Author Topic: SSPX in France makes a corrrection about using a Bi-ritual Priest in Africa  (Read 170 times)

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NOTE, Poorly translated from French to Spanish and then to English.

In the latest issue of Fidéliter - the 250th since its creation in 1978 - [Fidéliter is the official magazine of the FSSPX district of France. Note from NP] we can read the following rectification of the Director of the Publication on page 42 :
"In n ° 248 [March-April 2019] of our magazine on page 39, a military chaplain is mentioned (1) who, on Reunion Island, would be" of very good doctrine. "It turned out that no it only celebrates according to the traditional rite, but also according to the rite of Paul VI, which is incompatible with good doctrine . We apologize to our readers for this, but we hope you appreciate the inspiring story of the Fraternity apostolate on the other side of the planet , which was offered by its kind editor . ”
In this way, Fidéliter officially confirms the MPI information. This will prevent liberals from calling us liars when we expose their commitments.
In summary, and contrary to what publicly wrote (2) the superior of the African district, P. Henry WUILLOUD (3), the District of France, through its official magazine, states that attending a Mass of St. Pius V celebrated by a conciliar priest it cannot be a good thing because the doctrine he professes is bad.

This is what Mons. Lefebvre always taught, but it is worth remembering in these times of confusion, in which liberalism creeps insidiously everywhere.
Christian LASSALE
1 - Excerpt from article number 248 March-April 2019: " With the local clergy, our priests have simple courtesy relationships. Sometimes they are helped in their heavy duties by other priests who come from the metropolis. Our faithful also have the grace of being able to count on the presence of a military chaplain of very good doctrine , pious and very attached to the Mass of St. Pius V ".
2 - See the article "The Superior of the African District of the SSPX vindicates his request to resort to conciliar priests or Ecclesia Dei to attend to the faithful of the SSPX! [NP's entry on this matter]
3 - Father WUILLOUD writes, among other enormities: " On the Island of Reunion, we summon (Father Demornex with my agreement) a priest who also celebrates the new liturgy, but who accepts to celebrate the sacraments in the same way as we do it in our chapel, which is traditional in its doctrine and that, my faith, does not oppose us!


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