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Resistance Corps dArme
« on: March 02, 2013, 03:44:52 PM »
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  • It's rather clear from reading the posts in this sub-forum after the past couple days, that the resistance is in desperate need of actual soldiers.
    Unfortunately some Catholics seem to think they are special for doing what they are already supposed to be doing, like a child expecting a pat on the back for doing his obligatory chores. Assisting priests and religious is something Catholics typically do in a time of peace, donating money, chauffeuring, manual labor, and recording sermons, as beneficial as they may be, can in no way be considered "fighting".
    Furthermore, in all charity, those of you who are bickering over your supposed meritorious accomplishments and intentions, really look like a group who's looking to satisfy egos in compensation for such inaction.

    For those who are not afraid to suffer detention, litigation, and physical violence, please contact me, otherwise, stick to sitting in cars, hammering nails, and skillfully manipulating the buttons on your voice recorder.

    Now's the time for counter revolution in the Dioceses.


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