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In the Spanish version it states Fr Trincado's name. I thought this was exceptional.


The Gospel says (Mark 6: 17-28) that Herod had sent to arrest John because of Herodias, the wife of his brother Philip; Because he had taken her for a wife. For John said to Herod, "It is not lawful for you to have your brother's wife."

We can apply this Gospel to our times and say that Saint John the Baptist represents the Church, whose mission is to give the light of Christ to men so that, living according to true faith and morals, save their souls. But the truth that is preached by the Church is resisted by those who belong to the devil. Divine Light infuriates those who want to live in the darkness of sin.

King Herod represents the liberal prelates, especially the Popes from John XXIII onwards, because they live in spiritual adultery.   Christ calls adulterers to those who abandon God, the true spouse of the soul ( Catena Áurea in Mk 8, 38). All heresy is, therefore, an adultery, because by it we separate ourselves from the Truth that is Christ. Modernism - the theological polemic of liberalism - is the sewer of all heresies , said St. Pius X, and as the worst heresy, modernism or progressivism is the worst of adulteries.

And Herodias lurked and wanted to kill him, but he could not because Herod feared John, knowing that he was righteous and holy, and protected him, and hearing, did many things, and listened to him willingly.

Herodias the adulteress is, according to ancient interpreters, the Jewish religion. Woman proud, ambitious, haughty, arrogant, intriguing, manipulative and cruel; He wanted to kill John because he made him see that he was in sin. Instead of repenting, removing what separated his soul from God (sin), he sought to remove the holy man who tended to separate her from Herod and the devil.

And a timely day came when Herod, celebrating his birth, offered a banquet to his nobles and commanders and to the rulers of Galilee. And the daughter of Herodias came in, and danced, and pleased Herod, and them that were with him at table.

This second woman, the daughter of Herodias and stepdaughter of Herod, was called Salome. Just as the Church has a Blessed Mother who is the Virgin Mary, Salome is the bad daughter of an equally evil mother. It is the current heresy, which comes from Herodias, from Judaism, because the dark origins of modernism seem to be traced back to Jewish Kabbalah. Salome is, then, the conciliar church, poisoned fruit of the synagogue; The sect of the wolves in sheepskin, whose heart is the infiltrators of the devil: sodomites, Marxists, Masons, convinced modernists and militants, etc. Salome, instigated by her mother, makes San Juan beheaded. In the same way the conciliar church tries to separate the body, the mass of Catholics, from Christ, Head of the Church. The name Salome is derived from the Hebrew word shalom : peace. The cowardly pacifism - meaning redundancy - is one of the characteristic features of liberalism. How many times have we heard from the mouths of liberal popes and bishops that blasphemous cantinela that the Church is at the service of peace? Peace according to the world, mere absence of wars, peace of the dead, satanic peace of those who want to live without being disturbed by God. The dreary party in which Salome has danced and pleased the diners, is the devilish Vatican II. Henceforth the Catholic Hierarchy will not want to conquer the world for Christ, but to please the world, to be sympathetic to the enemies of God and to offer themselves to them as the slut Salome.

And the king said to the girl: Ask me what you want and I will give it to you. And he swore to him, "I will give you what you ask of me, even half of my kingdom." And she went out, she said to her mother, What shall I ask? The head of John the Baptist answered him. And he hurried before the king, saying: I want you to give me the head of John the Baptist right now, on a tray. The king became sad, but because of the oath and those who sat with him at the table, he did not want to snub it.

Herod could have followed the exhortations of St. John, but he did not have the courage, did not know how to exercise his authority and was unable to contradict an evil and obstinate woman. As we said,   Herod figures to all the present liberal prelates because they live in adulterous spiritual connivance, because they want to be friends of the world and of the worldlings, because they are like drunkards who walk aimlessly, zigzagging between endless contradictions, always hesitating, shunning the cross; Cowards full of fears and human respect; Treacherous and disloyal, skilled at diplomacy and secrecy, effeminate with ambiguous words, canes bent by any wind.

And the king sent an executioner and commanded him to bring John's head. And he went and beheaded him in the prison, and brought his head in a tray, and gave it to the girl, and the girl gave it to her mother.

Dear brothers and sisters, all Catholics have Saint John the Baptist as a brilliant example of fidelity to Christ, of that holy Catholic intransigence that arises from authentic charity, from ardent love to Truth. Like him, we must want to die rather than give in to principles, rather than soften the defense of the Truth, rather than betray Christ. Let us not forget that this intransigence that God expects of us has an eternal reward. And he also has the promise of being rewarded already in this life with the blessed cross, for St. Paul tells us that all who want to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution (2 Tim 3:12). And Christ   Says: courage , I have overcome the world (Jn 16, 33).

What if ... in the manner of today's man, infected with liberalism, would St. John have tried to come to terms with Herodias or Herod? And if ... to avoid the worsening of the conflict, would he have emphasized more the good things that Herod did than the sins of this one? What if ... he had formulated certain conditions for peace, being the first of them, to be removed from prison and to be able to continue speaking freely? For if I had done any of this, I would have been unfaithful to Christ, I would have been a traitor and a coward, it would have been another Herod and another Judas. St. John the Baptist asked nothing of Herod because truth asks nothing of error, nor light to darkness, nor Christ to Belial. The only thing that would have made peace with Herod and Herodias would have been the fulfillment of this and only this demand: to cease adultery, to end sin. That, exactly, was the condition that, faithful to the line drawn by Monsignor Lefebvre-new John the Baptist-had put to the adulterous Rome the chapter of the Fraternity of the year 2006: no agreement without previous conversion of Rome, without the end of the Liberal and modernist adultery.

By intransigent, St. John was imprisoned by Herod and, intransigently, Bishop Lefebvre died "excommunicated" by the sons of Herod. And today what? Today we see with regret that Monsignor Lefebvre's sons did not stay in the holy path of their father, but, dragged by a vacillating, confused and ambiguous authority like Herod, they have opted for the path of the creeping, impudent and fainthearted.

This is your hour and the power of darkness (Lc 22, 53) : the very pitiful acts of which we have been witnesses for the last time, show that the Society of St. Pius X is increasingly taking on Herod, Herodias and Of Salome, and less and less of Monsignor Lefebvre, of Saint John the Baptist and of Christ.
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