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Author Topic: TR Media: Bishop Donald Sanborn: The SSPX, "Resistance"  (Read 5679 times)

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TR Media: Bishop Donald Sanborn: The SSPX, "Resistance"
« Reply #30 on: March 27, 2014, 04:58:53 PM »
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  • Quote from: curioustrad
    Quote from: Wessex
    We must be grateful for Bp. Sanborn for clearing away the fog the SSPX and its deriviatives keep spewing out.    

    Indeed we must since he leaves us with a complete contradiction: the head of a non-Catholic sect (as he maintains) has received a designation to be Pope of the Catholic Church by men who likewise (he maintains) are members of the same non-Catholic sect. Therefore (he maintains) if Jorge Bergoglio converts he will become Pope...

    But that is the same as saying the Dalai Lama has been designated to be the Pope by his fellow Tibetan Bhuddist monks and once he converts he too will be the Pope.

    I agree and often use the same example. The sedeprivationist idea is so completely ridiculous when you consider that Bergoglio was a non Catholic at his election and the entire election is invalid. Accordingly, whether he converts will not make him a pope any more than if he does not convert, it will be a (valid) conclave that will decide.
    We conclude logically that religion can give an efficacious and truly realistic answer to the great modern problems only if it is a religion that is profoundly lived, not simply a superficial and cheap religion made up of some vocal prayers and some ceremonies...

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    TR Media: Bishop Donald Sanborn: The SSPX, "Resistance"
    « Reply #31 on: March 27, 2014, 05:00:15 PM »
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  • Quote from: hugeman
    Quote from: SeanJohnson
    Bishop Sanborn's entire rationale is flawed:

    "Therefore, it is not possible to determine whether they have changed the substance of the Church substantially, or only accidentally."

     I recall the Archbishop Lefebvre  claiming that he, Archbishop Lefebvre, had no desire to belong to "this Conciliar Church"! They have a new religion, new bastard sacraments, new bastard rites-- it is a new religion!

    "Oh, the wisdom of Archbishop Lefebvre!!"

     "Recognize and resist is the only logical position."

      Recognize and Resist is illogical, is dishonest, and down right deceitful. READ THE AFD!!!  This is what they "recognize!"  In said "recognition", they PROMISED love, loyalty, faithfulness! They swore allegiance to ALL the Vatican II popes; they swore acceptance of ALL Vatican II decrees and rulings (exempting only 'discussions' about 'certain' abuses). READ the AFD of Bishop Fellay and the SSPX Chapter to the Romans!  
       Do continue to persist in the "recognize and resist" mentality will split apart your mind, will tear apart your soul, will send you into the eternal hellfires ,which have been prepared for those who "deceive, if possible, even the elect."
      Did Jesus Christ tell His Apostles "even if an angel of heaven were to come and preach to you something different that that which I have taught you, let him be anathema!" Anathema is excommunicated. John XXIII excommunicated himself by opening up the church to the modern ages, and accepting every sort of belief. He may have repented on his death bed-- we don't know for sure-- but he demanded  "STOP THE COUNCIL!."
        Montini was a communist sympathizer, if not a follower.
    He was the agent of the enemies of Jesus Christ. He refused to stop the Council-- he had absolutely no right to continue on what the previous pope demanded be stopped. He loaded the Council up with the enemies of Christ and the Catholic Church. He deliberately allowed "the time bombs of Vatican II" to be issued under his watch. He snookered many, many, clerics. There were some 250 bishops, initially, who were united with Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Cardinal Ottaviani, Bishop de Castro Meyer and the others. Montini lied to all of them. All of them deserted the faith! He kept inserting that phrase "understood in the light of tradition," even though he KNEW that he was changing the Catholic faith. Montini even encouraged Msgr. Gomar dePauw (Long Island, New York) and Artchbishop Lefebvre to "Continue to do what you are doing-- it is important!"
       Wyjtola was a syncretist;believed that the Old Testament had not yet been ended-- that the Jєωιѕн people are correct in expecting still the redeemer. he was an actor and a fraud-- no Catholic pope. Ratzinger was a Conciliarist all the way. Of course he saw an opportunity to gather , at long last, the elect of Christ's ( the traditional Catholics who maintained the faith) into their false religion-- so he said and did whatever would make everybody (including Fellay) happy. But Bergoglio-- he doesn't even pre tent! As he stated at the installation of this heretic into the seat of peter " The Carnival is over.

    ...and yet, that he was not sedevacantist rather tends to support my contention.