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Saint Anselm House of Studies
« on: May 05, 2015, 03:44:45 PM »
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  • Saint Anselm house of studies

    We are seeking young vocations to the true Catholic priesthood without compromise to the conciliar church. The Holy Cross Monastery, located in Nova Friburgo, Brazil, offers to all interested the possibility to get a good priestly formation with yesterday's culture, which does not entail Chemistry or Physics, or  mathematics, or technology, but the higher knowledge that is composed of true wisdom.

    For starters, we will offer courses of History, Music, Literature, Portuguese Grammar, Catechism and above all: Latin. We will try to adapt ourselves to the level of young people who show up. Everyone will remain perfectly free to leave to at any time, and nothing will obligate them to follow a religious or priestly vocation.

    It is all about offering those interested a bit of good classical and Christian culture of the Old World Order, of Christ the King, which is diametrically opposed to the anti-culture of the New World Order.

    Young people interested should contact Professor Carlos Nougué by email

    In nomine Christi,
    Fr. Thomas Aquinas OSB
    We conclude logically that religion can give an efficacious and truly realistic answer to the great modern problems only if it is a religion that is profoundly lived, not simply a superficial and cheap religion made up of some vocal prayers and some ceremonies...


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