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Fr Chazal - Fear is not prudence but imprudence
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:10:23 PM »
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    Fear is not prudence but imprudence.

    Anyone who has read the book against a canonical agreement from Morgon will be aware of its alinement's with the principles of the resistance, yet still they do not make a move. The following article is taken from the latest issue of Miles Christi.
    (Note the interesting news that an Avrille Dominican recently preached in Morgon. Tradcatresist).

    We are still waiting for Morgon and the five Capuchin Houses to make a clean escape from the liberalization of the SSPX – Bishop Galareta still celebrates their Ordinations in Morgon itself, while Fr De Jorna doesn’t want to see them in Econe. The position of the Resistance is stated in their official booklet, but they don’t want to mention the names of all those who wrote the sophists it refutes...chief of which is Bishop De Galareta himself who prefers to keep his public mouth shut, yet stated famously “if and when a canonical agreement shall be struck with Rome it will be good...superiors have the necessary” (conference of Villepreux)

    Capuchins are still on hold; when we visit them they welcome us, and it is not as if they buy the new thinking of the SSPX. In my opinion they are just to scared into the unknown, and some elements in the Resistance scare them too much. The SSPX hesitates about them, for while it was glad to get rid of the Dominicans , who were too vocal and hard to manage with their powerful intellectual artillery, the Capuchins are less vocal, more accommodating, and perhaps divided among themselves... and control a lot of faithful.

    So I expect Bishop Galareta to conduct the Priestly ordinations in Morgon.

    True to form, the Resistance is an ugly duckling, but it is shedding its earlier untidy feathers, while even in Africa a micro-seminary is opening with the encouragements of the Bishop.

    The human calculation is the problem of course for not joining what is a failure at a human level. An SSPX priest said “I want to leave the SSPX, but I don’t want to join the Resistance”.

    There is no denial of human imperfections, even serious ones in the Resistance, since the beginning... yet that misses the point entirely. The disease of clerics today is the inability to declare the truth, and uncover error and the operation of error. The change of doctrine of the SSPX is subtle, yet not so subtle if one pays attention. The operation of error is this stages canonical recognition, sacrament by sacrament. Fr Pfluger insists there is nothing going on and that they are just talking to Rome... (cf . his recent CFN interview)

    Whom does he think he is deceiving?

    Only those who want to be deceived, and only those priests who knowing what’s going on positively refuse to inform the flock about the danger of the situation.

    Now there is still a group of priests who warn about the danger the SSPX is facing, and can be quite vocal about it, like Fr Beauvais, like Morgon, yet still are not joining the Resistance. (Just now a Dominican of Avrille is preaching in Morgon)

    Perhaps we can blame them for not doing so, but personally I’d rather urge them to do so, because the conditions in the Resistance are still uncertain with all the defections we have faced to sedevacantism, Pfeifferism, or just good old bad temper. Technically any cleric must organize canonically: so those priests hesitate as to what is going to befall them even if they know that the SSPX is doomed (barring a miracle). Fear and misplaced prudence should not paralyse and God is calling for an absence of fear, not a spirit of fear. St Paul rebuked Timothy for having a spirit of fear: Our Lord says that God is the only one we should fear.. Nothing forbids prudence, and prudence is very necessary once you have crossed the river into the Resistance.. yet fear is not prudence but imprudence.

    Fr Chazal

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    Re: Fr Chazal - Fear is not prudence but imprudence
    « Reply #1 on: July 19, 2018, 07:29:26 PM »
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  • Cross the river to do battle with occupied Rome, and forget about the SSPX.  Fighting for the Holy Religion is the only the only true resistance. And not being distracted and diverted by partisan interests, and sectarian battles.  It is imprudent to repair the engine, when the wheels have been stolen.


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