Author Topic: What are you so afraid of? Why be paranoid to the point of obnoxious?  (Read 516 times)

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  • Those concerned with Fr. Zendejas' "doctrine" or "position" on the SSPX really need to enter into themselves, as well as STOP AND THINK.

    Why not just wait for the first red flag? Do you really think it will be too late by then?

    I'm dead-serious here. Even the most liberal of the neo-SSPX priests wouldn't damage many souls if they visited your Resistance center for one or two Masses. The worst "poison" coming from the neo-SSPX right now is far less virulent than Ebola, for example. Ebola has a 50% survival rate. Once you get it, you have a 50/50 chance of dying.

    If we were dealing with something like that, then MAYBE this level of paranoia would be justified. But, as a matter of fact, it's not so dangerous and so we can AFFORD to give a bit of leeway.

    Even the Novus Ordo wasn't this lethal. The "crowd" to be duped was far different from the crowd facing Fr. Zendejas. It took YEARS to dupe people into the Novus Ordo, and they were a group of average people -- not a concentrated group of cynical, wary, stubborn resisters!

    Consider the "crowd" Fr. Zendejas is dealing with: die-hard, hard-core, stubborn Resisters who are BY NO MEANS going along with the neo-SSPX orientation and overtures towards embracing Modernist Rome and Vatican II.

    Do you think ANY of these people, much less a bunch of them, are going to be suckered in by any feint, wolf in sheep's clothing, or any other kind of game like the one you suggest Fr. Zendejas is perpetrating?

    Come on, give yourselves some credit!

    Here is my proposal:

    Give Fr. Zendejas the benefit of the doubt, based on his doctrine, sermons, and reputation from his ordination until 2012, as well as those same things from 2012 - 2014.

    IF and only if, he does something alarming or raises a red flag, THEN you go up in arms.


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    What are you so afraid of? Why be paranoid to the point of obnoxious?
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  • Brilliant :applause:


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