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Warning to all members
« on: January 05, 2013, 03:04:40 PM »
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  • This site is NOT the go-to place for rumors or speculation -- especially slander about INDIVIDUAL CATHOLICS.

    Do not post names of individuals without their permission -- you know, that behavior we're all fervently criticizing when it comes to that anti-Resistance site?  Talk about hypocrisy!

    Neil Obstat -- a particular warning for you:
    DO NOT post names of individual Catholics, claiming they are the owner of a certain anti-Resistance website. You had NO EVIDENCE, nevermind proof, of what you asserted publicly.

    Personally, I knew you were wrong right away, but I foolishly didn't come down hard on you immediately. I've been busy with various things. My wife was way, way too nice and addressed you as a fellow member rather than the moderator that she is.

    The only reason I'm not banning you is because you're pro-Resistance. You just got a bit carried away. Don't do it again.

    Remember, if you slander people, or rashly judge them, you're no better than Fr. R (you know who). Let's not become our enemies, shall we?
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