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Author Topic: Bp. Huonder to consecrate 2 Bishops for SSPX  (Read 5842 times)

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Re: Bp. Huonder to consecrate 2 Bishops for SSPX
« Reply #90 on: March 10, 2019, 10:06:30 AM »
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  • An exorcism? really? And you believe the devil why? He's called the father of lies for a reason, you know. Only if God forces him will he say anything truthful or helpful to the triumph of God's kingdom. By default he is the great deceiver.

    You need to go back to the seminary.

    The devil is an angelic intellect, not God. The devil, having an angelic intellect, seems very advanced compared to us. But he's not all-knowing like God. The devil is not capable of prophecy.

    Let me clue you in:
    One of the limits on the devil's abilities is that he can't predict anything hinging on human Free Will (we can surprise the devil. yes, really!) or the inner plans of God's Providence. He also can't read our innermost heart.

    God, meanwhile, is behind true prophecy because He knows the future, even things dependent on dozens of humans' Free Will. He knows what everyone will choose. And yet our will is still free! It is metaphysically impossible to surprise God.

    The devil just understands the physical world intimately, knowing the laws of physics (etc.) intuitively, because he has an angelic intellect. As for predicting what humans will do, he is nothing more than a really well-informed, good guesser.

    P.S. I've read dozens of Lives of the Saints, so I know loosely where you're getting this idea from. In various cases, the devil has been constrained by God to admit this or that about his tactics, the way he operates, truths of the Catholic Faith, the Real Presence, etc. But the devil can't be forced to prophesy, because he doesn't have the ability to see the future. That's how I know that the story is NONSENSE (to put it politely) -- wherever you read it from.

    Well said. To which I might add that +ABL never, to my knowledge, never used any communication from demons to back up any of his stances. Rather, he was well-versed in Church teaching. There was no need to resort to the testimony of demons.

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    Re: Bp. Huonder to consecrate 2 Bishops for SSPX
    « Reply #91 on: March 10, 2019, 12:24:50 PM »
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  • Xavier Sem is another of these individual who inserts himself predictably. Never at a loss for words and lots of them. 
    He sure is long winded, I have not read one of his postings yet, except for part of one. In my experience, people who feel that they have to explain themselves like that, really do not believe what they say. That is why they always feel compelled to make long winded defenses of themselves. 
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    For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect. Mat 24:24

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    Re: Bp. Huonder to consecrate 2 Bishops for SSPX
    « Reply #92 on: March 10, 2019, 12:57:51 PM »
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  • I agree with what you said about the devil's limited angelic intellect and lack of full knowledge, but I disagree with your conclusion; for the simple reason that God often, for the further shame and humiliation of the enemies of the Truth, tells them in a general way (not in a specific way, with more details, like some of the inspired prophesies in Scripture) what will happen. The devils know Mary is going to crush them in the future, as God showed them long ago. And thus it is not unlikely God could have told them the SSPX will play a major part in Restoration.

    "it is not unlikely". What, are you trying to sound more intelligent by using complicated language? How about you cut to the chase, cancel out the double negatives, and say "it is likely". (I guess you've been hanging around +Fellay and the Conciliar Church too long.)

    But I say it's not likely. The devil and God don't share a water cooler or break room, where God shares his intimate plans with the Adversary of Mankind.

    So we're back to judging the SSPX on its current behavior and position: how well does it fight for Tradition, condemn the super-heresy of Vatican II, etc.

    That is more reliable than blindly trusting the devil's testimony that the SSPX will triumph in the end.

    Oh, and some food for thought -- what if Econe DOES eventually triumph? But it happens after the SSPX is purged of its liberal, pro-Modern World, pro-Vatican II, pro-Conciliar Church priests and bishops, and thanks to the steadfastness of the Resistance ends up helping to save the Church?

    The Resistance would still be in the right, and the (currently unconverted, pre-conversion) SSPX would be in the wrong.

    And actually, did the devil even say "The SSPX" or "The SSPX after their practical agreement with Rome", or "The SSPX under Fr. Pagliarani"? He said ECONE. That could be interpreted as the Resistance OR the SSPX. +Williamson is the spiritual offspring of Econe as well. Econe might mean +Lefebvre's actions to save the Church in the 70's -- leading to the Resistance, which eventually saves the Church.

    So even that dubious prophecy says nothing about the current sellout-SSPX.
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    Re: Bp. Huonder to consecrate 2 Bishops for SSPX
    « Reply #93 on: March 10, 2019, 01:36:23 PM »
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  • Yes, you are right. Though I think that there may be many clergy in the FSSP who really can't stand the New Mass, but they have to keep quiet about it. At least the SSPX does, at times, still speak out against the New Mass. That's a good thing, of course. But they rarely speak out against Modernism.

    On the other hand, at the local SSPX chapel here, the laity stand during the Agnus Dei and Sanctus at a High Mass (which appears to be in keeping with the practice in the New Mass). But....the local FSSP still kneel during the Angus Dei and Sanctus. What are we to make of that?
    Well, the SSPX official announcements do seem to criticize Francis. Is that speaking out against Modernism? Or are you looking for something else?
    With your example, are you saying that the liturgical posture of the laity standing during the Agnus Dei and Sanctus represents "modernism"? It could, I suppose, but I've also seen it in pictures from well before V2. Is it possible it's just a custom? Or even that it reflects the French/Swiss origin of the SSPX? 

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    Re: Bp. Huonder to consecrate 2 Bishops for SSPX
    « Reply #94 on: March 10, 2019, 02:44:43 PM »
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  • Yes, Meg, I do. There was even an exorcism where it was said, "After a long struggle, Econe will triumph." 
    J: Ecône will triumph.

    E: What is that you said? Repeat that, Judas Iscariot! Who were you speaking about? In the name of Jesus, repeat, it, tell the truth and nothing but the truth!

    J: After a long struggle, Ecône will triumph.'after-a-long-struggle-econe-will-triumph-'/

    Should we believe in the word of a demon who claims to be Judas?


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