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Author Topic: Oportet Christum Regnare - Resistance magazine by Hugh Akins  (Read 832 times)

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Oportet Christum Regnare - Resistance magazine by Hugh Akins
« on: April 11, 2018, 10:46:50 PM »
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  • Oportet Christum Regnare
    The League of Christ the King
    Edited by Hugh Akins

    A Catholic Action Quarterly of Counter-revolutionary Resistance and Restoration

    I just received the latest issue (#16, Winter 2017-2018 ) of Oportet Christum Regnare. He is obviously committed to this magazine, and already has accomplished much, especially given the relatively small size of the Resistance. I will repeat that this magazine is ahead of its time -- and that today's small Resistance doesn't deserve such a powerful, polished, professional, pastoral periodical at this time.

    This issue has a sneak preview of Dr. David Allen White's biography of Bishop Williamson! In those 4 pages, I learned a lot about Bp. Williamson's early life. The biography itself should be even more interesting!

    This does point out, however, the kind of connections Hugh Akins has which gives his publication a steady stream of good, useful, original content.

    This issue had a lot of excellent articles about the apostolate, Catholic Action, the soul of the Apostolate, having the contemplative life spill into the active life, and so forth.

    Then towards the back of the issue is several good pages called "World War III watch", including many updates on what Israel is up to. He also talks about Trump, the bankers, and many other related topics.

    He's not afraid to give you the real deal about what's going on in the world. No censorship or "fear of the Jews" here!

    For more information about Hugh Akins books as well as "Oportet Christum Regnare", please visit:

    For a more detailed review of this magazine, please visit my original, detailed post:
    Start your session by clicking this link, and my family and I get a commission on your purchase!


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