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  • RP Altamira: SYNOD IN ROME ON Family.- PAUL VI "BLESSED".

     The Synod on the Family in Rome.  Paul VI "blessed" (sermon Bogota, Saturday October 19, 2014)


     Dear children

     During these two weeks has been big news in the world press all concerning the Synod on the Family, organized in Rome by Francisco, attended by cardinals and bishops;  Finished about 200 today, with the quotation marks-very "beatification" of Paul VI.  The final text was "voted" yesterday, although it will be revealed only in the course of this week.

     There are so many things to say about this Synod.  But in short, everything that happened merely demonstrates the state's Catholics are, what we suffer.  Other new outlets are consequences of roots or principles of Vatican II, "with which and from which have created a new false religion, a fake Catholicism", damaging and deceiving many souls.

     Let the clearness and beauty of the Truth of the Catholic doctrine, and then turn to the things of this Synod Francisco and the "Reconciling Religion" first.

     (Section 1: The Catholic doctrine, Truth)

     Compare what Catholic doctrine teaches, Truth, with what happened in the Synod.

     (A) The Sacrament of Marriage:

     Truth teaches us that God our Lord created for their children Catholic, "the only valid marriage contracted before the Sacrament is the Church."  Cohabitation, concubinage, only civil marriage of Catholics are bad actions constitute a mortal sin.  And mortal sin brings eternal damnation in Hell if you die without repentance, without regulations, as Confession.  And these things (repentance, confession) obviously call for the "amendment", "change", leave those sins.

     For charity and mercy, one is not bad for people who are living well.  But charity and mercy !, you tell them it's wrong and should try to confess and stop those "lifestyles".

     It is an anti-charity and anti -misericordia, tell or insinuate that's fine, or leave as is.  The Synod, bishops and Francisco have suggested (or said) this anti-charity and this anti -misericordia.

     The true charity and mercy can never go against the Truth.

     (B) Separated or divorced couples who have formed new "rebuild their lives" as they say today:

     Truth, Catholicism teaches that marriage is for life and that we must be faithful to the husband or wife.  Those people are in mortal sin.  What they do is against fidelity: who does not live with your spouse in a state of adultery.  And it is against the indissolubility: Live as if they were not linked with the link.  It is a condition similar to concubinage.

     For charity and mercy, one is not bad.  But charity and mercy !, one should try to confess and to stop committing the sins that this involves.

     It is an anti-charity and anti -misericordia, tell or insinuate that all is well.  The Synod, bishops and Francisco have made ​​this anti-charity and anti -misericordia: Is seeing who can go to Hell and not do or say anything.  "Linda linda charity and mercy."

     Can you give them communion?  If you have repented, if they have confessed, if they have been repaired, and if you do not do the sins committed there, yes.  Otherwise: No.

     (C) Make planning, contraceptive use:

     Truth, Catholicism teaches that the most important goal of all, in Marriage, is procreation (having children) and their Catholic education.  The Catholic ideal is LARGE FAMILY.  And you have to want it and ask!  Ten, twelve children, as it was before and how it should again be now, for though sacrificado- is right and beautiful.  "The children that God sends."  Some young couples who have met and are on the fifth child (and are rather young);  Congratulations to them and go!  The sad thing is that there are "supposedly important" people have confidence that many children.

     Who does what in Colombia is called "planning" or more plainly anti-conception who does, commits a mortal sin, and if he dies in that state, is condemned forever in Hell planning sent to Hell..

     For charity and mercy, one must deal with children (many), to stop making anti-conception, planning to leave, to be saved, and will go to Heaven.

     It is an anti-charity and anti -misericordia, leave them like, let them continue planning.  Worse: Tell them it's okay planning or contraception is okay (as many have done-and do-bad bad priests and bishops).

     The Synod, bishops and Francisco made ​​this anti-charity and anti -misericordia.  In this case, because they have not taught the Truth: grave sin of omission by not clearly say things when in "the Catholic world" spreads planning and contraception.

     In addition, they, the bishops of the Synod, have sown confusion.  Well, firstly they have not told the truth plainly, and on the other they have to understand that so-called "natural methods" or "days" can be used freely, which is false:

     "Marriage is first and foremost to have children" (or try them), that is their primary and principal purpose: You have to understand this once and for all Watch for the days of no female fertility without a serious cause! to justify before God is sin.  So taught Pius XII, Paul VI and up!  Examples of good cause grave: A serious health problem, or a serious economic problem.  We emphasize the word "serious".

     (D) The couple who have sex before marriage:

     Well too bad.  The right thing, the Truth, taught me that you should have full chastity until marriage, virginity both men and women until marriage.  The Synod, the bishops, Francisco, have been silent about these things, they have not said what is right and what is wrong: It is an anti-charity and anti -misericordia.

     (E) The homosexual, homosexuality, gay marriage, gay give children in adoption:

     Truth, Catholicism teaches that homosexuality is one of the most serious sins of lust, is a grave sin, for it is lust against the order of nature, is one of the sins that "cry to Heaven."  And what it says, for example, Pope St. Pius X in his Catechism (# 968): "Why do you say that these sins cry to heaven?  It is said that these sins cry to heaven because it says the Holy Spirit and because their iniquity is so serious and manifest that causes God to punish them with the severest punishment. "

     Charity and mercy is to teach these things, "without treating them badly," but !, teach these things to these people out (as many have left) of these sins, to stop making them.  Is absolute and utter anti-charity anti -misericordia leaving them so, tell them that's fine, it's a choice, or imply such things.  The Synod, the bishops, Francisco, have made ​​this anti-charity and anti -misericordia.

     (Section 2: The document of the Synod: "Relatio post disceptationem")

     Here are some texts of the document issued by the Synod, on Monday: "disceptationem Relatio post".  And then see what they have said some bishops.

     Already some titles or sections of Part 3 of this document are for other "biased".  Two examples: "The positive in civil unions and the coexistence (note: ie free unions)", "Welcoming homosexuals."  Of course never say, "in any corner" of the document, that these things are bad, they are a mortal sin not to do, that repentance is necessary, Confession, the amendment to save, send these things to Hell, ever !, "in any corner"!

     In Part 1, point 7 and 8: "(7) ... will disseminate widely the practice of cohabitation before marriage (note: have sex before marriage, cohabitation) ... (8) Many children born outside of marriage ... and many who grow after one of the parents ... The number of divorcees is increasing. "  Things that are, no doubt, but nowhere will say that it is wrong and not to do!

     Item 10: "... the population decline (note: ie by planning and contraception) not only results in a situation in which the succession of generations is not assured, but ... you risk reaching economic impoverishment and loss hope for the future. "  Nothing aspect of sin before God, not to do that and have many children.  All "for purely human affairs" no succession of generations, more poverty: It is the thesis of the "paschal mystery" of sin (which is something that is only against humans, is not against God).

     In Part 2, first paragraph title or the "law of gradualness"   [1]   , Which is a concept of the heresy of modernism.  This time I can not extend me, maybe some other time I explain them, but for now know is wrong (according to the press, this will be left out in the final document shall see).

     In point 18 (by gradual) "some wonder if it is possible that the fullness of sacramental marriage does not exclude the possibility of recognizing positive elements also in the imperfect forms (note: ie free unions, civil marriages of Catholics, divorced returned married). "  Look how biased manner: They say that these "imperfect forms" whether good or bad, but "we ask" by the positive elements of them.  Listen 20 "   [2]   About ... coexistence and civil marriages and divorced and remarried, it is for the Church to recognize these seeds dispersed beyond its visible confines and sacramental Word.   [3]   Church ... is directed with respect to those involved in her life incomplete and imperfect way, appreciating more positive values ​​that guard, instead of the limits and faults. "  Appreciate "the good and positive in those situations," the sins and failures.

     In Part 3, point 36 it is said: "welcome the positive reality of civil marriages and recognizing any distinctions between cohabitation.  (...) Still clearly presenting the ideal, we indicate also building blocks in situations   [4]   ".  In 37 "in many countries there is a" growing number of couples who live together experimentally for without marriage or civil or canon without any record "... Faced with such situations, the Church is called to be" always open house Father [...] where there is room for everyone with his life in tow   [5]   "" "With his life back", as if that could go on, room for everyone!  To change, to say that this is wrong, let alone ... "his life back".

     And ... the section on homosexuality: In Section 50 we read: "Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to provide the Christian community"   [6]   .  In 52, on homosexual unions "   [7]   ... Taken into consideration that there are cases where mutual support, to slaughter, is a valuable support for the life of couples. "  What an incredible, what a shame.  Expressly say that's wrong: Nothing, absolutely nothing.  But yes, Admirable is the mutual support of homosexuals, "to slaughter" valuable contribution to the lives of couples.

     (Section 3: Sayings of bishops, cardinals and others)

     We said on the manifestations of the bishops.  If we put all never would end.  We will only three.

     Francisco has an advisory council to govern the Church, the "G-8".  Among those eight, is Cardinal Reinhard Marx, also president of the German bishops.  He has said about "gay couples" that while you can not say that "everything is fine", "not everything should be valued negatively," "in a gay couple who lives in faithfulness for 35 years, you take care of other and try to be good people, as a Church do I mean, all you did to your life is wrong because they are gay? "   [8]   .  As for the Catholic Magisterium, according to Marx, 'obviously you can change the teaching of the Church, which is not a static anthology of phrases. "

     Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, perhaps the most important in Austria, said: "... we see the person first before your sexual orientation   [9]   ";  and stated: "In Vienna I met two men of homosexual orientation who lived a long time and signed a civil covenant saw how one helped the other when one of them fell ill WAS SOMETHING WONDERFUL, human and Christian, to see how one is occupied.. other and he was always at his side "   [10]   .

     Third example, ironically I say "a relative of Francisco".  I refer to the Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Adolfo Nicolas: "There may be more Christian love in an irregular union that a couple married in the Church"   [11]   "If the unions.  Not to say that if there is a defect all wrong.  Moreover, there is good in where it does not harm the neighbor.  Francisco has insisted the matter: We are all sinners. "

     (Conclusion: "beatification" of Paul VI and Bishop of Cali)

     The sermon is already too long.  Just add that today, as official closing of the Synod, Francisco "beatified" Paul VI.  This beatification is worthless, Paul VI beatified is no: It was the great wrecker of the Catholic Faith.  He was the protector and implementor of Vatican II.  It was the one that changed the seven sacraments, the seven!  (In many of them there are doubts about its validity).  He was the one who "created" the modern Mass with all the problems with the Catholic Faith that the "mass" is also the risk of disability.  Even many say, God knows that Paul VI had very serious sin or moral deviations (God knows).

     The final document of the Synod will be published in the course of the week.  We'll see what new things we find there.  The press and several bishops have said they would have the most controversial paragraphs of the "Relatio post disceptationem";  we will see.

     Anyway, WITH ALL SAID AND DONE, spare.  Imagine how everything is accentuated in this decomposition we suffer Catholics and the world with this false religion created with Vatican II.

     The Synod has been, and is another council, "VATICAN III" and have called.  And it will be enhanced, for worse, as happened with Vatican II, in dioceses, parishes, and individually by the priests.   [12]

     And in the diocese, among us in Colombia, even before the end of the Synod, the Bishop of Cali. Monsignor Dario de Jesus Monsalve, has begun with this.  In an interview for the newspaper "El Tiempo": "Journalist: Has caused much discomfort in the Church published the information about the point of homosexuality (Bishop Responds talking gay :) ... You have to provide more host and ask them. sorry for the wounds we have caused them with hurtful and harmful judgments about its trend. Was a Church opening is possible on the issue of same-sex couples? (Bishop Responds :) ... these couples express something constructive and positive the human, that is affection.  A society can not be violent with people expressing different emotions ... the Church can help you understand these statements as valid, ie given ... We should not create conflict with those relationships, because many conflicts have humanity to become problematic SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE ACCEPTED. "

     We leave here, what else?


    If anyone says that true and natural water is not necessary for baptism and thus twists into some metaphor the words of our Lord Jesus Christ" Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Spirit" (Jn 3:5) let him be anathema.


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