Author Topic: Swiss Newspaper Upset With +Williamson's "Outing" of +Hounder  (Read 975 times)

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    Bishop Vitus Huonder exposes schismatic bishop
    Richard Williamson is an ultra-right h0Ɩ0cαųst denier and a former bishop of the Pius brothers consecrated by Marcel Lefèbvre.
    This week he published a secret document about the Chur bishop's attempts to approach the schismatic Fraternity and the church political background.

    Week after week Richard Williamson sends his tirades in a commentary. He rages against Rome, the devil, the modern world as such and against his former fellow members of the Pius Brotherhood in particular. He has turned away from them because they are too little radical for him in the meantime.

    Strategy against Pope Francis
    Most revealing what Williamson revealed on May 1 in his newsletter: A "confidential note" about a "discreet meeting" [GREC language] between Bishop Vitus Huonder and two bishops and five priests of the St. Pius X Fraternity, which took place on April 17, 2015 in Eastern Switzerland. This document, intended only for internal circles of the Fraternity, gives unveiled information about the true motives of certain circles of the Roman Curia for a re-integration of the arch-conservative Fraternity into the womb of Mother Church. It is simply a matter of finding reinforcement in the fight against any relaxation of church discipline, against any attempt to renew the church - in essence, therefore, against the course of Pope Francis with his cautious steps of opening up. What church insiders had long suspected is now documented here in black and white.

    Getting schismatics on board
    In the secret document Bishop Huonder promises the traditionalists more influence if they would officially end the separation from Rome: "It is very important to me (Bishop Huonder) that the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X is canonically reintegrated into the official church. Without this canonical status, the Fraternity has very little influence because it is then marginalized. Conservative bishops want this status for the Fraternity, otherwise everyone is against it."

    Preventing the opening of the church
    As part of the Roman Church, today's schismatics would then have the right to "ask the Magisterium for explanations" - i.e. to question the unpopular course of Pope Francis. The Bishop of Chur therefore seeks allies for his mission to preserve the pure doctrine, as he himself understands it, against any further development. The note states: "The Magisterium of the Church, in a spirit of mutual respect, must listen to what theologians - including those of the Fraternity - say. The Magisterium must also ensure that every evolution within the Church since the Council is in harmony with the Catholic tradition".

    In a more euphemistic sense, he continues: "The Church needs fraternity for its new evangelization". What is meant, of course, is that certain circles of the Church need the Fraternity.

    Front against renewal in the Church
    Treacherously also the last point of the internal document. Here the bishop of Chur promises to put aside dogmatic problems of Rome with the fraternity - it rejects central points of the Second Vatican Council, every form of ecumenism, denigrates Jews as murderers of Christ, interreligious dialogue is the devil's as well as the modern world as a whole. First of all the renegades are to come back in order to make together with the conservative bishops front against the renewal. The rest, he said, would come later. In the original it reads then like this: "A possible canonical recognition would have to be followed by a discussion about the theological questions in order to find solutions". So first recognition, then common struggle against renewers and only in third place finally agreement on the divisive questions of faith.

    New spotlight on deposed Cardinal Müller
    In the knowledge of this blunt positional reference, which of course should never have become public, the dismissal of Cardinal Gerhard Müllers as supreme head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith by Pope Francis appears in a completely new light. For Müller was the client of Bishop Vitus Huonder. Just like the Roman commission Ecclesia Dei, which Pope Francis also dissolved without replacement at the beginning of 2019.

    Merciless power struggle in the Curia
    Considering these backgrounds, it becomes clear what this secret note really is: a prime example of the merciless power struggle currently being fought in the Roman Curia.

    Williamson ends each of his weekly comments with the shout: "Kyrie eleison" - Lord have mercy. God knows!
    Romans 5:20 "But where sin increased, grace abounded all the more."

    -I retract any and all statements I have made that are incongruent with the True Faith, and apologize for ever having made them-

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    Re: Swiss Newspaper Upset With +Williamson's "Outing" of +Hounder
    « Reply #1 on: May 18, 2019, 12:47:08 PM »
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  • This comes across as petulant, childish. As if two kids were doing something naughty, the Dad comes along, and chastises them. The kids get angry because they have been caught.

    Oh deaw, oh deaw, who will save us fwom that nasty nasty eviw pwelate! Waaaah :baby:

    Why cant he be nice wike da othew pwiests and hiccups?

    Ok children, back to your sandbox. (While the Swiss Cheese were raging so furiously together and imagining a vain thing, we secretly buried pressure mines in their sandbox. Let's see if they noticed.)


    Heavens, these pueri satanae sure blow up so fast these days, don't they?
    Da pacem Domine in diebus nostris
    Qui non est alius
    Qui pugnet pro nobis
    Nisi  tu Deus noster

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    Re: Swiss Newspaper Upset With +Williamson's "Outing" of +Hounder
    « Reply #2 on: May 18, 2019, 10:20:48 PM »
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  • Very interesting.

    I wonder who leaked this information to Bishop Williamson?

    Let us pray that more priests will leave the SSPX and join the resistance headed by Bishop Williamson.
    Lord have mercy.

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    Re: Swiss Newspaper Upset With +Williamson's "Outing" of +Hounder
    « Reply #3 on: May 19, 2019, 06:34:31 PM »
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  • Quote
    What is meant, of course, is that certain circles of the Church need the Fraternity.

    You mean, presumably, the ones who actually want to win converts?

    (Not intended to comment one way or another on the Resistance.  I'm commenting on the type of people who are OK with Fr. Martin being in the Church yet want to keep +Fellay out.) 


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