihi Dux!

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    Scapular of Benediction
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  • Quote from: vinceaglieri
    You can get the Scapular of Benediction from

    Many things you can get there!!


    That page you link comes up "not found."

    A bit of hunting, though, turns up this page:

    They offer the Scapular with either an English or Spanish
    explanation for "$14 + shipping."  

    From the website:

    [It provides the explanation PFT gave above. This is given above the place
    where it says, below, "as explained below" on the linked website page.]

    Beautiful wool scapulars are hand crafted in Europe according to directions originally given to Marie-Julie Jahenny (as explained below) and imported. Actual Size: Each Scapular Panel - 3 1/2" Wide x 4 1/2" High

    In her extraordinary relations with Heaven, the pious stigmatic of La Fraudais, Marie-Julie Jahenny received during the ecstasy of the 23rd of August 1878 a request for a new scapular.

    This scapular is an honored privilege offered by Our Lord and Our Lady to lead us through the terrible times when the world will face the Holy Wrath of God. So much blasphemy and iniquity on the part of man inexorably provokes Divine Justice, but at the same time, the infinite Goodness of Our Lord and of His holy Mother manifests itself to help, in the middle of the torment, those who, humbly, with good supernatural dispositions and without presumption put their trust in Them.

    Not only is the wearing of this scapular strongly recommended, but its exposition in our chapels and houses will give a very special protection.

    I approached the lady who runs a chapel bookstore and asked her
    if she has ever heard of this scapular.  She said she had not, and
    had an air of incredulity about her.  She is generally suspicious of
    everything, and usually wants to know the source, and then asks
    about the date, and if it's a priest, when he was ordained, or a
    bishop, when he was consecrated -- because there are cut-off
    dates for all these things, after which dates nothing 'new' is
    credible anymore, which is why Akita (1973) is not to be believed!  

    When I mentioned a few of these effects or purposes of this
    Scapular of Benediction, such as it is promised to protect a home
    from fire when it is displayed in the home, and that it will protect
    those who wear it during the times coming soon when the world
    will enter a great tribulation, she was cold and unimpressed.

    She said to me:  "But the Brown Scapular already does all those
    things."  When I tried to describe what this one looks like she was
    not interested.  

    I suppose I could get an extra one and give it to her priest, and if
    he thinks it's worthwhile he'll tell the bookstore lady about them
    and we can then watch her attitude suddenly change, as it has so
    done in the past.  He would probably want to find the source in
    Europe so he can order them in bulk and maybe charge $14 (or
    less) and no shipping so as to compete with the other vendor.

    BTW:  PFT, I only said those things because Luker was talking about
    the Brown Scapular and hanging a Miraculous Medal on it, and his
    mention of the Scapular of Benediction was ETA, that is, an
    afterthought, plus, the link to the website came up no good:

    Quote from: Luker
    Hi Boots, I can't comment on the stitching of scapulars together, but when I started attending Mass with the SSPX Fr Girouard (now of the resistance) got me enrolled in the brown scapular right away and he hung a miraculous medal on my scapular and told me to keep it there.  Thanks Fr G!

    Edited to add: This Scapular of Benediction looks interesting.  Where can I buy one? or find some more info on it?


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    Scapular of Benediction
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  • .

    This is noteworthy.

    The OP has a link thus:

    which works fine.  Then later, vinceaglieri gives a link
    without the "www" in it, and the link is dead:

    (That could be what you copy from the URL because sometimes
    the computer omits the "www" from a URL address that you copy.)

    But if you try going to the first link, without the extension:

    you arrive at their Home page, and then if you select "Scapular
    of Benediction" from the left sidebar menu, you're taken to the
    Scapular page - only the URL of the page you're viewing is "...
    .org" not "... .com".

    So Roman Catholic Sacramentals Foundation has two websites:
    one is .com and the other is .org.  

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    Scapular of Benediction
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  • I wear the Five Fold Scapular, one must be enrolled in it for the benefits, and I was as a child.

    This is the info. story behind it, you can also find more info if you google "Five Fold Scapular"


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