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We(the resistance) are on wikipedia
« on: June 09, 2016, 12:32:07 AM »
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    Speaking of official recognition these days, we have been officially recognized by wikipedia!  I hadn't seen this posted here on CI, and I hadn't yet seen this wiki page.  So, I thought I would share it.  And, I think it is pretty cool.  I don't know who writes or edits these pages, but there is an obvious error.  And, there is important news missing.  For one, Fr. pfeiffer is not the superior general, and that needs to be changed.  If it turns out that any old trad can just write up/change/add updates to this page, we should keep on top of that, and be active.  Because, catholics will end up reading this page.  And, they may be led to fr. pfeiffer and olmc from it.  And, that is bad.  So, we should get that page updated pronto, so that trads are not led there.  Also, I did not see any mention of pablo the Amateur Exorcist on the wiki page.  So, perhaps we need to update it so that it includes details about pablo.  You know, the info will have his name and it will be in clickable blue so that it links to another page all about pablo scandals with his picture and all.  Just think about how useful that would be.   I am not computer/wikipedia savy, but we should definitely get on this.  
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