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The Tychicus Courier 433 1142012
« on: November 17, 2012, 10:24:33 AM »
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  • Google Translated:

    Rome won!

    In the last issue of "Under the Banner" Adrien Loubier ends his column "A Sad Fiftieth [Anniversary of V2]" with these words:  "After such a blow, the lesser of modesty should not result in a single reaction of Bishop Fellay and his associates: of resignation. "  My good friend, allow me to point out well for Bishop Fellay, this is not a"Snub" is the result of a slow maturation ... This is a victory! ... Better: a triumph! ... It does not resign when we won this battle, even at the cost of a disaster as distressing!  Because the legacy of authoritarianism Bishop Fellay are more visible, more dramatic. They leave a fraternity bloodless. Resistance to Roman apostasy will be a memory. The work of Archbishop Lefebvre, gnawed by infiltration, yet repeatedly denounced, will disintegrate rapidly.

    After [the] exclusion of Bishop Williamson, there is now, disgraced Bishop Tissier de Mallerais and dubbing of Bishop Galarreta! ... Two against two! ... This is what we feared implosion.  Since Bishop Galarreta referred to the "normalization" of the situation of the FSSP without X ... "Rome return entirely traditional norms "(Villepreux October 13, 2012) all of the forums are open to rally ... How can he deny that he affixed the signature at the bottom of the letter of 3 bishops to Bishop Fellay: "Following Archbishop Lefebvre, clean the Brotherhood is more than denounce the errors by their name, effectively prevent and publicly to the Roman authorities that broadcast. How can we reconcile this agreement and resistance public authorities with the Pope "(Letter of the 3 to Bishop Fellay of 7 April 2012)

    Well, six months later, he [Bishop de Gallereta] denies! But what kind of wood is it done?  Fortunately, Bishop Tissier de Mallerais remained firm, due to its disgrace! On September 16, he gave a conference (registered) St Louis Priory at Marie Grignon de Montfort Gastines. (Conference on "CD" sold € 5 directly addressing the Priory Gastines)

    Here's what we learn about the site "A Bishop Arose" from this registration:  "I will never accept to say that the New Mass is legitimate or lawful, I say often invalid as saying Archbishop Lefebvre. I will never accept to say: 'in the council, if one interprets. Well, yes, perhaps even when we could match with Tradition, we could find a way acceptable.'  I will never accept to say that? It would be a lie, he is not allowed to tell a lie, even if it was to save the Church ... " [Bishop Tissier de Malerais]

    And he adds:
    "I tell you what I think? So I think you do not have to be afraid, because I am not alone in thinking as the Brotherhood."  Certainly, this is a bold statement considering the prevailing climate for months to within the fraternity. It is comforting and unvarnished! He [Bishop Tissier de Mallerais] does not sink in Utopia! It provides the break. There is ready. He knows it will take a fight that never should be discontinued. But what I fear is not very motivating. The infernal machine was so well oiled, so long as obedience and trust undue wreaked havoc not only across the clergy but the laity.

    Father Célier has been spearheading ...
    His book "Benedict XVI And The Traditionalists" published in March 2007 was actually the dissemination of its paw antérieureurs was acclaimed "Fideliter." All priories, all the chapels of the Society have contributed to its success! Do not forget that it was prevalent in a letter of 43 pages addressed to the bishops - who had it requested? - To tell them they had to sign many reasons that do not. Father Célier is one of brains of the Brotherhood! ... It is not only good to have.

    In doing so, however, it evokes an accuracy confirms what contempt he holds his colleagues when he must take decision, at the same time rejecting the statutory provisions of the Brotherhood is what Abbot Célier recalls "The choice to eventually sign an agreement with Rome, or not to sign, belongs exclusively to the Superior General of the FSSP X, after convening an extraordinary General Chapter (as it was held by the General Chapter of the Society in July 2006) and such a decision only if it appears to conform to the will of God."

    One of the readers [of this newsletter] he remembers the date of this Chapter? ... When and where is it held?

    But the real reason for this expulsion [of Bishop Williamson] is not revealed!

    That we do not forget that especially the finances of the Society of St. Pius X are, since January 2009, in the hands of a Maximilian Krah, Director of the company "Dello Sarto" that Bishop Fellay would be the president, surrounded by MM abbots Niklaus Pfluger and Baudot Emeric. However, Maximilian Krah is a liberal philo who was not afraid to show and let photographed in September 2010 in New York, a fundraiser organized by former University of Tel Aviv collection for a fund scholarships to help the Jews in the Diaspora to receive training University of Tel Aviv.

    It is quite understandable that Bishop Fellay has given to discharge a huge financial management that he was not prepared.  But there would he not in the financial world who confesses his Catholic Faith? So ... Of course! But already had to place himself in a favorable position to Roman demands.  Because, let's not lose sight of the fact that the place looked rallying fraternity dependent Vatican ... obviously subject to international Zionism.

    The displayed position of Bishop Williamson challenging the Holocaust is thus a major hurdle to jump. The Vatican could not integrate canonically a fraternity which had in its ranks unacceptable revisionist one! ... Obstacle and jumped! The Holocaust is equally venerated, first, that Friday it will supersede God ... permits.

    The split is inevitable.  Bishop Fellay has reached its goal, because he could not ignore it would be otherwise. It therefore reign absolute master of what remain the universal work of Archbishop Lefebvre.  That the oldest of us have lived in the immediate aftermath of the council will revive: the same family dramas, financial, the same anxieties, the same fleeting glances of lost friends ... They had staked everything on the work of Archbishop Lefebvre! They believed indestructible as the ferryman was solid. They were spiritually happy! Too, perhaps?  Had they not witnessed a boom fulminant? Do they not give a fight they thought won? That could tell?

    So that does not reproduce the same mistakes that have been committed ... fifty years ago - I have no probably committed some - let me some tips.  The laity are not subject to the same rules as clerics. Laity enjoy a freedom that clerics not benefit. It is easier for a layman to leave his church and attend services where he wants only a cleric to abandon his community. Which for the layman is that simple courage is a heroic act for a cleric. A priest who leaves the Brotherhood rendered homeless and destitute ...

    On the other hand, among the laity, we do not show too aggressive, too intransigent, not condemn too quickly! Some of our friends have not received the same training as ourselves. Let us be quite educational convincing by irrefutable arguments. It takes time, sure, but it maintains a contact that would be lost if we, proved too  About our steep!

    And do not forget the prayer! This is where it is most effective as it is totally dedicated to the love of God and his service! Do not deprive us.

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    The Tychicus Courier 433 1142012
    « Reply #1 on: November 17, 2012, 12:43:54 PM »
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  • Can anyone do a better translation of this rather than the google one?


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