Author Topic: Fr. Gaudray - one of the Seven Deans of France - being transferred  (Read 796 times)

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Here is a Matthew translation of the Spanish, below:


Fr. Thierry Gaudray, Prior of Lille and one of the 7 deans who rose their voices against the accord between Rome and the SSPX with respect to marriages, has been notified of his transfer to the Dominican school of "Kernabat des Cotes - De Armor" where he will be chaplain.

El P. Thierry Gaudray, Prior de Lille y uno de los 7 decanos que alzaron sus voces contra el acuerdo entre Roma y la FSSPX respecto de los matrimonios, ha sido notificado de su trasladado a la escuela de las Dominicanas de Kernabat des Côtes - De Armor, en donde será capellán.
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