Author Topic: A Hermitage Message to the Enemies  (Read 446 times)

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A Hermitage Message to the Enemies
« on: February 11, 2013, 10:56:36 AM »
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  • For your consideration:

    Two Warnings:

    1. Most of you Cardinals know what kind of hell went on during the last conclave. I was told by one who would know. The one relating this was most likely excommunicated for his efforts. How shameful. If you think you can pull that kind of politicking again, take a good hard look at who was chosen. God was not amused with the politicking. This is not about politics and how nice it would be for you to feel you have power to destroy the Church. God will hold you accountable for your vote. Note well who does up the politicking in the next weeks. You know who not to vote for.

    2. I know what our dear Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, still gloriously reigning, has had front and center on his desk for a number of weeks. I think the level and amount of betrayal caught even him off guard. And he’s right, the amount of energy it would take to handle such a crisis of betrayal now right around the world is superhuman. Personally, I think he still is the right man for this, right here, right now. He’s such a gentleman. Seeing such betrayal smacked him down, hard, because he’s such a gentleman. So, you’ve been warned. There is no one more capable of handling these things than Pope Benedict. Don’t think you’ll have an easy time of it. Remember this:

    Proper justice rendered even going against political correctness is the only way.

    Having said that, know that we’ve all been praying for you for a long time, knowing that our Lady was preparing someone for years, for decades.

    (this is my opinion of Father Joseph Pfeiffer; the Holy Mother has been preparing him for years).



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