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Author Topic: 2 Resistance priests in Nigeria seeking help  (Read 1943 times)

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Re: 2 Resistance priests in Nigeria seeking help
« Reply #15 on: May 08, 2022, 10:34:54 AM »
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  • is Western Union or MoneyGram an option? I make donations to a Trad Priest in Gabon using both those sites with no problems so far. Just a thought, Happy Mothers Day to whom it applies!

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    Re: 2 Resistance priests in Nigeria seeking help
    « Reply #16 on: May 08, 2022, 09:34:28 PM »
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  • So humor is forbidden to Traditional Catholics?  I’m starting to believe that for some people Traditional Catholicism has become a mental illness.

    :laugh1:  Starting???  Welcome to Traddieland, my friend!!! 
    "Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is all man."

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    Re: 2 Resistance priests in Nigeria seeking help
    « Reply #17 on: May 09, 2022, 10:38:58 PM »
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  • Dear Matthew and Friends in Catholic tradition,

    Please, feel free to read our response ( THE BROKEN SILENCE)  to the Archbishop of Onitsha for many lies, accusation, defamation , etc levelled us which have been in circulation in the past three years.
    We decided to break silence and defend ourselves early this year against the many lies and accusations levelled against us  by the Archdiocese of Onitsha and other sponsored undesirable elements and agents of darkness on account of our acceptance of tradition of the Church . Our offence for them is that we voluntarily left the Conciliar Church on our own when we discovered the truth and that led to the whole trouble and all kinds of malicious attacks and false accusations from them.

    The article which we put down has been in circulation too for the world to read.
    That's the write-up which I forwarded to you.

    Somebody posted the malicious letter of the Archdiocese in the as I saw yesterday. The Broken silence is own response to the Archbishop to counter what have been in circulation against us. 

    I think it might serve well for those who are not really aware of our position and exactly what transpired between us and the Archdiocese or Archbishop.

    The Novus Ordo here in Nigeria is nothing short of Pentecostalism and protestantism and this is the reason why we rejected and left it for the good of our souls and joined Traditional Catholicism. That's the crux of the matter and bone of contention between us and the Archbishop. We never abandoned our assignments or duty posts as they purported in their malicious publications, without prior notification letters  which were approved and endorsed by the Archbishop. We tried to follow due process hoping that the Bishop might reason well with us but later, he vehemently turned against us in all ramifications and joined forces to persecute us.

    My hand over note as a parish priest was submitted to the Bishop and also preserved in the parish archive where I worked last before I left the Novus ordo parish and eventually returned to Sacred Tradition of the Church. I handed over peacefully to my successor in the parish before leaving. All our letters or correspondences to the Archbishop are well docuмented for posterity.

    People should consider all the negative publications against us as false . Such calumnies  and accusations are coming from the voices of those  who hate tradition . They are simply enemies of the truth of Catholic Tradition.

    My humble self (Fr Michael Chigbata) was an Anglican convert. When I was converted to Catholicism in 1988, I was hoping to see a great difference between the Catholic Church and the Anglican sect but not at all. The changes brought about by VATICAN II seemed to have fused together all sorts of strange doctrines and false teachings. This fusion of Catholic faith and protestant practices  and other kinds of strange doctrines actually prompted my deep research into the grave crisis in the Church. The scales fell off my eyes after reading "Letter to the Confused Catholics" by Archbishop  Marcel Lefebvre . This book really opened my eyes and spurred me into further research until I discovered the truth which seems entirely hidden for many other priests like us who passed through the Novus Ordo Seminary.
    Thanks be to God for the grace to have discovered the Catholic Tradition. We are happy being Traditional priests and more fulfilled than ever.

    Finally, I wish to register our sincere sentiment of appreciation and gratitude to you for sharing our current predicaments in the

    I have seen some of the comments and reactions there. Such advertisements will surely be of help to our mission as people respond positively to our pleadings. Our hope and vision is to ensure that the Sacred Tradition is restored in Nigeria and other parts of African continent . We are proposing to set up a Catholic school where the children will receive proper Catholic education. We are also hoping to set up a small house of formation for Seminarians where the future prospective Traditional Catholic priests will be trained. We are counting on the generous supports of our Traditional Catholics who are willing to donate generously for our mission.

    We are unceasingly praying, that God may bless our vision since we can do nothing without Him. We also assuring all friends of our continual prayers.

    Thank you for your concern and God bless.

    Truly yours in Jesus and Mary,
    Fr. Michael Chigbata

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