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Author Topic: Resistance in Nigeria  (Read 86 times)

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Resistance in Nigeria
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  • On behalf of our Nigerian Resistance Priests I ask to you to publish their urgent appeal on CathInfo so that they can find benefactors for an important building project they’re need urgently to start.

    They’re doing a magnificent Apostolate in their country despite many obstacles.

    I vouch entirely for their integrity and commitment to Tradition.

    See below their Appeal and some pictures of their Apostolate.

    May God bless all the benefactors who will help them.

    Fr. Juan C. Ortiz


    (NOVEMBER 2023).

    The situation in Nigeria remains a precarious one but despite this, God continues to protect and guide us amidst the uncertainties and difficulties.

    The year 2023 that is being rolled over is indeed a very unpleasant one which can be summarised as follows :

    1. Nigerians went to the polls this year to elect their leaders.  The ruling party as usual manipulated the results so as to elect a Muslim as president as well as the vice president. 
    It was apparently clear that a Christian from the south east won the presidential election but they denied him the mandate. The Islamic agenda continues as far as the incuмbent president and his vice are Muslims.
    Things are extremely difficult and unbearable for common Nigerians because of corrupt leaders at the corridors of power. 

    2. We relocated our Priory to another city in June, 2023 as a result of protracted land dispute and its attendant terrorism in the area where our Priory was situated;  between two local communities which claimed lots of life and led to wanton destruction of property. 
    Thanks to all our friends who responded positively to our appeals which enabled us to rent an apartment for one year in the city. 

    3. Three of our Seminarians were sent to Brazil in November 2022 for their formation.
    They had some difficulties in following the lectures because of language barrier. With the approval of  Bishop Thomas Aquinas, we agreed to recommend them to Fr Chazal in the Philippines to admit them into his Seminary.
    They commenced their journey from Brazil to Philippine in September 2023 but unfortunately they were deported to Nigeria from USA on transit for a very costly mistake on the part of Brazilian embassy. They are back to Nigeria to re-apply for visa to Philippine. Hopefully, they should be on their way to Philippine as soon as the visa is secured. 
    We have six candidates already doing their pre-Seminary experience and probation under us. 
    We have two additional priests from Novus Ordo extraction who are now doing their probation and they have willingly accepted the Resistance position as regards the grave crisis in the Church.

    We are currently running five missions in the Southeast of Nigeria.
    We have three chapels in Anambra State:
    - Anaku Town = one chapel (Our main Priory),
    - Onitsha town = one chapel, 
    - Oba town =one chapel. 
    In Asaba town, Delta State, = one chapel. 
    In Owerri Ebeiri town, Orlu, Imo state = one chapel. 

    5. PROJECTS 
    We have been able to secure a property (land) near the city of Onitsha and with the financial support from some kind donors we have been able to fence the property to avoid intruders and encroachment. 
    Given the mandatum from the vendors of the land which reads "buy and develop" it means that all those who bought land from the said area should begin to develop it or else they lose it. 
    Based on this recent move and invitation therefore, we are inevitably compelled by this circuмstances to adhere strictly to the instructions since we cannot afford to lose the parcel of land which we laboured so much to acquire.

    We placed the future and growth of our mission in the Divine Will. 
    That's to say the way it pleases God. 
    We are constantly in prayer imploring God to direct us in every undertaking. 
    Having considered that we are now four priests and there is also the possibility of even receiving more who might pull out from Novus Ordo to join us.
    We therefore see it as unavoidable necessity to embark on building a formation house instead of paying a very huge amount annually in rented houses. 
    We need a permanent house in a safer place that is devoid of dispute and terrorism.

    Our local currency means nothing now. It's now     1,300 Naira per USA dollar. Prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing everyday and the government cares not about the suffering of the poor masses.

    We are therefore soliciting for sponsors of the project of building a Rectory for the priests and Seminarians. 
    From the estimate given by the engineer, this building will likely cost about 16 million naira, which is about $17,000 US Dollars.  Though the prices of goods and services are not stable in Nigeria,  they rise enexpectedly, but we hope to reach the goal if we are able to get assistance as soon as possible before the prices increase much.

    We are hoping to embark on the project in the coming year 2024 by the grace of God as we count much on your generous support and prayers. 
    We shall keep record of sponsors and donors for the projects on a written epitaph with assurance of unceasing prayers. 

    Thanking you in advance for your positive response .

    Fr Michael Chigbata 

    Here are the details of Fr Chigbata’s USD account : 
    Bank : Access Bank PLC 
    Account name: Nnalue Michael Chigbata 
    Account no : 1443743455
    Swift/BIC Code : ABNGNGLA
    SORT : 044021870
    Bank address  : 999C Danmole Street off Idejo street -Victoria Island Lagos- Nigeria 

    Priory’s address: 
    No.1 MaryLand Avenue, Anaku,
    Ayamelum L.G.A 
    P.O.BOX 689, Awka,
    Anambra State, Nigeria.
    Phone number : 

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