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Title: Miles Christi #20 (Part 4)
Post by: SeanJohnson on July 31, 2020, 10:10:59 PM
Part 4 (I can no longer find parts 1-3): (

6.  Two nothing "burgers": The Conciliar Church and the neo FSSPX

As expected and in total conformity with his masters, Pope Francis gave in to panic, closing the churches, defending the hoax with prayers against the pandemic.  Water pistols were impotent to administer baptism (as if an aspergellium could not do the same thing); stupid masks, with idiotic means to administer communion and confession while maintaining distancing, made the Novus Ordo masses even less serious than usual.  They closed the churches, or, like some FSSPX priests, they told the faithful to leave the church before the Mass began.

As stores and transportation began to function again, the bishops did not at any time rise to ask for the same permission for their parishes.  Here in Cebu, all the churches are closed... But they put pictures and statues on the pews and broadcast masses online.  Last rites are denied for security reasons.  Schools remain closed, even though the children are not affected by this weak virus.

No protests against lies, no clandestine churches; it seems that the Novus Ordo church has ceased to exist in the physical world.

The poor former FSSPX also chose to play it safe and legal, claiming that it would respect governments, the directives of the authorities, and neglected to denounce the hoax.  She contravened Bishop ViganĂ³ when he spoke.  Fr. Iscara published an article explaining that the priests who opposed the quarantine in the face of the Spanish flu had more victims... except this time it was not the Spanish flu but the "scoobeedoo" flu. I was told that in New Zealand, in Geneva, in America, the names of the faithful present are passed on to the authorities... In Saint Nicolas (Paris), social distancing is in effect... And here in Davao, for Corpus Christi, Father Tim had one of those stupid masks to wear for the monstrance.  The masks have a logo of the FSSPX, which means that the FSSPX ordered and paid for the making of these masks!

Here in Cebu, the FSSPX priests can't come, as all the planes are stuck on the ground. So we offered to help with the sacraments.  The offer was refused because some FSSPX groups fear contagion, while at other times they are interested in having Mass.

This does not mean that all members of the neo-FSSPX submit to panic; take, for example, Father Billecocq in St-Nicolas (Paris).  When his superiors asked him to preach before a masked audience, he remained at the altar ...

Similarly, Father Robinson took the state to court; the FSSPX and other conservatives asked the Constitutional Council to cancel the closure of the churches... This request was granted on the condition that they would follow the "security measures".  The FSSPX shouted victory, but the little oysters had to keep their distance and wear the masks of the "masquerade".

Our fight is against the hoax, and not for a more comfortable place (even if this move was useful for some); it is the same with Vatican II, which must be erased, and not that we are only looking for a comfortable and secure place for ourselves.  It's always the same aftertaste: an implicit approval of the scam.

I am not saying that the legal water pistol is useless, but that its use should be left to the amusement of the conservatives.

(to be continued)

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