Author Topic: On a positive note - meeting Bp. Williamson in Texas  (Read 451 times)

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On a positive note - meeting Bp. Williamson in Texas
« on: June 04, 2016, 03:36:10 PM »
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  • Two men from the Southeast drove up to meet Bishop Williamson in Texas a couple weeks ago. This is what they each had to say about the experience:

    My recent drive out from the SE with my dear friend was nothing short of spectacular. Meeting His Excellency was a life long dream, and to think I sat next to him! Going to Houston with you and your son on Monday was just an extension of something that was truly life changing. You were right. Anyone south of Alaska should have made the trip. Our drive was a smooth 14 hours, and an absolute blast. What excitement, what a blessing!

    Our next trip will probably include a few more people. I'm looking forward to the stop in Houston to spend a little more time, with a quick run up to Seguin on a Sunday for a "reunion" of sorts with some of the most wonderful Catholic people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. They know who they are and you know whom we are. Please give them our best.

    I'll be in touch with you personally. Thanks for all you do in keeping this so important part of our lives alive.

    We are currently working on making the Five First Saturdays, as recommended by His Excellency during his sermons there. The traffic will be too severe during the 4th of July weekend, but I'd like to visit Texas again in August for that First Saturday.

    God bless you, your family, the wonderful people at your chapel, all the great people on Cathinfo. We rely on one another to strengthen and maintain our faith in Christ.

    Traditional Catholics:

    Just a quick note following my recent 1,000 + mile trip to St. Dominic's Chapel in San Antonio
    and Stella Maris in Houston to attend and pray at the High Masses celebrated by Bishop Williamson.
    What a man.  What a priest. What an inspiration from a truly courageous man of God.

    I can only say that it was a very sad day for the SSPX when its priest members stood idly by and countenanced
    the shabby, ignominious treatment meted out by Bishop Fellay and his cohorts to Bishop Williamson, a fellow
    consecrated bishop, who was vilified mercilessly by SSPX leadership for simply speaking historical truth.  By way of contrast,
    to my knowledge, Bishop Williamson has never descended to ad hominem criticism or attacks against the remaining
    SSPX bishops for their apparent inability to resist overtures from Rome which had previously been so clearly rejected by
    Archbishop Lefebvre.  

    It was His Excellency's letters that brought me back to the Faith.

    Hopefully, Bishop Williamson will return soon to the United States. Traditional Catholics can only be heartened, strengthened,
    and deeply encouraged by being present at a Mass celebrated by Bishop Williamson at independent chapels like St. Dominic's and
    Stella Maris.  Don't miss the graces available from being present at such a holy Mass being celebrated in these beautiful chapels.
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