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Author Topic: Effective Soldiers of Christ  (Read 361 times)

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Effective Soldiers of Christ
« on: April 13, 2014, 02:42:07 PM »
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  • Nobody as well as some others has mentioned that this forum can be less than charitable, at times.  As a meager remedy on my part, I decided to start a novena to enable myself and other well-intentioned members of the Resistance to become effective soldiers of Christ. We are all jaded to one degree or another, but we can make an effort, through prayer and begging for graces, to become effective soldiers of Christ. To help us use words that are less caustic and mocking and more inspiring and proper in response. At times, situations may require a cutting comment to undermine the ridiculous, but this can become the exception rather than the norm.

    We can choose to be either a ragtag group of undisciplined citizen journalists or true soldiers of Christ, marching in perfect formation:


    For my novena, I have chosen the Rosary of the Holy Wounds. Choose your favourite novena or add it as an intention to your daily Rosary. Do something, at least, and help to let our modest novenas triumph over their boisterous Rosary crusades. ( )

    We’ve lost a lot already (e.g. churches, friends etc.), but we still have our freedom to practice our Faith.


    Continue the fight for your Freedom, and win your place in Heaven.


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