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Bishop Williamson Conference June 2012 No. 2
« on: October 11, 2012, 12:17:45 PM »
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  • Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX, Modernism and Rome

    Conference 2
    Given that Protestantism, Liberalism, Modernism and Neo-Modernism are all parallel, one piles on top of the other, and Modernism contains all of Liberalism and all of Protestantism, Pius X said that Modernism is the main sewer collecting the muck from all other sewers. It’s the main sewer of heresies, because it’s the disconnecting of the mind from reality and so it disconnects the Catholic mind from all Catholic doctrine. There’s not a single heresy that is not at home in Modernism. It includes all the heresies.

    Neo-Modernism is the rerun of Modernism, only the difference is that Modernism is now official. It’s Modernism made official. It’s Modernism that’s not only just a few priests and a few laymen, smart and very dangerous men, but not large in numbers, whereas with Neo-Modernism practically the whole Church has given in. There are scattered priests and a couple of bishops that stand out - Bishop de Castro Mayer and Archbishop Lefebvre - but the whole Church, the Pope, the cardinals, the bishops, the mass of priests, they all follow. The result is that only now Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer, two bishops, hang tight and hold on. Undoubtedly there are other bishops that keep the Faith, but there aren’t other bishops that act on the Faith they’re keeping. Cardinal Siri was good. He may well have been elected pope in 1958 and/or 1963, but the bad guys, the Freemasons and the Jews, put tremendous pressure. They said that they’d kill all his family or they threatened his family, and he said, “OK, I don’t want to be pope.” I think he was elected but he didn’t want to be Pope. That seems very possible.

    The Archbishop creates the SSPX, and Bishop de Castro Mayer comes along to help out for the consecration of the four bishops. It was a great moment because the Archbishop immensely appreciated Bishop de Castro Mayer coming along for the consecrations and to help him consecrate, because he said, “The presence of Bishop de Castro Mayer is the proof that I am not just spinning all of this out of my own head. I’m not creating my own Catholic Church. This is the Catholic Church that I received, it’s the objective Catholic Church, and the fact that Bishop de Castro Mayer comes along is the proof.” Bishop Castro Meyer, in a marvellous sermon that he gave at the consecrations, said, “I would consider I was committing a mortal sin if I was not here today.” Brilliant.

    The consecration of bishops was the moment when the SSPX really went its own way, but it belongs to the Church. The six bishops were all “excommunicated”, but the excommunications weren’t real, because in canon law even if you’re mistaken but you act thinking you’re doing it for a serious need, the Church punishment does not apply. If you’re mistaken but if you’re serious and sincere, even if you’re deluded but you think you’re acting out of supreme need, the sanction doesn’t apply, and therefore the excommunications were not real.

    Well, guess what happens? Once again the SSPX has got a considerable movement from inside it, coming down from the man at the top, pressurising to go the same way. This is my opinion. If any of you want to listen to the opinion of any of those who are going this way, starting with Bishop Fellay, you’re absolutely welcome, as far as I’m concerned. I would impose my opinion that this is what’s going on, but I would impose my opinion on nobody. I give you my arguments why I think this is what is happening, and then somebody else can give you the opposite argument. You’re adults, you’re men, you’re responsible for your own souls, some of you also have a family you’re responsible for - you make your own decision. Listen to both sides of the question and make your own decision. I’m not imposing my opinion on anybody, and I don’t want to speak disrespectfully of Bishop Fellay or of any of the authorities of the Society in Menzingen, but I seriously think they’re wrong. I think they’re gravely wrong.

    There is a straight line, and Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer were the only ones that really held this line. The Archbishop said at the consecrations that this line was Operation Survival and to make an agreement with Neo-Modernist Rome would be Operation Suicide. The Church authorities, all of these cardinals, bishops and priests that have given themselves over to Modernism, Liberalism and Protestantism - in effect that’s what they’ve done, moving parallel to the Modernists and liberals and Protestants - all of those cardinals, bishops and priests are on the wrong track. They’ve lost the plot. They’ve lost the Catholic plot. The Archbishop said, “If we don’t go along with Modernist Rome, Conciliar Rome, with Rome of the Council, with all of these Conciliar Church authorities that believe in the Second Vatican Council, if we don’t go along with them it’s Operation Survival. If we do go along with them it’s Operation Suicide, because all of these are losing the plot.” They’re all moving. They’re breaking left from the straight line.

    What were the fruits? The fruits are a very good test. You may remember on the Sermon on the Mount that Our Lord doesn’t say, “I want all of you sheep to be theologians. I want you to read the theological journals. I want you to study St Thomas Aquinas.” What does Our Lord say? He says, “Judge by the fruits. A good tree cannot bring forth bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit.” A tree that’s half bad and half good will bring half good and half bad fruit, so it’s not always black or white. There is grey. So what were the fruits of the consecrations? The Society expanded. Just like always, whenever the popes and the, for example, Counter-Reformation, when they held to the Catholic line the Church always began again to expand. Then along came another round of corruption and another swing to the left in modern times. That’s the way the modern world is moulded. The modern world is deeply moulded by Protestantism, the breaking away from God. It’s the great apostasy. It started with Protestantism, or you could say with the humanist Renaissance before Protestantism. The Renaissance, the Reformation, the Revolution - the three Rs. It’s breaking away from the Church. It’s breaking away from God. It’s the great movement of apostasy. So what’s happened in the mainstream Church since then is more and more apostasy, with obviously some noble exceptions and some souls breaking away. When souls want to be Catholic in the Conciliar Church, what do they do? They break away to the SSPX. Up till now they’ve been able to find in the SSPX a refuge from the Conciliar nonsense. The fruits of the SSPX were Catholicism. The ongoing fruits of the Council were more and more corruption and destruction of the Church.

    I think Malachi Martin used to say that there are four Masonic lodges inside the Vatican, and Fr du Chalard said the same thing, so there’s reason for saying that. Malachi Martin said that in 1963, soon after Paul VI became pope, there was a Satanic ceremony celebrated inside the Vatican. The big ceremony was in Charleston in the United States, which is a big Masonic centre, but there was a branch office of this ceremony, an offshoot of the ceremony, a little representative office inside the Vatican. So the great ceremony with blasphemies and horrors, undoubtedly, was celebrated in the United States, but there was a little representation inside the Vatican, and that established a lodge inside the Vatican, one of the four. Malachi Martin used to say, as best I recall, that Pope Paul VI knew about it but could do nothing about it, which kind of makes sense. That’s the state of the Vatican. It’s full of devils. The Vatican today is full of devils. It’s Satanised, and if you get too close you could catch it. You mustn’t get too close to Modern Rome.

    I’ve written several times over the last 20, 30 years about the Sunday Catholicism of the Catholics of the 1950s. There was too much Sunday Catholicism - in other words, Catholics who were Catholics only on Sunday. They had their religion for Sunday, and then the rest of the week they lived their ordinary lives, not sufficiently heeding their religion. Separation of life and religion - God kicked upstairs, very pious on Sunday and then you don’t care about it for the rest of the week. That’s one name of the disease - Sunday Catholicism. I call it ‘50s-ism. There was something seriously wrong. It looked good. It was big, it was numerous and it was broad. There were a lot of decent-looking priests, decent-behaving priests and decent-believing priests. There were a lot of sisters, a lot of parish schools, a lot of seminaries, a lot of seminarians, and then the Council began and the whole thing collapsed. The termites were in the woodwork. There was something seriously wrong.

    The Council was a great fall. A great fall means two things. One, you were at a great height. If you weren’t at a great height you can’t be a great fall. Two, you were on the edge of the abyss and you went over the edge. On the one hand, there was something good in the Catholicism of the 1950s. On the other hand, there was something rotten in the state of Denmark at the same time. There was something rotten in it, and therefore this whole thing, which looked so good and was in many ways still good, but the heart of it wasn’t there and so it went down the tubes and it fell.

    During the 1990s the Society flourished and grew, and the mainstream Church just went its own wretched way - more and more destruction of the Church, more and more immorality, the paedophilia and the homosexuality amongst the clergy. Of course, the media are in a real bind because the media are promoting homosexuality – “It’s an alternative lifestyle. There’s nothing really wrong with it.” On the other hand, they want to be able to accuse the priests of being homosexuals, but take your pick. If homosexuality is not so bad then it’s not so bad in the clergy. If it’s bad in the clergy then it’s bad in everybody else. So the vile media found a trick – “This is not homosexuality. This is paedophilia.” Paedophilia is molesting children. Molesting children is horrific, but in many cases probably the homosexual abuse amongst the clergy rather involved adolescents than children. I don't know. I’ve not gone into it. I’ve not studied it. I just don’t believe it’s entirely as the media tell. It’s not justified whether it’s amongst adolescents or amongst children. It’s one of the four sins that cries to God for vengeance - homosexuality.

    It goes back to the 1980s. It’s been in the clergy for a long time. I can remember when I arrived in the United States in 1982, soon after I found this big volume by Fr Enrique Rueda on the homosexual network inside the Catholic Church in the United States. That’s 1982. It’s not recent. I know that Archbishop Lefebvre would have said that the reason why the clergy fall for this, the reason why they get into this is because they’ve lost their Mass. They’ve no longer got the proper Mass to celebrate. It’s like a nuclear reactor without uranium. The Catholic priest is made for the true Mass. The Mass and priest go together. This is what Archbishop Lefebvre used to say. The true Mass and the true priest go absolutely together. You take away the true Mass and the true priest is all at sea. He would have pinned the responsibility, I’m quite sure, on the loss of the Mass, the taking out of the priest the heart of his priestly life.

    If you judge by the fruits, the Archbishop was right, the consecrations were right, and the Conciliar Church continues to be wrong. That’s why the SSPX expanded. Well, what do you think the Devil is going to do? It’s worked four times. He’s going to play the same tricks with people’s minds, with Catholics’ minds. The particular pressure he’s going to bring on now, that’s a pressure that he hasn’t been able to bring on before - “You’ve got to belong to the mainstream Church. You’re outside the Church.” Judging by the fruits, that’s not true. Judged by the fruits, the Council is not the Catholic Church. The Conciliar Church, judged by the fruits, is not the Catholic Church. The SSPX, judged by the fruits, is the Catholic Church, and that’s exactly what Archbishop Lefebvre said. A question is, “Wouldn’t the SSPX have been able to do more if it went back into the mainstream Church?” And the Archbishop answers, “What Church are we talking about? If you’re talking about the Conciliar Church, that’s not the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.” He goes through those four points and says, “Look, the Conciliar Church, it’s not One, it’s not Holy, it’s not Catholic and it’s not Apostolic. On all those four points the SSPX is.” Those are the four marks of the Church. They are the four indicators of where you have the Catholic Church. Where those marks are present, you have the Catholic Church. Where they’re not present, you don’t have the Catholic Church. Therefore this was the Catholic Church in a sense in which this definitely wasn’t. This has the authority. The Pope is Pope. This is a difficult question. The Pope is Pope, the cardinals are cardinals, and the bishops are bishops, unless one or the other, or even maybe several, went through an invalid consecration ceremony as bishop. That’s another can of worms. The modern situation is full of cans of worms. It’s all worms. The situation is terrible.

    The Devil is now playing games with the minds of the SSPX, and you’ve got a lot of priests, in my opinion, that want to go with the Conciliar Church. They’re wanting to go in that direction. Already you have the authorities inside the SSPX discouraging any criticism of the Council, discouraging speaking against Assisi, and discouraging or forbidding speaking against the Pope. That’s the way it’s going. When you see 500 years, 1517 to 2012, nearly 500 years, when you look at 500 years I think the pattern is clear. Let’s assume that this is the case, and let’s assume that the bulk of the SSPX may go that way. How many of the SSPX are tending to go that way, how many will go that way? I don't know. God knows. I don’t. The terrible thing is that given a few more years and once again the same thing is going to happen again. It’s just built into the woodwork. It’s a pattern which is there for very good reason, because when the Devil tries to trick once or three times and four times and it works, he’s going to come back again. Exactly the same forces that produced the ‘50s-ism, exactly the same temptation, are bearing even more on the Traditional Catholics of the SSPX.

    I remember reading in some spiritual writing of a vision of some soul. There was a town and then there was a monastery. There were just a few devils hanging over the town, but there was a crowd of devils over the top of the monastery, because if they could get the monastery to fall, the rest of the town was child’s play. The monastery was upholding the Faith in the town. These souls, acting like a lightning conductor for God’s anger, were protecting the town, so the Devil was working especially on the monastery and the priests. The Devil still had quite a lot of clergy to work on at this point of time, but at this point in time he’s got far fewer clergy to work on. There are about 550 priests in the SSPX, so there are a lot more unemployed devils because all of this is now in the Devil’s hands, so there’s a lot of unemployed devils after Vatican II that come piling on to a few priests of the SSPX. It’s only my opinion.

    How is it going to develop? I don't know. Then there’ll be a break again. It’s going to get smaller and smaller all the time. At the end of the world, Our Lord says - this is St Luke 18 verse 8 - “When I come back, shall I find the Faith upon the Earth?” That’s a quotation that means that the Catholic Church at the very end of the world is going to be very reduced in numbers. That’s exactly what we’re watching today - the diminishing and reduction in numbers of the Catholics that are holding the course, that are holding straight and that are not tempted to join the world and take the easy way.

    Comment from Audience: Also the quote about in those days even the elect will be deceived.

    Yes, exactly. “If it were possible even the elect would be lost,” something like that. Yes, that’s it. It’s an operation of error; it’s an operation of deceit, according to St Paul in Thessalonians. That’s an exact phrase for the media. The vile media are an operation of error, exactly what St Paul says. People pay too much attention to the vile media. God bless the Internet in that respect. The bad guys have not yet got hold of the Internet, and anyone who’s looking for truth can still find truth on the Internet amidst a pile of muck, amidst a pile of lies, but the truth is there. If you’re looking for it, you can find it, and if you’re looking for the truth you will find it. You will hardly find it in the media any longer. The bad guys have got a stranglehold on the media, and that’s why they’re vile, because the bad guys are vile. They really hate God and they want to get every soul to fall into hell. That’s what they’re about.

    Don’t think whatever comes out of this trial of the SSPX that the troubles are over. The Devil will get back to work. Every time the Catholic Church got its act together, the Devil began to work at it again, and the Council was the greatest triumph of all time against the Church.

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    Bishop Williamson Conference June 2012 No. 2
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  • Thank you so much, John, for posting this.  There were many people who had a hard time hearing Bp Williamson's conference video's because the audio was weak.  This is wonderful.  I will pass these on.


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