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News from San Jose Monastery (Colombia)
« on: September 25, 2015, 01:29:59 PM »
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    Traditional Benedictine Monastery– Saint Sofía-Boyacá, Colombia
    August—September 2015 Bulletin
    Information and donations at:
    Masses Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am

    Dear friends and benefactors:

    Prayer, penance, and watching, are pressing upon each one of us, and more than ever, due to today’s unprecedented crisis which we are living through and which is a scourge upon the Catholic Church, the SSPX, and therefore upon the whole world.  This is the main cause of seeing on all sides an imminent punishment of unforeseeable proportions.

    The Conciliar Church since Vatican II, already fifty years ago, has incorporated the false principles of the Revolution into its doctrine as if were its own.  These are principles already condemned by the Catholic Church on many occasions by her infallible magisterium.  Fifty years have passed since the apostasy began, the treason; fifty years of having uncrowned Our Lord Jesus Christ placing in His stead, man himself, and his “sacred” liberty.  And now Pope Francis is calling for a “holy” Jubilee for the celebration of those fifty years of apostasy.  It is also scandalizing how the SSPX cooperates in this celebration; she who was the last organized bastion of the faith until few years ago, she has united herself to this celebration of the enemies of Christ.

    The SSPX has called this celebration “holy” as well, in the official letter answering Pope Francis, (DICI, message of the general house of the SSPX September 1st, 2015), wherein the SSPX accepted the “gift” Francis offered to them for this jubilee in which the SSPX is accepting also to be counted as a part of the Conciliar Church, accepting ordinary jurisdiction to hear confessions, deleting at once the state of real necessity which preaches that there exists a real apostasy on the part of actual modernist Rome, obliging everyone to separate himself from them because of the necessity of keeping one´s faith.

    By performing these deeds, the SSPX has canonized Vatican II calling it “holy” as they celebrate its anniversary.  Also the SSPX is placing on them the label of “Catholics” by accepting to work together with them. By labeling as catholic the new masonic apostate Church, The SSPX is misleading thousands of Catholics towards apostasy.  By these blind deeds of traitorous compromise, the SSPX is cooperating with the destruction of the Catholic Church by omission and commission.

    Let us be far from all those traitors to the social kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ so that we may not participate in their sin, watching over the defense of our faith, united with assiduous prayer in order to find refuge, strength and consolation in the sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  And let us perform fruits worthy of penitence so that we may help Our Lord Jesus Christ to re-conquer His Kingdom from the wood of the Cross, so that through us: “Regnabit a ligno Deus” (God will reign from the wood of the Cross), so that we might be spared, if not from the imminent temporal punishment, at least from the eternal fires of Hell.

    With our prayers and the blessing,

    Father Prior and the Benedictine community of
    the Monastery San José

    Pictures available at

    Catholic Candle note:
    Donations for these good monks can be sent to:

    Wells Fargo Bank:
    Account Name: Adolfo Arizaga Ballesteros
    Account number: 0433871175 -Routing number: 122000247
    SWIFT Code (for international wires only): WFBIUS6S

    There are also Paypal and other donation links on their website:

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