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Title: Pablo video about his son
Post by: Matthew on March 07, 2016, 10:33:38 PM
This was sent to me via e-mail.

I think his analysis is Catholic, and spot-on accurate.

Pablo is at it again:


Would you want to show this video to children?

This video used to be on the OLMC website.

When questioned about it, Fr. Pfeiffer stated “I have no control over the OLMC website”.  A supposed “prior and seminary rector” that admits he has no control?

Due to an outcry by the faithful the video was moved from the OLMC site last year to the 469 fitter YouTube channel, a channel which is recommended by “The Recusant.” It should have been removed completely (in the old days put on the index) and the producer thrown out.

Looks like Fr. Pfeiffer may need clean up some “wickedness” in his organization that he has “no control” over in Boston, KY. He loves to broadcast the “wickedness” of others far and wide without addressing his own.

The video was done by Pablo, mourning the death of his son, Santiago.

It is natural to mourn the loss of a loved one, to share your grief and obtain prayers for them. There is nothing wrong with that. But the contents of the video are openly offensive to a Catholic in several ways

Some of the problems Catholics should have with Pablo’s video:

    The rock music “Can’t live”. A song echoing the despair of the souls in hell, promoting sensual attachment to creatures, goes against resignation to the Divine Will and Trustful Surrender to His Providence.
    A picture of Mariah Carey (who promotes the Gay and NOW agenda and whom Santiago loved, according to the comments by Pablo) immodestly dressed in a strapless Santa Claus suit in a provocative “woman on top” position with the heading below of her exclaiming “Oh Santa !”. Santiago was one of Mariah Carey’s “Biggest fans”.
    Picture of Tee shirts with the logo “Getting Lucky in Kentucky” (sexual innuendo) on them.
    The Scary Satanic Santa with big teeth holding the frightened child that cannot escape. A satanic inspired image. This is not a good example for children about Christmas, the charity of St. Nicholas, conversion, the coming of The Savior, etc.
    The "Naughty" & “Nice” Santa Claus hats – giving people a strange view of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus), like a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Christmas is about conversion (no longer being "Naughty") and the welcoming of the Redeemer.

 The video exposes the non Catholic mind set of the producer Pablo and the “Catholic” lifestyle of his son – a “Good Catholic Boy” as the video claims?
Title: Pablo video about his son
Post by: JPM on March 08, 2016, 09:50:43 AM
Quote from: Matthew
Tee shits ...

Sounds painful.
Title: Pablo video about his son
Post by: Matthew on March 08, 2016, 11:07:42 AM
Quote from: JPM
Quote from: Matthew
Tee shits ...

Sounds painful.

I corrected it. There were a few typos in this anonymous person's original e-mail, but I forgot about that one. I actually noticed it the first time I read it -- but hours later, when I went to post this, I had forgotten about it.
Title: Pablo video about his son
Post by: clarkaim on March 10, 2016, 12:43:33 PM
I like vampyre movies (classic ones w/ Christopher Lee, not the latest teen angst variety)and Horror movies as well. Don't think that makes me a Satanist.  I likes me some punk rock, hardcore and thrash metal, too.  So What?  I don't know this Pablo guy or this Pfeifferville mess other than it destroyed a friend of mine, John Blazack's marriage and life, which certainly isn't Catholic, so I am not taking Pablo's side in all that mess.  

BUT, the man lost his Son, of which I have 3 and a daughter.  I cannot imagine his grief.  Could we set aside all this Jansenist cultural critic, however true, to show a little empathy for the man?  He has a soul, just like you and me, and I'm sure he needs our prayers more than our condemnation because said Son happened to like a secular pop star.  Again, So What?  Be a person and grieve for the man just a bit.
Title: Pablo video about his son
Post by: Incredulous on March 10, 2016, 07:41:49 PM
Matthew's commentary is related to the non Catholic culture that has infiltrated a famous family farm that courageously supported the Tridentine rite for over 40 years.  The family and farm are part of our culture.

If the Hernandez family and friends want to memorialize Santiago in Catholic venues, it should be of a Catholic nature.  

Otherwise, do they have another agenda for why they're living on the Pfeiffer farm?
The evidence appears so.

We have grieved for Santiago, but not for his father.

Rather, many of us continue to pray for the Lord's help with his father.