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Facebook censors conservatives and refuses to ban left-wing extremist groups from using their platform to destabilize the country
Posted: 14 Sep 2020 11:17 AM PDT
Facebook has vowed to crack down on any attempts by organizations to use their website to interfere with the presidential election. While this has resulted in them taking down the Facebook pages of several anarchist extremist news organizations such as It’s Going Down and CrimethInc., it has so far refused to take action against many other controversial radical leftist pages, like Adbusters and Rose City Antifa.
Rose City Antifa, a Portland-based Antifa organization that was formed in 2007, claims that their goal is to defend Portland against fascism. However, they have a solid reputation for political violence even against regular conservatives. Several Rose City Antifa members have even been accused of beating up Andy Ngo, potentially giving the independent conservative journalist brain damage.
Adbusters a group based out of Canada, is responsible for helping to kick start the Occupy Wall Street riots in 2011. They are currently busy trying to meddle in the elections by organizing a “siege” of the White House, set to begin on Sep. 17 and end after election day.
Despite this, in an interview Zuckerberg said that the platform was actively trying to stamp out violent organizations from their website. “We’re trying to make sure that we do our part to make sure that none of this is organized on Facebook,” he said.
And yet, when presented with an extensive report on the violence perpetrated by Rose City Antifa and other left-wing extremist organizations like it, Facebook has still refused to take action. (Related: Conservatives are censored, but domestic terrorists are openly allowed to use Facebook to organize a violent coup.)
Antifa violence organized in Facebook has resulted in the death of a conservative
The Antifa violence that is being organized through social media networks like Facebook has already resulted in people dying.
In the most notable example, Michael Forest Reinoehl shot and killed 39-year-old Aaron “Jay” Danielson, a conservative Trump Supporter.
Reinoehl has described himself as “100 percent Antifa” on a post on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, at the beginning of the engineered rioting – several months before the fateful incident. Facebook could have done something to shut down Reinoehl’s social media accounts to make it harder for him to organize with his Antifa comrades, but they didn’t.
At the time he was shot, Danielson was wearing a hat for the group Patriot Prayer, a conservative activist organization that Facebook has banned from their website in their effort to remove “Violent Social Militias” from their platform.
As Zuckerberg continues to lie about censorship on Facebook, domestic terrorist organizations like the Black Lives Matter movement continue organizing through social media. Listen to this episode of the Health Ranger Report, a podcast by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and learn more about how the movement is not promoting racial equality, but is an organization rooted in anti-White racism, racial superiority and Black supremacy.

Zuckerberg lying when he said he believed in free speech
In an appearance on the show Axios on Sep. 8, Zuckerberg explained how he was “a big believer in free expression” despite the fact that it has decided to ban all kinds of political ads from airing a week before the election. The reason he gave for this brazen act of censorship is that Facebook, despite the fact that it has over 15,000 content moderators, might not have time to “correct” any “misinformation” that suddenly spreads.
He added that, if no clear winner is announced on the night of Nov. 3, Facebook will be censoring posts that declare anyone a winner by adding their own “informational context” to it. It is not entirely clear what this context could be.
“We need to be doing everything we can to reduce the chances of violence or civil unrest in the – in the wake of this election,” said Zuckerberg.
Learn more about the many ways tech giants like Zuckerberg are using their control over the internet to stifle conservative voices and amplify left-wing extremist ones by reading the articles at
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The post Facebook censors conservatives and refuses to ban left-wing extremist groups from using their platform to destabilize the country appeared first on Dr. Leonard Coldwell.
Youth Suicides Soar 57% In Past Decade: Is Social Media To Blame?
Posted: 14 Sep 2020 11:13 AM PDT
By Tyler Durden
The suicide rate among Americans ages 10 to 24 increased by 57% between 2007 and 2018, data published Thursday from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) shows. New concerns are mounting that social media could be contributing to the wave of suicides among younger generations.
Between 2007 and 2018, the national suicide rate among persons aged 10–24 increased by 57.4%. The increase was broad, as it was experienced by the majority of states. -NCHS
On a state-by-state basis, the percentage change between 3-year averages of suicide rates for 2007–2009 and 2016–2018 increased down to 47%. The largest increases were seen in New Hampshire, Oregon, Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Michigan.

Forty-two states had significant increases in their suicide rates between 2007–2009 and 2016–2018, and eight states had nonsignificant increases. Most states had increases of between 30%–60%. Suicide rates in 2016–2018 were highest in Alaska and lowest in New Jersey. – NCHS

Courtesy of Bloomberg, here’s a complete visualization of the youth suicide crisis that has unfolded across the country.

NCHS’s data only covered suicides between 2007-2018, but there’s reason to believe the trend is continuing, due mostly to the virus pandemic-related stress.
“There are many reasons to suspect that suicide rates will increase this year too, not just because of Covid-19 but because stress and anxiety seem to be permeating every aspect of our lives,” Shannon Monnat, co-director of the Policy, Place, and Population Health Lab at Syracuse University, told Bloomberg.
Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youngsters. Readers may recall we covered the troubling trend developing in youth suicides in late 2019. A significant influencer behind the trend could be the proliferation of social media in the last decade.
“There is an independent association between problematic use of social media/internet and suicide attempts in young people,” a study recently published in the LWW Journals titled “Social media, internet use and suicide attempts in adolescents” said.
Making matters worse, teen and youth anxiety/depression have sharply risen this year as the virus pandemic, depressionary unemployment, and social unrest, have resulted in a pessimistic outlook for the country.
At the end of June, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed almost 10,000 Americans on their mental health. They found symptoms of anxiety and depression were up sharply across the board between March and June, compared with the same time the previous year. And young people seemed to be the hardest-hit of any group.
“Almost 11 percent of all respondents to that survey said they had “seriously considered” suicide in the past 30 days. For those ages 18 to 24, the number was 1 in 4 — more than twice as high. –NPR News
The UK’s Royal Society for Public recently ranked the top five social media platforms that impact mental health. It found Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter had the most negative effect on the psychological health of youngsters. 
Source: Statista
In a separate report, the use of social media was directly linked to an increase in depressive symptoms in teenagers. 
Days ago, we noted how an older millennial, aged 33, also an Army veteran, killed himself with a shotgun on Facebook Live. The chilling footage circulated across the internet and went viral on TikTok.
Long- and short-term trends suggest the American youth are slipping into the abyss as a suicide crisis is worsening.
Image: Pixabay
Source: Zerohedge
The post Youth Suicides Soar 57% In Past Decade: Is Social Media To Blame? appeared first on Dr. Leonard Coldwell.


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