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Austrasian Report V
« on: November 04, 2014, 09:48:59 PM »
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  • Fr Chazal's latest newsletter is now available. Among other news, it seems that the Resistance benefactress in the Philippines asked SSPX-MC to vacate her property ...

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    Austrasian Report V
    « Reply #1 on: November 04, 2014, 09:55:29 PM »
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    Austrasian Report  V
    10/31/2014 0 Comments
    Dear Father Pfeiffer,

    Happy birthday, and two years is not much, but little by little, then more and more, the work of the Archbishop will survive, as the never ending death pangs of the official Society continue.
    I am so happy that Fr Zendejas is lighting the burden for you in the US, even if, knowing you, you are going to open plenty of new venues again.


    Your expression Taj Chazal was too beautiful to endure in time, so as i returned from my summer vacation journeys to Europe and America, i was signified by Julie Cordova to leave her property. All i want to remember is the great role she played for two years, enabling us to get started. Her strong temper enabled her to take us in without flinching, face down all obstacles, and she took good care of Fr Suelo when he was marooned at the hospital two years ago.
    But we had to move on. I cannot expel seminarians on demand, even if they commit the irreparable fault of falling out with a powerful filipino Lola.
    On your part, you are also freed from all expulsionnal charges, but you came and added another flavor of expulsion, as you probably would have been expelled sooner than i was.
    All my entreaties were vain, and we were glad to leave with somewhat half of our possessions, wondering what was going to happen to this eight members microseminary. But it is always a good test to know if God really want us, for just as we leave one Julie, another Julie found us a place to rent temporarily in Manila, while in Cebu, a very committed family is donating us one hectare or four acres of land in the mountains, forty minutes from the city.
    I was hoping to relocate in Camiguin, on an offered plot as well, but the local authorities would not allows us to settle three kilometers within the radius of the volcano that killed 10000 sixty years ago. I said "Why not? If our successors don't keep the flame, or become liberal, or sign a deal with the new Rome, let them be blasted away and buried in volcanic ashes!" But there is a better way.


    Austrasia has climbed to 40 mission stations of very different kinds and sizes, 10 priests (three in India, four in the Philippines, one in Japan, and two, fairly inactive, in Australia), 6 seminarians (four in the microseminary), and 2000 souls, for your estimate of 1300 in just the Philippines is wildly pfeifferic or just a vision of the future.

    As usual i can't get my visa to visit India this Christmas, same old cross since 2003, but again, if God wants me in, it should be no problem once the crucifiying formalites are completed. I cannot say much about what is going on over there, except that groups are holding fine and that Fr Valan is building his priory in the village of RN Kandighai, to be joined by Dr Suneel hopefully, once his couple of seminary years are completed in Pfeifferville.
    Fr Valan is willing to erect Austrasia as a Marian Corps District, but i am not in a hurry, while it does indeed sound good.

    Nothing much to report from there except the usual liberalization signs of the xspx, like Fr Stehlin inculturated idea of the chinese lamps and mooncakes on the Nativity of our Lady, as the day coincided with the pagan mooncake festival...
    Fr Picot will cover these groups while commuting to Australia. Maybe it is the mooncakes, but he had a good Sunday attendance.

    Last sunday 31 souls attended the mass, another milestone, and there was one aduld baptism. Two babies are on the way, and there are good grounds for future growth. A rejected Korean seminarian has joined the microseminary; he was a marine, so welcome to the Marian Corps. The issue was just to get him a dispensation from His Lordship, which he granted, for i think the grounds are sufficient. Then the xspx scrambled to propose him an alternative path when they realised the blunder, but too late, for he did not join the chapel alone. This week we are doing the annual pilgrimage to Mirinae to pray for the conversion of the rest of Korea, a dying country, like Japan... dying from our western imported liberalism and modernism.
    In Japan new people are showing up at last, so a group is constituted in Yamato, to pair it with the Tokyo group of Fr Nariai. In the past reports, we were hoping to convert a protestant family, a truck driver, a couple of ladies, and some others in the space of two years. It was all to no avail, but now some fruits are beginning to show.


    The groups are as follows, Bulacan, Quezon City, Cavite, Legazpi, Iloilo, Cebu (4 small sub groups), Dagohoy, Ormoc, Hindang, Maasin, Santa Cruz, Lilo-An, Camiguin, Illigan, and Zamboanga. Concerning the seminary, you are getting your way, for Cebu is at the center of all these destinations and is an international airport with flights even to Korea.
    1-3. Manila area
    The apostolate has switched to a higher gear of late, because we have calls in three places, north, middle and south. I am not sure if the opportunity for us to say mass in Quezon will continue, but we had eighty people there, all coming from the novus ordo, and some showing interest, but all this hangs on the good will of the coordinatrix who is running those sunday seminars... but nearby there are a few souls from a defunct latin mass group that was run by one of our most powerful supporter who lives actually in switzerland. The northern group in Bulacan is also very green, same as the southern group in Cavite. but it is perhaps this last group that is going to achieve the breakthrough, for they survived very well the novus ordo counter attack, 50 of them showing up after they were forbidden to use their own barangαy chapel, then 60 at the basketball court Sunday Mass. Nearby there is a family of five children (something rare now in Manila), that wants to constitute a chapel, but the results are minimal so far. Still i admire them because they reject all form of family planning. A group is also asking in Las Pinas, so it helps us to be on site for a few months. They are moving to Zamboanga. The situation remains fluid in Manila.
    The seminary is operating at the moment in two rented houses in Quezon City, north of Manila, and i am very sure my american readers understand the plight we are in, because there are no places to order pizzas in this poor district.
    4. Legazpi
    That city is famous for its splendid Mayon volcano, that puffed gently while i was there. Through Ariel, my facebook crusader, five Lolas have elected to call us, and were enchanted to discover what was lost. I shall return in December, and local families are getting interested. With my spare time i did some tourism, and the place is loaded with masonic references, including a masonic obelisk on the beachfront, whose symbols i explained to our minuscule microgroup there.
    5. Iloilo
    As you know, Iloilo is very small, but I just celebrated a marriage of two poor tailors, who, in return, are going to stich 10 cassocks and surplices from the materials i gave them. There might be another marriage there, so the future has something good in store from the old parish of Fr Pfeiffer. As ever, I tell them that children alone shall save us from extinction. We are going to improve the chapel further, thanks to the kindness of Philip.
    6. Cebu
    And there is no dearth of children in Cebu, where we are building our new home. The locals are already contemplating having a school run by us (I mean some of our teaching parishionner), and I have my own idea about it already. The plot donated to us is ideal, with delicious tasting running spring water, in a cool valley not infested with mosquitoes, but with some local noise pollution. We have low construction costs because we are totally out of the city, yet with good costs for the materials (150 pesos per top grade cement bag they say, and rebar is not so expensive as well) because the city is close enough. The gradient is very steep, and we shall have to build a pathway, that will double as a way of the cross but that will give an impressive touch to the whole project. I noticed also the beautiful orange stones that abound there, for free, and perhaps i shall execute the monastic architectural plans that were ordered by Fr Patrick Summers in 2007. Whenever practicable, i shall commence with a stone Church, because Christ is the Stone. Cardboard seminary yes, but the construction of a stone church will begin as soon as possible. On a big gradient, that supposes either a crypt sitting on top of other spaces as well, or a smaller design, yet full of sacred expression, hanging on the side of the mountain.-
    But for the moment, we are building micro, with chapel and priests rooms on top, seminarians classrooms and utilities below. While i was wondering if we were able to recover the wonderfully carved Hearts of the main Altar of Batangas, i thought if we do, we shall call the Seminary "Cordium Iesu et Mariae Seminarium" or "Hearts of Jesus and Mary Seminary".
    But we are just levelling the ground and digging the sceptic tanks and putting the concrete pillars right now, hoping to get away, in the end, around 25 000 dollars, all financed from Autrasia.
    7. Dagohoy
    Thanks to your covering of Romeo's dialisis costs, he seems fit to start building again, and i might use him in Cebu, for the stone church. The group is steady.
    8. Ormoc
    We are still looking for an adequate place to buy.
    9.10.11. Hindang, Maasin, Santa Cruz
    The bamboo cathedral is almost finished, and the axis Maasin, Hindang, Ormoc is getting sunday mass twice a month.
    12. Liloan
    The whole group is in hibernation, i might go there as soon as the people there pick up their courage against the local priestly dragon and the local finger pointing. The seminarian that came from there already left. Liloan might end up like other attempts in Bagio, Tanay, your attempt in Davao, because we cannot win every battle, even while doing our hardest.
    13. Camiguin
    They eventually did not get selected for the seminary, because i am unwilling to build except on donated land. I left the biggest seminary bell for their newly built chapel. The group there is thriving, about 50, but when i came, the rains cut the attendance to 28. Some contruction was going on there, and I was told about a big priest from Kentucky who got those walls up to one meter, leaving a big financial innuendo... don t worry, we will pump the means to finish what you began quickly and nicely.

    14. 15. Illigan, Zamboanga
    Like Camiguin, they are asking a Bishop's visit, because when Bishop Tissier came, confirmations were given only in Cagαyan de Oro, but poor people don t move that easily, especially weak neophytes and Cagαyan is half a day away from our chapel.
    Zamboanga needs the same, and they are looking for a place, and as soon as they do, we shall bamboocathedral everything into submission.

    More or less, all places are feeling the dearth of Bishop's visits...

    And none more than Australia.
    Holding strongly in 8 places, if we include New Zealand.
    Fr Picot is now in charge. He is the priest who had a cup of tea directly with Bishop Fellay, before making his mind. You were advising against, but i think it is the best, because he leads the Society, and there is no better way to know where it is going, and then decide. Basically he told His Lordship that he lied in 2007, 2009 and 2012, and His Lordship was not pleased, and moreover, he maintained that the AFD is a good text when read in its context, and that it is because of our ill will that we make it a bad text. But we can admit that it was very kind of Bishop Fellay to talk for almost three hours with his priest, but there are no signs of improvement in Menzingen... and there probably won't be.

    In Ausralia and New Zealand, the thing that shocked me the most is the many testimonies to the fact that the schools of the Society have become more a liability to the Faith than an asset. They still have a capacity to hold most families in the pews of the sinking ship, but, many parents are beginning to realize that this is the beginning of the end. Interestingly Fr Nely made a canonical visit to the school of Tynong, sat in a girls' class, and asked "What's the problem with the school", a girl replied "What's the problem with the Society?" ... Outch!
    Brisbane is the biggest entity of the resistance and Fr Picot has elected to take his (postal) residence there. But Tynong is still growing further, and fr Picot expect a mainstream counter attack over there.
    Brilliant and large families are also joining sooner than expected in New Zealand, pledging to cut all ties with the xspx, which attitude i can only recommend, but not yet enforce. This has drawn us some flak from certain, but it worth the cost, because the death of the Society is gradual. And i have clearly seen that some were able to convince others to join the resistance by warning others who are still lingering on RMS Titanic. At this stage, if someone is not fighting the new course, or not stopping to support the xspx financially, or not informing people sitting next to him, or not cooperating actively with the resistance, as Fr Couture famously endorsed in Cebu, he should not sit the fence, or he is actually bleeding to death on the barbwire.

    But the groups are holding very well down under, especially Melbourne, Brisbane and now Wanganui. if we get two more priest, we will open a priory down there, but not before, so as not to curtail the faculty of the Seminary, but if one more priest joins, we will increase the visits, nay, double the frequency.



    For centuries now, it has been always the same story. The liberal hopes to convert the Devil by reconciling, and on this path of reconciliation,  Bishop Fellay is now informing that after the successful reconciliationnal talks with Cardinal Muller, novus ordo bishops are now expected to visit the houses of the xspx, informally of course, with nothing bad in view, just to say how do you do, like in the wonderful world of Louis Amstrong.
    Note also how intent Bishop Fellay is in stressing the "differences that still separates us" with the tobereconciliatedwith entities. That sounds determined, but it is part of the reconciliationnal process itself. Pope Francis loves this kind of challenges, for his mind (and his hungry jaw) is so open minded as to meet and befriend anyone without being judgemental, as long as the one who comes agrees to work on the above stated differences in a reconciliationnal spirit, because we are all on a path to the truth, out there, beyond the rainbow, [or over the rainbow, I don t really care].

    Now the little oysters are asking to retort. (For those who are not familiar with the Walrus and Carpenter in Alice in the Wonderland,  please refer to bishop Williamson's hermeneutics on this question, or simply read the text which is not that long to read). Yes!, the little oysters are saying that they stood bravely in the plate and were not eaten, and that on the promise that they would be allowed to state their differences plainly and clearly, they would return to the plate with all others musterable oysters to make one last stand and bring this treasure of what they are, and as they are, to the Church. Fr Picot says the hellish synod might accelerate the oysters desire to help their host to keep Tradition, instead of turning them away from the plate...
    Having just eaten the 300 oysters strong Franciscans of the Immaculate, the Walrus confided to the Carpenter that more steps were required to make space for the next meal, and that the differences that still remain with the other oysters could eventually be overcomed gradually, and that this prudent path is in line with the digestionnal requirements of any hungry person.

    The other thing is the general council of oysters prefers to go step by step, for fear of scaring oysters away from the plate. A formal agreement to march into the plate was not possible, so it is better to make individual visits of walruses to the oyster racks, while the canonical arrangement of the plate, silverware, bread and butter and fine white wine is made in the meantime.

    This is the Fr Nely approach,  a grassroot, case by case de facto reconciliation. It enables to ignore indefinitely what goes on in Rome. The impossible gets possible incrementally. Doctrine is just brushed aside by the facts with fr Nely, or perhaps talked in a passing way, over a glass of ballantines, glenmorangie, jameson or blue label.

    Whereas, with, Bishop Fellay's the approach is opposite (seemingly). It caters to the need to say that the xspx remains doctrinally sound, so that if we join Rome it will be to tell them better and fuller how wrong they are to eat oysters and mash catholic doctrine and morality. But the response of Menzingen to the Synod was so weak (Reservations, instead of outright condemnation, no mention of heresies, and no pointed reference to the main culprit, Francis) that one doubt that they crush heresies in the palaces of Rome, or if they try it, they do it with polite concerns and soft requests for change we can believe in,

    The pflugerian way dialogues as well, but recognizes that we will not agree; that the novus ordo has no plans to change, so we just need to adapt and join them in order to make our voice heard. It is a de facto doctrinal gradualism. They are there, we cannot ask to change it upfrontally.

    So the group of oysters is presented with a threefold simultaneous way of engaging dialogue. You can complain about the plugerian or neliesque approach, but you will have to choose the fellaysian one as a firm and uncompromising one in the end. The three position claim that Charity is on their side, because the intent is to help the Church, by helping the Walrus and Carpenter to accept their better self.

    But my question is: how can something so stupid be planned so intelligently, for the last time i saw, especially when i ate oysters, they had no brains...
    This is Liberalism, Ecce Liberalismum.

    the official reaction to the Synod was lame.

    also, villains like Cardinal Muller are bought as conservatives, "friends in Rome", all the while Muller does a very sloppy job at playing the conservative. Their writings are recommended on dici. With this type of friends...

    In the meantime: how can one fail to see the obvious...


    Vatican III is already upon us, at the hands of the self styled "synodal pope". It was textbook revolution. A repeat of what we read in Ralf Wiltgen's "the Rhine flows in the tiber", to the exception that the Plata river has joined the rhine, and the rearguard is polish, african, and from some other isolated places. Conservative elements were allowed to show their token complaints, adding a more open and pluralistic debate to take place, but the truth that comes from below has to prevail. The Church is turning gαy, divorcish, and morally gradual: that is the reality that takes place and such reality in turn becomes official. Vatican II says the Church is the People of God, Francis just applies this principle. The train is leaving, now if conservatives like Fr Nely are not interested, they can step down, but they can stay and endeavor to persevere...

    The reality we are facing now in the conciliar church is even worse than we were expecting of this Synod so called "on the family" with the inimaginable pretense that the right of little children are going to be respected, while throwing them in ɧoɱosɛҳųαƖ couples, with all the depravities that this alone entails, and with all the abominations taking place with surrogate mothers, (IVF, ie, plenty of abortions, eugenics, trafficking, abuse on third world women etc.).
    And how can you be in favor of the family while condoning so openly divorce, for the first time in the History of a Church who lost one of its most powerful nations, just on the question of the divorce of one man, Henry VIII? Gradualism means that if you sin, and plan to sin further, as long as you are in the process of hoping to do something about it, you are accepted, nay welcomed. You are just a prisoner of your own device, we ll help you along as you are, and where you are, either on the gαy planet, or on the lefebvrian planet. We are all pilgrims of truth said Pope Benedict to the Lutherans.

    Typically, the president of the Polish Episcopal Conference stated that this was a departure from the teachings of His Holiness Saint John Paul two the Great. The most controversial paragraphs were turned down temporarily, and by a whisker (64% voted in favor of the text on ɧoɱosɛҳųαƖs, some voted against because there was not enough for them). So Pope Francis maintained the infamous paragraphs and the whole text of the "Relatio post disceptationem" remains open for public debate until next year, sayeth mgr Forte, the special secretary, and it is the Pope who has the final say. Note well that these infamous paragraphs fell short of the two third majority but got always a comfortable absolute majority. It will pass easily in the second round, and Francis is clearly telling that those against are pharisees who will have to obey the "God of surprises".

    The mentor of Pope Francis is more Saint Paul the sixth the Greater than John Paul two the great, a Pope that showed his hability to face down people of the past to impose the new aggiornamento. Just like in Vatican II, if the necessary votes are not gathered, the whole matter is thrown again in successive rounds of debate until it passes with faint conservative amendments.

    What matters is that the new ideas get floated for the first time in the full view of the world with the endorsement of the supreme authority of the Catholic Church. Opposition is allowed to swing in its turn, only to be defeated and chopped into the weaker recyclable half and the irreductible ones, who get taken care of later like the good old SSPX.

    Note the conservative types thrown at us like Cardinal Muller who stated that the Virginity of Our Lady is not a physical reality, or Cardinal Napier who says the text is incomplete because it should allow communion to polygamists as well. Consrvatives of Vatican III match perfecly the ultra liberals of Vatican II. In any case, many voters did not approve the controversial paragraphs for reasons of procedure only, and not of content. The whole thing is totally teleguided from the start, including the conservative opposition to it. It is the Pope who appoints the moderators of the Synod and chooses its members at every consistory of Cardinals,removing the old, and promoting the surprises. The Pope orders the demagogic polls and stirs the pot by his scandalous declarations ahead of the Synod. Are the conservatives shocked at the beatification of Paul VIth? Well, they should follow the example of the conservative Benedict XVI who duly attended the ceremony and endorsed it... isn't he slated as number three for take off after the canonization of Paul VI, John-Paul I? And there will be plenty more of unsavory canonizations to swallow from now on.

    Did those conservatives really believe that Revolution would stop? If they did it was useful of them to believe so, to recycle gradually reactionnary elements, but now the horses of Mephysto have to gallop further. All along they are made part of the revolutionnary process that needs opposition to keep not just some spice in the debate but a focus on its principles and needs always an ennemy to position its weapons better, like "target designation" in warfare.
    There is only one last stop for Revolution, and it is Hell. You can check in any time you want, but you can never leave.
    So come and check into my train, any time you want sayeth Pope Franshisssss!

    In Iesu et Maria,
    François Chazal+


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