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Title: China's social credit system finds new ways to herd humans
Post by: RomanCatholic1953 on May 10, 2021, 07:38:51 AM
China's social credit system finds new ways to herd humans (
Posted: 09 May 2021 02:53 PM PDT
( ( — You may find your social score took a dive if you purchased a few too many video games. J-walking, failure to buckle up when driving, and displaying a rock with Confederate imagery ( could conceivably chip away at one's social credit score. The possibilities are endless.
MSN's Business Insider ( referred to the system with apropos, ( calling it a "moral ranking system."
Many Americans are aware of the system and see it seminally ( emerging in the USA through government mandates to control Covid. Failure to obtain a vaccination passport is the equivalent of possessing a low credit score. It could result in being banned from flights and public transport. 
What is a social credit system?
South China Morning Post ( defines and describes the system:
Who decides?
An acute ( question arises: Who gets to decide what is and what is not moral? 
In China, "The rankings are decided by China's economics planning team, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the People's Bank of China, and the Chinese court system, according to the South China Morning Post," ( the article explains ( 

But who will decide as the system matures in the USA? Given the systemic and ubiquitous presence of the woke cult throughout the country, the answer is ominous: Social scoring will be determined by extreme Marxian lҽϝƚιsƚs. 
Collectivist vs individualist neurology
The social credit scoring system is appalling, no matter where it is implemented. However, studies suggest that some cultures are more receptive to collectivism than others. 

For example, when an image of an object in complex surroundings is shown to groups attuned to collectivism, those groups tend to focus their attention on the surroundings in the image at the expense of the individual item. Such is the case of those living in China. However, when the same image is shown to Americans, they tend to focus their attention on the individual item at the expense of the environment.* Such studies suggest that East Asians may be neurologically programmed for collectivism while people of European descent are neurologically preset for individualism. Consequently, we could conclude that East Asians are more readily adaptable to social/moral scoring systems that whites.
Utilized by business corporations
It could also suggest that as Western nations become less white, they will become more adaptable to collectivism, including social credit systems. It could also explain why Coca Cola reportedly trained its workers to become "less white." Are less white people more malleable and, consequently, controllable by authorities? 
It should not be surprising, then, that corporations are already using iterations of social credit systems. "For example, Sesame Credit, which is owned by Jack Ma's Ant Group, uses its own unofficial scoring system for its employees, such as studying shopping habits, according to the think tank Merics," according to the MSN article ( 
*Robt M Sapolsky, Behave, the Biology of Humans at our Best and Worst (, page 97