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Author Topic: Father Girouard's e-mail to his parishioners regarding Fr. Morgan  (Read 1256 times)

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  • *** Father Girouard has asked me to post his e-mail here officially as a confirmation ***

    Dear parishioners and friends,

    I just received an email containing a copy of Fr. Gerard Rusak's email to the SSPX faithful of BC. Fr. Rusak is giving the text of the official statement from Fr. Couture about Fr. Morgan's decision to leave the Society.  You will find a copy/paste of Fr. Rusak's email below.

    Let us thank the Lord for having given the light and the strength to Fr. Morgan, and pray that many more priests will follow his example. (It looks like British Columbia has a special grace of breeding Resistance priests!).

    If Fr. Couture's intention, when he named Fr. Morgan to Langley, was to win back our Resistance parishioners, it backfired on him big time! God is a better strategist than any human being, how clever they may think they are!

    God bless, Fr. Girouard

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    Dear Faithful,
    1. Here is the Statement of the District Superior of the Society of St. Pius X in Canada, Rev. Father Daniel Couture, concerning our former Prior, Rev. Father Paul Morgan, who announced his "resignation from the Society" this week.

    I have a sad news to announce to you today: 

    In spite of all our efforts to convince him to stay with us, Fr. Morgan has announced to us, by email,  last August 10, his decision to leave the Society of St Pius X.  Thus, he will not return to BC and we will have to reorganize our apostolate accordingly to the best of our means.

    Let us keep all those priests who have left us in one way or another in our prayers.

    Please continue especially to pray for all the priests of the Society of St. Pius X who currently serve you.


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