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Prayer by Saint Pope Pius X
« on: July 11, 2019, 11:53:54 PM »
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  • Most holy Virgin, 
    who pleased our Lord and became his mother, 
    Virgin Immaculate in your body and soul, 
    in your body and soul, 
    in your faith and love, 
    at this solemn jubilee 
    of the promulgation of the dogma 
    which proclaimed you to the entire world 
    as conceived without sin, 
    look kindly on us unfortunate ones 
    who implore your powerful protection. 
    The infernal serpent, 
    upon whom the primeval curse was laid, 
    continues, alas, 
    to attack and tempt the hapless children of Eve. 
    Ah! Do you, our blessed Mother, 
    our Queen and Advocate, 
    who at the first moment of your conception 
    did crush the enemy's head, 
    do you gather together our prayers 
    and we beseech you 
    (our hearts one with yours) 
    present them before God's throne, 
    that we may never allow ourselves 
    to be caught in the snares laid for us, 
    but that we may reach the portal of salvation, 
    and that the Church and Christian society 
    may once more chant the hymn of deliverance, 
    of victory and of peace.

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