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Title: Elder Brother's rewriting The New Testament for us !
Post by: cosmas on May 15, 2019, 09:47:16 PM
Francis receives a copy of ‘The Jewish Annotated New Testament’ (

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Amy-Jill Levine, Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt University, and Marc Zvi Brettler, Professor in Judaic Studies at Duke University, the editors of the Jewish Annotated New Testament, presented the book to Pope Francis at the General Audience on Wednesday, March 27th. The following day, the work was discussed at a conference held at the Aula Magna of the Gregorian University, with responses by Professor Pino Di Luccio, S.J. and Biju Sebastian, S.J. The event was organized by Professor Jean-Pierre Sonnet, S.J., and Professor Luca Mazzinghi and co-sponsored by the Gregorian’s Faculty of Theology and the Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaic Studies.

The Jewish Annotated New Testament involves contributions of seventy Jewish scholars. It is the first major attempt of Jewish scholars to make the New Testament accessible to a Jewish readership, especially as an important source for the history of Judaism in the first century. At the same time, this work opens a Jewish perspective on the New Testament to Christian readers. It helps Christians to become aware of passages that are problematic for Jews. It also helps one to appreciate the implications of the Jewish identity of Jesus and the first believers in Christ. This work opens the door to respectful and enriching dialogue and is thus a major contribution to Jewish-Christian relations.

Amy-Jill Levine is currently Visiting Professor at the Pontifical Biblical Institute (, where she teaches a course on the Parables of Jesus. She is the first Jewish scholar to teach in the field of New Testament at the Institute. She will also deliver a paper at the conference Jesus and the Pharisees (, 7-9 May 2019, organised by Professor Joseph Sievers (PBI). Marc Brettler presented a lecture on “Religious and Critical Perspectives in Jewish Biblical Studies” at the PBI, hosted by Professor Agustinus Gianto, S.J., of the Institute’s Oriental Faculty.

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The Jewish Annotated New Testament was written by eighty Talmudic Jews (anti-Christians such as Susannah Heschel, Jacob Neusner, Geza Vermes). In it they cite the Talmud, the Kabbalah, the Mishnah, the Zohar, the Pirkei Avot, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and an assortment of other Judaic literature to explain that Jesus was nothing more than a simple Jew and that the anti-semitism of Christianity comes from the non-Jewish followers of Jesus because they twisted his words. It’s enough to make one want to barf.  As an example of the ‘scholarship’ in the book we quote from the preface (pp. xiii-xiv) of the book ( written by its editors, Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler,

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See there it is and not very subtly. Christians are too dumb to understand the New Testament and need the Talmudic Jews to explain it to them.  The “good news” of the gospels isn’t “good news” if it says something against the Jews!  Could you ever imagine the shoe being on the other foot and the ‘holy’ texts of Talmudic Judaism such as the Talmud and the Zohar being annotated by the Christians so it is pointed out that Talmudic Judaism is not only anti-Christian but also anti-goyim?  Don’t hold your breathe because it’ll never happen.  That being said, this book is right up Francis’ hasidic alley.  In two 2018 speeches to the Participants in the International Conference on the Responsibility of States, Institutions and Individuals in the fight against anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic hate crimes, to the European Jewish Congress’ conference “An End to Antisemitism!” , and in his preface to An End to Antisemitism! A Catalogue of Policies to Combat Antisemitism (, Francis said as much, “Translations of the New Testament... need marginal glosses, and introductions that emphasize continuity with Jewish heritage of... Christianity... and warn readers about antisemitic passages.”  He doesn’t end there however (, “As I have often repeated, a Christian cannot be an anti-Semite; we share the same roots. It would be a contradiction of faith and life. Rather, we are called to commit ourselves to ensure anti-Semitism is banned from the human community.”

Francis’ Novus Ordo religion doesn’t begin with the Gospel of John, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” but begins with the Go-spiel of Elie (, “In the beginning was the Holocaust...” Since the holocaust is his standard reference (, he must combat anti-semitism (it matter not if it be imagined or real) at all times.   The motto of his noahide Holocaustianity is an inversion of the Jesus’ teachings and His Church’s.  It can be summed up as, ‘forgiveness is never attainable, reparations are never ending, and salvation is only for the chosen ones’.
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Embracing Francis to encounter Rabbi Bergoglio (

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Embrace Francis, to reencounter Bergoglio

He greeted me with an affectionate: “Sergio, I am so glad you are here! Did you sneak in?” And in reality, he was right once more.

It was the first audience of Pope Francis with the leaders of the different religions. There I reencountered the dear Bergoglio. In the impressive setting of the Sala Clementina, the embrace transcended the formality of the protocol greeting so that I could see in his smile and warm gesture the one, who named Pope, was our old Bergolgio. In that way, with the gestures that are so typically his, is warm, direct, intimate. With the good mood of one who does not lose the smile or the spontaneity even from those heights, recuperating in everyone the same open mindedness, to end by asking us all to pray for him. I presented myself only to bless and be grateful for that moment. The embrace crowns the path of he who is my reference, but also the renewed commitment for the challenge that summons us. “Now that I am before Francis, I again embrace my rabbi Bergoglio”, I told him. He gave me a smile and, with his particular sense of humor, received me with a warm: “Sergio, I am so glad you are here! Did you sneak in?”

And in reality, he was right once more.

Without getting into the details, I had not been included in the formal delegation of representatives of Jewish institutions to the Vatican and, faced with the inviolable rigorousness of the Vatican protocol, even with the collaboration of the Argentinean and international leaders of the Jewish community who were present, it was impossible to include my name for the audience, until, as was foreseeable, it was my priest and bishop friends like Monsignor Sanchez Sorondo, who made it known, so that it was Pope Francis himself who instructed the Secretary of State to allow me access, and celebrate in that minimum instant that became eternal so that we could meet and see each other again.

After the embrace, we prayed.

Our millenary Jewish tradition prescribes that we recite a blessing when one is in the presence of a wise man and great master of humanity. So with happiness in my heart and my soul exalted with gratitude, I recited a blessing in Hebrew so that we could end by together saying: Amen.

So much emotion! So much energy! A unique moment that will forever remain in my heart and soul, a fertile furrow in space-time that will bear its fruit in the good harvest of the future.

Pope Francis left us a message full of kindness and love, uniting the Christian churches, even the oriental orthodox ones, which for a millennium had not been present in these moments. Giving unequivocal signs of unity for the ecumenical task in Christianity, he referred to the inter-religious dimension providing a special place for the Jewish-Christian bond.

I am still touched while I write these last lines. The embrace with Francis renews a pact for this new era, the blessing elevated in prayer of a new time where we remain guided by the generous heart of our pastor and master, Pope Francis who is none other than Father Jorge, the loved and valued Bergolgio.
Abrazar a Francisco, para reencontrarme con Bergoglio (, La Nacion, (25 March 2013), English translation is from World Union for Progressive Judaism Latin America News (

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More on Rabbi Bergoglio:

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Look who was also lurking in the shadows taking a selfie as Francis 

gave his “Adam, where are you?” ( speech at Yad Vashem.

Title: Re: Elder Brother's rewriting The New Testament for us !
Post by: Ladislaus on May 16, 2019, 08:26:43 AM
We should sent His Humbleness a copy of the Trad-annotated Talmud.
Title: Re: Elder Brother's rewriting The New Testament for us !
Post by: songbird on May 16, 2019, 10:00:33 PM
What Vatican II was all about!  The friends of Israel.  Vatican II=Jew friendly from the start.
Title: Re: Elder Brother's rewriting The New Testament for us !
Post by: Clemens Maria on May 16, 2019, 10:15:52 PM
Conciliar Church scripture scholars should sue them for copyright infringement.
Title: Re: Elder Brother's rewriting The New Testament for us !
Post by: Clemens Maria on May 16, 2019, 10:18:31 PM
They plagiarized Raymond Brown.
Title: Re: Elder Brother's rewriting The New Testament for us !
Post by: Francisco on May 17, 2019, 04:20:57 AM
Title: Re: Elder Brother's rewriting The New Testament for us !
Post by: brothers keeper on May 17, 2019, 03:36:08 PM
This is far more sinister than our opinions can even imagine, and I will explain what I mean.

In reading the book of the Apocalypse, chapters 2:9 and 3:9 seemingly jumped off the page in a way that was very unusual in that I knew it was a message that God wanted to significantly point out;  I asked Him to reveal the meaning.  Praise, Honor, and Glory to God always and forever.  

Some time later, an internet video presented the meaning that God intended for all of us to know at this time in Church Salvation History in the most clear and certain way.  Again, and we can never express it enough, Praise, Honor, and Glory to God always and forever.

The video is entitled “Synagogue of Satan” (1993) from Father John O’Connor, and it was his explanation according to what he had learned in relation to the meaning of Apocalypse 2:9 and 3:9. This video seems to have disappeared from the internet.  Also, Father John O’Connor was a credible 20th century whistleblower of the unholy infiltration in the seminaries at the time in which he lived and experienced this scheme.  

As Father O’Connor expounded in this now missing video, there was no doubt that what he was exposing was true, and it is meant for us to know right now in accordance with God’s revealed plan.  The video was of  poor  quality but extremely important as the information is vital in order to understand the TRUTH in regard to the new and latest attack from the powers with  “The Jewish Annotated New Testament” of 2019.

First of all, those of the Talmud are not the Jews of the Bible at all.   Obviously, the Talmud, Kabbalah, etc. are not part of the Old Testament.  

So, who are they?  This video explains that those who took on the identities of being Jews were originally from Khazaria somewhere in Asia and quite a long time ago.  The king of Khazaria wanted to “tame” his filthy and evil subjects within his kingdom.  As it turned out, the king looked into the major religions in the world at the time, and decided on the Jewish religion. The king called on Rabbis to come to Khazaria in order to convert his people.  He had the people take Jewish names, and made them learn and follow the Jewish religion. Today in 2019, their descendants are those throughout our world who are ruling and operating at every level toward their goal which is their one world order.

Father O’Connor distinguishes between the true Jews who are also known as Sephardic, and those who are not the true Jews who are known as Ashkenazi.   As God states, . . .those who say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan (Apoc.2:9b).

Father O’Connor also explains that the Ashkenazis are also persecutors of the true Jews, known as Sephardic Jews and the Ashkenazis are the true anti-Semites because of their oppressive persecution of the true Jews (Sephardic) then and today.  The Ashkenazis are not Semites at all; they just pretend to be in order to use the paradigm they created of antisemitism in order to control the masses of the population of the world while they proceed in their quest toward complete domination of the world.  Their lies and deceptions today are legion and seduce many.

An interesting side note is that when the anti German forces of WWII freed the prisoners from the German concentration camps, these liberating forces were stunned that the guards in the concentration camps as well as mayors of German cities had Jewish names. In addition, take note of the ending two syllables of the proper name Ashkenazi.

What Father O’Connor exposes in this video lesson is what God revealed to us in Apocalypse 2:9 and 3:9.  Praise, Honor, and Glory to God forever.

Is it any wonder that they are now rewriting God’s New Testament  (Church history) as they have already manipulated and controlled so many people in order to facilitate their plans for one world domination?