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Planetary disasters that could kill you
« on: March 31, 2011, 12:30:54 AM »
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  • 7 planetary disasters that may kill you
    Tue 29 Mar 2011 01:51

    It's hard enough to live without a world catastrophe spoiling your whole day. But what can you do? Mother Earth's thrown everything it has at life for millions of years.

    Just when you thought it was safe to go outside some new disaster hits. And nowadays it seems the disasters are bigger, more frequent, and creeping closer, ever closer.

    After seeing what may be in store for all of us it might make you wish you could just live in peace—say on the Moon.

    1. Catastrophic Environmental Collapse: Diminishing Oxygen and Death Zones

    The handwriting is on the wall: the Earth's racing towards environmental collapse and another grand extinction. When it occurs, if you're still alive, you probably won't be living that much longer.

    The Earth's had many extinctions. Many more will occur. The sad fact is more than 99 percent of the species that ever swam, crawled, walked or flew is extinct.

    At risk right now is the very oxygen we breath—research reveals it's diminishing—the soil is losing its ability to grow crops, the oceans have sprouted creeping death zones where nothing can live, and the delicate infrastructure of complex lifeforms that are fast disappearing shout out that when they're gone, we're goners too.

    We might be able to save the world if we could terraform it. Yes, we might just manage another 500 years.

    But by then humanity could only be a fading memory in the fevered brains of the giant cockroaches that will rule the planet.

    2. Supersonic Superstorms With 600mph Winds

    Superstorms are being created by the Earth's unstable core. Increasingly violent weather patterns are threatening cities, regions, entire continents.

    They can only get worse.

    The brutal bashing of Northern Europe and the UK at the end of 2010 was followed by winter superstorms that pounded much of North America.

    Then Australia was slammed by the biggest cyclone ever recorded. No category existed for its strength: close to 300mph winds.

    In the coming years researchers see the possibility of much more violent superstorms with winds as high as 500 to 600 mph that could smash cities, sweep away entire coastal areas, and kill uncounted millions.

    You might survive though…if you live in a deep, dry cave.

    3. Mammoth Mega-quakes and Super-volcanoes Reshape Continents

    2010 saw a record number of major and great earthquakes. Then as 2011 arrived the Earth rocked with violent quakes from Chile to China and from Jakarta to Japan. Christchurch, New Zealand was utterly destroyed. Weeks later the great Pacific continental plate cracked triggering the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and a tsunami that towered as high as 77 feet.

    Both annihilated northeastern Japan.

    Thousands of aftershocks followed, some as high as 8.3 magnitude. Then Tokyo was rocked by a separate 7.6 quake on a different fault line. Several weeks later another major quake struck Myanmar, Cambodia, and then Vietnam. That was followed by another a 6.5 magnitude quake that rocked northeastern Japan.
    Some geophysicists see killer mega-quakes increasing in both frequency and intensity. A few have predicted 10.0 earthquakes.

    A 10.0 magnitude quake is 1,000 times stronger than the earthquake that annihilated a huge swath of Japan.

    Referred to as a 'world killer' by some, a 10.0 earthquake will cause the seas to surge inland, mountains will leap from the ocean floor, whole sections of continents will collapse in minutes, and great lakes will flood tens of thousands of square of miles.

    Quakes of that magnitude created the Andes in mere days. The entire mountain range was catapulted from the ocean bottom to the sky. Seashells still litter the mountains' ragged peaks.

    Mega-quakes are bad enough, but super volcanoes are worse.

    The Yellowstone caldera, showing ominous signs of imminent eruption, destroyed almost half of North American when it last blew.

    Other super-volcanoes can be set off by the eruption of one—a Doomsday of volcanic dominoes creating titanic firestorms that encircle the trembling world.

    A supervolcano in northern Siberia could superheat and melt the North Pole in a matter of hours sending an ocean of water southwards to wipe out a third of the upper Northern Hemisphere.

    Another supervolcano located in the Canary Islands off northwest Africa could create a supersonic tsunami 300 feet high traveling 800 mph. Most of the eastern coast of North America would be destroyed as far inland as 200 to 500 miles.

    Where's the safest place to be? Probably orbiting Earth, hiding aboard the International Space Station.

    If you're unlucky enough to be on the ground with the other poor suckers chances are you'll be flattened like a bug.

    4. Monstrous Magnetic Pole Flux: Insanity, Wars, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes - And that's Before the Deadly Radiation

    Ominous evidence has been mounting of a dangerous, irreversible Magnetic Pole Shift. The magnetic field is in a frightening state of flux and breaking down. Just a few decades ago it was moving from Canada towards Siberia at a rate of eight miles a year. Now its speed has been measured at 40 miles a year and accelerating.

    What does it all mean? It signifies something unknown is happening inside the core of the Earth. No one has ever seen a Magnetic Pole Reversal. The last one happened 700,000 years ago. The next one is now overdue by 100,000s of years.

    It looks like it finally arrived. And that's not a good thing. No, it's not good at all.

    Recent studies by university scientists have revealed that magnetic shifts and flux can cause bouts of insanity in animals and humans, generate superstorms, trigger gigantic earthquakes and the tsunamis that follow, and ignite killer volcanoes.

    Perhaps worse, a full reversal would be like the starship Enterprise without its shields. A collapse of the field would expose everyone to the full radiation of the sun, including deadly X-rays.

    So, if you're not killed by geological catastrophes, the sun might fry you to a radioactive crisp. Just great.

    5. Ice Age Armageddon: Famine, Mass Evacuations, Wars

    Many geophysicists have been warning the past several years that the Earth may be slipping into an Ice Age. Although they can't decide if it will be a mini-Ice Age or a full-fledged one neither is good.

    They say the signs of an approaching Ice Age are:

    A general warming of the Earth for about 20 to 30 years, [Well, that's been happening.]
    Followed by the beginning of a cool down. [That started in 2007.]
    The extreme northern icecap warming and ice leaving the Arctic Sea. [That's occurring too.]
    The Antarctic calving ice while thickening in the center. [Ditto.]
    Water vapor in the atmosphere and greater precipitation, flooding and more snow. [Check, check and check.]

    The problem with an Ice Age is starvation. Crops in what used to be temperate areas will no longer have enough time to grow as the warm season shrinks. That leads to record food prices, shortages and the beginnings of starvation. Starvation leads to mass migration, uprisings, rêbêllïons, cινιℓ ωαrs and general warfare between countries.

    Kind of like what's happening now.

    If you live in the Northern Hemisphere consider moving farther south. If you don't, you might be murdered someday over a can of soup.

    6. Titanic Solar Death Storms: Technological Collapse and Mad Max Crazies

    The sun has just entered solar maximum and the space agencies of the world warn it may be the worst the civilized world has ever seen.

    As the flares shoot out from the sun they can interact with our already weakening magnetic field.

    If a giant X-flare scores a direct hit on Earth most experts agree that all of our 21st Century technology will collapse. The infrastructure will be kicked backwards about 120 years.

    No running water, no electricity, no way to get money…food and gasoline distribution will grind to a stop. Cities will look like film clips from The Day the Earth Stood Still and people without emergency stocks of food and water will begin to starve in a week's time.

    The government will be basically helpless and the infrastructure may take months to bring back—some parts of it may take years.

    In the meantime, if you're in the wrong place when all this happens—like a major urban or suburban area—you have a good chance of being killed by roaming bands of Mad Max types taking advantage of the electronic anarchy.

    Consider becoming a farmer in the country. Way, way out in the country.

    7. Gargantuan Galactic Death Zone

    Haven't got enough to worry about yet? Well, how does a galactic death zone sound to you?

    According to some space experts, that's what our entire solar system is racing towards right now.

    Forget the Mayan Calendar hysteria and whether our sun has a strange companion, astrophysicists have rung the alarm bells. The sun—and everything orbiting it including us—is rapidly entering a totally unknown region of space. Some reports indicate that the physical laws may be different and that deadly gases and unknown gravitic forces may cause system wide catastrophes.

    A few speculate that the last time this happened (we weren't around then) the planet between Mars and Jupiter blew up and Mars was basically pretty much trashed. Before that cataclysm Mars was supposedly earth-like with a pleasant atmosphere and big, friendly oceans.

    Will Earth become the future Mars?

    No one knows.
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    Planetary disasters that could kill you
    « Reply #1 on: March 31, 2011, 08:22:04 AM »
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  • More proof that a Creator God exists.  In spite of the fact that we live in a fallen world with widespread naturalistic evil, we are still here.  We shouldn't be, but here we are.  Think for a moment, Matthew, why you are here?  You could have been "Meagan" or "Molly," and the same was true of your Dad, and his dad, and his dad, etc., etc.  Of out the hundreds of millions of sperm, the one that became you (or, well half of you), was truly an improbable event of the extreme kind, not only for you, but for your mother, and her mother, and her mother, etc.  You shouldn't exist, but yet you do.  Just multiply 1 out of a hundred million by 1 out of a hundred million by 1 out of a hundred million, and keep going for 10,000 generations.  You shouldn't exist, but yet you do.  You exist, because the One and Triune God willed that you should exist.

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    Planetary disasters that could kill you
    « Reply #2 on: March 31, 2011, 08:44:55 AM »
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  • Sometime I think God knew our souls from the beginning of time, since He created them, yet when each person was born and the souls, He always knew, were infused into each body in turn, that is where the real mystery begins.  I mean if so and so didn't marry so and so, and so on down through time, we would still be here but in a totally different body, with different DNA.  

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    Planetary disasters that could kill you
    « Reply #3 on: March 31, 2011, 10:48:20 AM »
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  • Quote from: Jehanne
    You shouldn't exist, but yet you do. You exist, because the One and Triune God willed that you should exist.

    Yes precisely. No creature has a right to exist, and God does not owe it to Himself to create and preserve creatures, much less rational creatures who turn away from Him as their last end. God has absolute rights to chastise sinners and the world, and owes it to His infinite majesty and sanctity to do so, but His ineffable and inexhaustible mercy gives sinners many opportunities to do penance and convert. Even in calamities, He often gives actual graces that one may correctly perceive such happenings by the trans-luminous light of the supernatural mystery of the union of divine mercy and justice in all the designs of Providence.
    Please ignore all that I have written regarding sedevacantism.

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    Planetary disasters that could kill you
    « Reply #4 on: April 07, 2011, 12:36:14 AM »
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  • Can someone explain #7 for me?

    Also #4 - how does magnetic shift cause insanity in humans and animals?

    "With much knowledge comes much sorrow"

    Kyrie eleison.


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