Author Topic: Donald Trumps victory: A God Given Chance to fix things.  (Read 787 times)

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Donald Trumps victory: A God Given Chance to fix things.
« on: November 09, 2016, 12:34:51 PM »
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  • This is a copy of Fr. Girouard's email sent to his parishioners and some friends today.[/u]

    Dear parishioners,

    Dear American friends,

    I am thanking our Good Lord for yesterday's victory of Donald Trump.

    Indeed, we not only have signified to the Left that we are against their socialist and communist program, but we have seized the opportunity of breaking the mold of "political correctness" that has plagued the Republican Party for so many years. Now we have a President whose first concern is not the GOP but America and common sense, Let us pray that, with the help of the re-elected Republican Congress, he will be able to implement his program.

    Already the mainstream medias are trying to undermine the significance of this victory and are trying to explain it by bigotry and racism. NO! This was a fight and a victory based on ideas! As Rush Limbaugh said this morning: "Socialism and Liberalism were told to take a hike!"

    This election also means that the lives of millions of babies that would have died because of Hillary's program will now be spared. Let us pray that President Trump may go further and repell abortion altogether. For that, he will have to stack the Supreme Court with Conservative Judges.

    Keep Mr. Trump and his collaborators in your prayers. It is a duty God, Holy Mother Church, and Natural Law itself are requiring.

    God bless, and don't forget to thank God for Hillary's defeat.

    Father Girouard


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