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Prepper Books & 1-Sentence Description
« on: June 14, 2019, 07:43:30 PM »
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  • Some books which will be useful in no particular order:

    1) Strategic Relocation (Joel Skousen): Best get out of dodge locations in the USA.  Or, look up the best places within shooting distance to your current location.

    2) The High Security Shelter (Joel Skousen): If you can't go anywhere, how to put a "safe room" in your current house.

    3) Where There Is No Doctor (David Werner): How to treat the battle wounded or deliver a baby at home, etc.

    4) Where There Is No Dentist (Murray Dickson): Need to yank an abscess tooth or replace a crown?

    5) Living Without Electricity (Stephen Scott and Kenneth Pellman): Bought it from an Amish general store in Indiana; self-explanatory.

    6) Survivors (James Wesley Rawles): Apocalyptic novel about after the grid goes down in the USA and Canada; a whole series of practical prepper tips; UN invades!

    7) Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat (M.D. Creekmore): Only got $5k to do whatever you gotta do?  2 acres of junk land and an old trailer in a remote location.

    8] Home Remedies (Vol I & II by Abana Books Ltd): Picked up at the same Amish shop.  If you survive the collapse: For the farm, garden, and house.

    9) Back in the Day: 101 Things Everyone Used to Know How to Do (Michael Powell): Need to make a broom or dig a well?

    10) Bug Out (Scott B. Williams): What to put in your bug out bag, and then where to go; general overview of US geographic regions/destinations.

    11) Primitive Skills and Crafts (Jamison): Self-explanatory

    12) Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook (Layton): Self-explanatory

    13) The Ultimate Guide to Homesteading (Faires): Water purification, canning, nomadic shelters, homeschooling, seed storage, etc.

    14) How to Dry Foods (DeLong): Self-explanatory

    15) Barnyard to Backyard (Damerow): How to raise and care for animals.

    16) Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills (Gehring): Generate your own energy; work the land; raising livestock; household skills and crafts; etc.
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    Re: Prepper Books & 1-Sentence Description
    « Reply #1 on: June 15, 2019, 12:34:55 PM »
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  • Alas I am too dependant on medications, that if or when the shan hits the fit, I will not last very long. 

    I will be content enough to go down praying and shooting. Sigh :'(
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