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Author Topic: Being Prepared 8 Gs - God, Gold, Guns, Grain, Ground, Goods, Grasp, and Group  (Read 171 times)

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Being prepared ("prepped" as it were) for the future takes a lot more than a pile of cash, and certainly more than a bunch of e-cash or stock market 1s and 0s!

How about the 8 Gs?

God - your spiritual house in order, this would also count having a chapel nearby that you have supported for missionary priests to say Mass, spiritual books, etc. Your home should be a mini church of sorts
Gold - Financial resources - includes silver, some physical cash, and barter items
Guns - any means of security and self-defense. Besides things bought at a gun shop, there's cinder blocks, plywood in storage in case you need to cover windows, etc.
Grain - food, water, and medicine
Goods - supplies to produce more of these by hand - water filters, garden equipment, wood chipper, composting equipment, survival books, etc. Plus repair supplies to maintain everything by yourself -- including your family, house, garden, vehicles, etc.
Ground - owning land. This includes moving to and/or living in the right geographic location, and being debt-free wherever you are.
Grasp - Knowledge and hands-on experience of practical things. Not just a stack of books, but internal, tested knowledge and muscle memory. They can never take knowledge from you. Invest money in training, not just physical stuff. 1000 rounds in storage and 9000 rounds put downrange is better than having 10K rounds in storage that will do you no good!
Group - getting to know your neighbors, forming relationships and groups BEFORE the collapse. Working with others will be vital in any collapse scenario. Even a Bingo club would be better than having no pre-existing social net.

Note: I haven't gone to the range yet myself, but I just learned this and it's certainly true.
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I think "Group" is important
In a Station of the Metro
The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
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