Author Topic: The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy  (Read 1382 times)

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The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy
« on: January 01, 2013, 07:19:26 PM »
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  • Here are some quotes from Fr. Paul Kramer in his "Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy", to fortify us in these times of crises:

    The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy
    By Father Paul Kramer
    Pages 167-170

    When Obedience Becomes a Sin

    There is a time when obedience becomes a sin – Pope Leo XIII teaches, “When a law is enacted contrary to reason, or to the eternal law, or to some ordinance of God, obedience is unlawful, lest while obeying man, we become disobedient to God.”  This means that sometimes we must even disobey the Pope, as St. Robert Bellarmine teaches: “Thus, as it is lawful to resist a Pontiff who attacks the body, so it is lawful to resist a Pontiff who attacks the soul… especially if one who would strive to destroy the Church.  I say that it is lawful to resist him in not doing what he orders, and putting obstacles to the execution of his will.”

    “There is a time,” says St. Catherine of Siena, “when those who obey, obey to their own condemnation.”  That time has come.  Indeed, that time already came just as soon as the Conciliar Church departed from the apostolic teaching and tradition of the Eternal Rome of SS. Peter and Paul – but only a few understood this at the time.  One who understood was the late Father Victor Mrosz of Krakow, Poland – a disciple of St. Maximilian Kolbe.  Fr. Mrosz related to me that St. Maximilian had admonished him to remain always faithful to Tradition.  “The devil,” St. Maximilian said, “has the Bible but he is in Hell.  It is Tradition that will bring you to Heaven.”  St. Maximilian revealed to Fr. Mrosz in 1939 the number of days remaining in his (Fr. Mrosz’s) life, and thus he knew since then on exactly which day in April 1992 he would be called to his eternal reward.  St. Kolbe foretold that Fr. Mrosz would be an outcast in his later years, and the prophecy was fulfilled when Fr. Mrosz was expelled from the Franciscan order and eventually “excommunicated” for refusing to abandon the Tridentine Mass and adopt the Novus Ordo.  Fr. Victor [Mrosz], however, recalled well the admonition that he had received from the Saint, never to abandon Tradition, and therefore he, in full tranquility of conscience, continued to publicly exercise his priestly ministry until the day he died, as chaplain to the Society of St. Pius X Holy Rosary Chapel in Buffalo, New York.

    Another who understood was Mons. Lefebvre.  He understood that the Conciliar Church is not Catholic – not Catholic because its new doctrines and new liturgy are not Catholic.  This is why Mons. Lefebvre disobeyed:

       “This is why we are convinced that, by the act of these consecrations today, we are obeying the call of these (pre-conciliar) Popes and as a consequence, the call of God…

       “Thus we find ourselves in a case of necessity.  We have done all we could, trying to help Rome to understand that they had to come back to the attitudes of the holy Pius XII and all his predecessors…  We have tried by all these talks, by all these means, to succeed in making Rome understand that, since the Council and since aggiornamento, this change which has occurred in the Church is not Catholic, it is not in conformity with the doctrine of all times.  This ecumenism and all these errors, this collegiality – all this is contrary to the Faith of the Church, and it is in the process of destroying the Church…

       “This is why we do this ceremony.  Far be it from me to set myself up as pope!  I am simply a bishop of the Catholic Church who is continuing to transmit Catholic doctrine… it is in order to manifest our attachment to Rome that we are performing this ceremony…  It is in order to manifest our attachment to Eternal Rome, to the Pope, and to all those who have preceded these last Popes who, unfortunately, since the Second Vatican Council, have thought it their duty to adhere to grievous errors which are demolishing the Church and the Catholic Priesthood.”


    The adherents of the nominally Catholic but materially heretical Conciliar Church do not wish to see any crisis, any state of necessity in the Church, because that would impose on their deadened consciences the unpleasant task of renouncing their sinful adherence to the Novus Ordo and their heretical attachment to the doctrinal novelties of Vatican II…

    It is the position of the Traditionalists to wholeheartedly adhere to the traditional teaching and liturgy of the Catholic Church as the Catholic Faith demands – to uphold the unity of the Church by preserving the bonds of the unity of faith, the unity of sacraments and the unity of ecclesiastical governance that have been undermined by the Council and its reforms.  This can only be accomplished by disobedience to the unlawful Conciliar and post-conciliar doctrinal and liturgical reforms.  Such disobedience cannot be considered sinful since, as Cardinal Newman explains, “If a man is sincerely convinced that what his superior commands is displeasing to God, he is not bound to obey.”  “The history of the Church,” explains Father Fernando Areas Rifan, “gives several examples of saints who, in order to remain faithful, have resisted Church authorities who were wrong.  Thus St. Godefroy of Amiens, St. Hughes of Grenoble and Guy of Vienne (who later became Pope Calixtus II), wrote to Pope Pascal II who was wavering concerning the ‘investitures’: ‘If what we absolutely do not believe, you would choose another way and would – God forbid – refuse to confirm the decisions of our paternity, you would force us away from obeying you’ (Bouix, Tract. de Papa, t. II, p. 650.)”

    The whited sepulchers that constitute the majority of the Conciliar hierarchy simply do not wish to abandon their new religion, or even admit that it is a new religion.  This is why they do not see any state of necessity in the Church.  Like the Lutherans and Anglicans, the hierarchs of the Conciliar Church see no need to return to Catholic Tradition.  They believe in religious liberty, they believe in Ecumenism, they believe that one can be saved by another religion – they do not believe in the Old Religion into which most of them were baptized before the Council.  They have lost the Faith.

    Let them consider the sober warning of St. John Chrysostom:

       “I do not speak rashly, but as I feel and think.  I do not think that many bishops are saved, but that those who perish are far more numerous.  The reason is that the office requires a great soul.  For there are many things to make a priest swerve from rectitude, and he requires great vigilance on every side."

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    The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy
    « Reply #1 on: January 02, 2013, 03:25:43 AM »
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  • Words well chosen, M.E.!

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    The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy
    « Reply #2 on: January 02, 2013, 09:21:00 AM »
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  • St. Athanasius said: "The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.

    He was, of course, referring to those bishops - the vast majority - who had been lured away from the True Church in following the false teachings of Arius. If that many bishops were in hell, how many who followed them down the wide path to perdition also were? They say for every priest who loses his soul, 1000 souls are lost; for every bishop who loses his eternal soul, 10,000 souls are denied the Heavenly portals."


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