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Neighbor Organized Defense
« on: May 03, 2021, 06:14:35 PM »
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    The people in the Area should set up the NOD System to assist each other in the defense of their rights. The Element of a NOD System are: 10 by 10 Response, SOUND teams and a PSS plan. Definitions: NOD (Neighbor Organized Defense): A system of defense organized, implemented and staffed by the neighbors in an Area. 10 by 10 Response: A response plan in the Area were at least TEN neighbors respond in 10 minutes,100 neighbors respond in 100 minutes, 1000 neighbors respond in 1000 min and so on. SOUND teams (Small Organized Units of Neighbors in Defense): Autonomous teams of 2-12 able body men and women working together to physically defend the people in that Area. PSS Plan (People Supporting SOUND): A plan implemented in the Area to support the SOUND teams with supplies, gear, family support (in times of active defense) and other reasonable needs that each member of the SOUND teams requires to practically defend the people in the Area.


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