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Another leaked Document
« Reply #15 on: September 19, 2012, 10:05:28 AM »
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  • Quote from: Neil Obstat
    The same problem we had in 1965, during
    "one of the gravest crises in Church history,"
    is the same one we're still having
    RIGHT NOW in the SSPX!!

    Vatican II B

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    Another leaked Document
    « Reply #16 on: September 19, 2012, 09:10:46 PM »
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  • Quote from: Nickolas
    Neil Obstat, I appreciate the effort and your hard work on this forum.  Thank you.

    You're welcome. I hope someone can benefit from my ramblings. I want to post
    them somewhere, and CI is just about the only place where I can let off some
    steam without being crunched for it  :smash-pc:

    Here's more on this theme, the similarities between what's going on now with
    what went on during Vat.II, which is by the way, contained in the letter at hand
    so it's not off-topic..........................

    Sent:      Sunday, 16 September 2012 10:47 PM
    Subject:  Problem SSPX now

    Dear Mrs. XXXXX,

    The problem with the neo-SSPX is twofold: 1. A doctrinal neo-modernist shift, or doctrinal slide, combined with a consequent moral slide so that SSPX teaching and praxis are now [prevalently] very different than 10 or more years ago, and  2. The determination to agree to be under modernist Rome's authority if modernist Rome meets 3 of the 6 lame conditions of the General Chapter 2012.

    In fact, what I have to say pertains to the entire letter, not just the opening
    paragraph, in principle.....................

    (BTW: those of you bent on whining over "leaked" documents can forget it
    this time. THIS IS NOT LEAKED. I WROTE IT. End of story.)

    The False Friends of Lefebvre

    ~ The adaptation of the Catholic Church to worldly thinking before, during and
    after Vatican II has wrought havoc on the Church in her practice of the Faith,
    and seems to have affected her expression of her immutable doctrine.

    **Regarding the SSPX today, this same adaptation is taking place when we
    observe +Fellay's new worldliness in accommodating Modernist Rome in many

    ~ This adaptation of the Church to worldliness boils down to a policy not to
    criticize Communism, not to condemn error at large, and to rely instead on
    "the infinite mercy of God" as announced in John XXIII's opening speech of
    October 11th, 1962 -- the "Golden Jubilee" of which will be celebrated in Rome
    in only 3 weeks' time from NOW, Sept. 19th, 2012.

    ** Regarding the SSPX today, this same adaptation of the SSPX to the worldliness
    of today's NeoRome Vatican boils down to a policy of not criticizing the errors
    of Vatican II, literally (read the resolutions of the GC) but only those who promote
    them. This is a soft-boiled boil-down, but a boil-down nonetheless. The SSPX
    would attempt to go into Rome and rub shoulders with the heretic Modernists and
    thus "convert" them from good example, or whatever. Nonsense.

    ~ Those who would not subject themselves to the innovations of Vat.II were
    punished immediately with heavy-handed tactics.

    ** The Menzingen-denizens practice consistent punitive measures against any
    SSPX clerics or even faithful, who resist the new ways being promoted.

    ~ The Conciliar Church, through its SILENCE about the Errors of Russia and
    errors of the world at large became an arm of the Soviet state, and of
    Fɾҽҽmαsσɳɾყ, and of international Jewry, whose principles it would serve by not
    condemning error.
    ** The Menzingen-denizens, through their enforcement of these new
    unannounced, SILENT POLICIES, would become an arm of NewRome, even
    without making any kind of overt "deal," or sell-out. Therefore, one must
    wonder if no hidden or quasi-private deal has actually been made -- only this
    time, NewRome is much too sly to have made it public, much as they attempted
    to keep the Vatican-Moscow Agreement hidden, but the news of it leaked out

    ~ There was a kind of reduction of religious activity to external rites, and the
    preaching in churches was curtailed to not criticize Vat.II or the errors of Russia
    or even errors at large in the world. A separation was begun whereby one could
    believe one thing at Mass on Sunday, but then when he goes home and to work
    during the week, he would not have to act according to his Sunday beliefs.

    ** The Menzingen-denizens dare to preach the Gospel of Jesus at Mass, and
    then proceed to enforce their punitive measures against the faithful and strong
    priests who resist the accordista agenda, in contradiction to the very Gospel they
    had preached on Sunday.

    ~ The Catholic Church became the Church of Silence, not denouncing
    Communism, Fɾҽҽmαsσɳɾყ or Zionist Jewry, but instead promoting a universal
    feelgoodism that culminated with Assisi I, II and III. While all the attendees at
    these gatherings practiced indifferentism, they were told, "This is not indifferentism."
    Christianity behind the Iron Curtain was the Church of Silence.

    ** It was precisely over the embarrassing news of the +Williamson interview with
    the Sweedish journalist that +Fellay seemed to break ranks with the longstanding
    practice of teaching the Faith, and the SSPX backed away to become the Society
    of Silence on all things "anti-Semitic," the errors of Vat.II, false ecumenism,
    religious liberty, and collegiality. We were in the summer of 2009 when these new
    policies came to light and were implemented Society-wide, by the iron fist of

    ~ Priests who would not conform to the NewChurch, by continuing to say the
    Canonized Traditional Latin Mass, were expelled, exiled, kicked out, and mocked
    openly from the pulpits of the world. It would seem that the CTLM had been
    abrogated. But lo, years later B16 would clarify that no, the Mass was never
    abrogated --- so that whole charade was a big LIE all along!

    ** When JPII issued his fake "excommunications" of the 6 bishops in 1988, it would
    seem they had been, well, excommunicated. But now we find out that they could
    not have been excommunicated for they did not commit any ecclesiastical crime.
    So 4 of the 6 were "lifted," which is a HALF-TRUTH, and as we learned in St.
    Thomas 101 the other day, "A half truth is a whole lie." All 6 should have been
    ANNULLED, if it were to be the truth, and therefore this is a WHOLE LIE. But the  
    erstwhile Joseph Ratzinger, seminary student, flunked St. Thomas, so we can't
    altogether blame his lack of comprehension on him. No, wait, as Obama said so
    prolifically, "Yes, We Can!!"

    ~ The Church of Silence was effectively transformed into an organ of Soviet
    Russia, with all the expelled, kicked-out or marginalized clerics replaced with
    Modernist sympathizers like Casaroli, Sodano, Wojtyla, Montini, Bertone,
    Ratzinger, et. al. Just as in the Council, when it didn't matter what the doctrine
    would be, so long as Modernists staffed the important posts in the Council, so
    John XXIII had hauled in even the very men who had been under suspicion with
    Pius XII, and made them key players at the "Pastoral Council." (It wasn't going
    to be a dogmatic council, so these guys wouldn't matter.)

    ** Once +Fellay had seized power in the SSPX, he systematically replaced all
    his District Superiors and otherwise capitulants for the Chapter with yes-men
    who would kow-tow to his modernizing whims, whatever they may be. You see,
    it didn't matter what the doctrine would be, so long as they would comply like

    ~The Conciliar Church would not make the necessary Consecration of Russia to
    the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but would instead go, "Let's NOT and say that we
    DID." So they said that Russia was consecrated, but the word, "Russia," was
    never used. So that's another Big Lie.

    ** As applies to the SSPX, the fabled Rosary Crusades of +Fellay BEGAN with
    the overt, excellent intention of the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the
    Immaculate Heart of Mary, by the Pope and all the bishops of the world, all at the
    same time worldwide. Then what happened? The Church of Silence kicked in,
    and before you knew it, no more mention of the Consecration, but rather only
    the conversion of Rome, or the lifting of the excoms, or regularization of the
    SSPX, or that all our wives might stop having headaches, or whatever it was.
    Instead, the pre-arranged lifting of the excoms was trotted out as a "miracle!!"

    ~ The Church of the Council would no longer condemn error, but instead would
    open herself up to the world, in a "positive" presentation of her teaching to "men
    of good will," and Paul VI called the result "a veritable invasion of the Church by
    worldly thinking."

    ** This latest chapter in the Society has yet to be written...................
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    Another leaked Document
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  • Reverend Father Joseph Pfeiffer is a true hero.
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