Author Topic: How to unregister from your SSPX chapel  (Read 872 times)

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How to unregister from your SSPX chapel
« on: November 02, 2012, 01:20:06 PM »
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  • I received this letter today from an old friend of mine, an ex-seminarian named Andrew. We both attended the seminary in Winona for a few years (he was actually there longer than I was). He's a Canadian, in case you're curious.


    I'm forwarding a "generalized" and edited version of a letter I submitted recently to the local SSPX chapel in my vicinity wherein I was registered - this may well be worth sharing.
    I've removed a few things and taken my name off, as in my case I do not wish to grandstand, for in my situation I do not esteem that a public salvo around my own cause would be constructive.  That said, this may not be the case for others in their own circumstances.
    I was advised by an "anti-accordist" that if like secession happened as a trend it *may* give "the accordists" room for pause even unto a sort of monkey-wrench.
    Anyway, find the following below my ave...

    To whom it may concern,

    It is with sadness but without scruple that current directives in the leadership of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) compel me to hereby request removal from the chapel registry and resign from membership in affiliated confraternities forthwith, effective immediately.

    Given my affinity for and history with the SSPX, I thought at least an explanation is due: one is invited to read further as desired.

    I do not enter any membership lightly and likewise departure is a matter of some considerable deliberation for me. For like reason I am not a member of any other organs in the "TradCat White Collar Brigade" e.g. the FSSP, ICK, IBP, Una Voce, et al. as I would not want to unilaterally represent these groups without reservation and vice-versa. In the same manner, I do not wish to represent and be represented by a sort of "full communion" with the present-day SSPX.

    As matters stand, without her fulcrum of "Unity with Rome in Truth FIRST" the SSPX is, to borrow a phrase, "just another brick in the wall."

    I registered and joined these confraternities when they were adhered to an SSPX ostensibly possessed of a clear directive and motivation that held a primacy of "doctrine above all" as per the clear and sound deeds and words and writings of her founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. However, recent actions and declarations of the SSPX are manifestly not lucidly guided in like manner, and so it behooves me to presently cleave myself from the same in any registered way. In particular, the recent "Expulsion of Bishop Richard Williamson, FSSPX" has raised salient questions and concerns.

    In the interests of full disclosure, I have included reference to documentation within which is explained the greater part of my decision. Please note that in this there is neither a necessary endorsement nor condemnation of the hosts wherein these are found, but rather I refer to the texts and their arguements exclusively:

    I am solicitous that this not be interpreted as a politically charged, rash, or emotionally based move, and I seek to avoid polemics here; I also do not condone or condemn others' actions and stances regarding these matters: I only speak for myself. To that end I am communicating this message to a small circle e.g. those in a leadership position of the relevant confraternities' chapters.

    If there are further actions and/or procedures beyond this letter to be taken I'll happily oblige as best I can; if ratification must wait till a future time e.g. scheduled renewal and subsequent automatic lapse of membership, then it would seem best to hold that in esteem; and if my withdrawal dictates anything resembling punitive measures e.g. "blacklisting" I shall have to accept these as they may come, however spurious such pseudo-censures might be in canonical terms.

    Should some clear direction or other be restored, I shall prudently evaluate said orientation and make an election going forward. Meanwhile, I will continue to pray for and support the members and affiliates and faithful of the SSPX insofar as I am able, and I shall remain loyal to the spirit of the confraternities I joined: I shall continue to unite myself in prayer, pining in quasi-exile for a restoration which indeed may never come.

    The Undersigned
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