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« on: September 10, 2019, 01:35:01 PM »
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  • So I have no idea if anyone kn this forum is informed on the true laws of this u.s. nation that have been usurped by the freemasons and their cohorts...well one part of it is that they made a new constitution and thus created the United States of America corporation and all citizens are essentially slaves under birth certificate and that being said it is possible to get a state citizen passport which would give you back the taxes(since our taxes pay for the beast system and all it entails) no drivers licenses (we have the right to travel) basically we can live free...which is how we would live if we could stick to Godly principles of living but because if sin we now have tyranny. While I believe in monarchy as Gods preferred government system...while here in this time and place the constitution reigns and so we should use it to our upmost advantage...with catholic morality being the foundation. All that said has anyone ever attempted to get a state passport?

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    Re: Citizen
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  • The whole sovereign citizen subculture is a canard.  It's like "surprise! We actually live in an anarcho-liberal state and the government doesn't actually have any jurisdiction!"  Somehow none of these basement-dwelling discoveries have actually translated to anyone getting out of a speeding ticket.  That should tell you something.
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