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Author Topic: Regarding Fr. Pagliarani's Recent Interview  (Read 1189 times)

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Regarding Fr. Pagliarani's Recent Interview
« on: September 27, 2019, 06:41:25 PM »
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  • Bishop Morerod opens the door to the FSSPX through ecuмenism

    [NB: Bishop Morerod is a member of the G.R.E.C. -SJ]

    Lies in politics:

    The current President of the French Republic has stated that "France cannot welcome everyone if it wants to welcome them". The speech seems anti-migrationist, as do other statements by former presidents of the Republic, such as Mr Chirac, who already acknowledged in 1984: "The problem is that since 1981, a large number of immigrants have arrived in France. Given the economic situation, there are too many of them. Their number must therefore be reduced.  And on June 19, 1991, he said again: "Our problem is not foreigners, it is that there is an overdose".  The speeches may therefore seem strong, but in the acts nothing happens, except the opposite of what is said.

    This is the hallmark of modern liberal politics: to please a fringe of people (right or left) who will support you because you will speak in their direction and tell them what they want to hear. Didn't Mr. Pasqua cynically say that "Promises are only binding on those who receive them"?

    But in the acts that guide the nation's common good, politicians actually obey the great financial lobbies that supported and elected them, and the Masonic lodges that hold the entire administration of the country.  The weakness of their will does the rest, because saving decisions often require great sacrifices, both on the part of the rulers and their subjects.

    The same state of mind in today's religious world:

    Unfortunately, it is this same spirit that we find among the current Superiors of the FSSPX: words that are sometimes strong from the current Superior General, which suggest a probable return to normalcy, in fidelity to the Founder. We go so far as to say that "the present Church walks on its head". Father Pagliarani realistically highlights the ecuмenical and pluralist spirit of this new church and there is nothing to complain about:

    "It is a Church that is no longer based on an eternal and revealed Truth, taught from above by authority. We have before us a Church that is listening and therefore necessarily listening to voices that can diverge from each other. To make a comparison, in a democratic system, there is always a place, at least apparent, for opposition. They are part of the system because they show that we can discuss, have a different opinion, that there is room for everyone. This, of course, can promote democratic dialogue, but not the restoration of an absolute and universal Truth and an eternal moral law. Thus error can be taught freely, alongside a real but structurally ineffective opposition and unable to put the truths in their place. It is therefore from the pluralist system itself that we must emerge, and this system has a cause, the Second Vatican Council".

    But a few days after this firm speech, we learn that the FSSPX has obtained the right to celebrate its 50th anniversary in a diocesan church. The authorization is given as an "ecuмenical act" by Bishop Morerod, Bishop of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg. Of course, the term does not come from the FSSPX, it comes from the bishop himself, who justifies his action as a derogation towards the Fraternity, precisely insofar as it is not in perfect communion with Rome.

    The FSSPX thus enters by this concrete means ("practical") into what it condemns in theory: teaching the truth equally (or even inferiorly) with conciliar error. Through this scandalous fact, the neo-Fraternity of Saint Pius X de facto recognizes the principles of Roman ecuмenism. Therefore, Father Pagliarani's good words are no longer worth anything.

    Why this radical contradiction between the speech of the Superior General of the FSSPX and the actions taken?

    That is the whole Liberal mystery that is based on an incurable contradiction. The spirit of the liberal Catholic could be reduced to the following formula: "The Church must give in to time and circuмstances". In the specific case, for a "small" concession, we will obtain a beautiful church in Fribourg, where we will be able to celebrate with dignity the fiftieth anniversary of the work of Archbishop Lefebvre.

    In principle, it is certain - liberal Catholics say - that the authority of the Church in matters of Faith and Morals is superior to all the powers of the earth, but in the current concrete circuмstances, it is not appropriate to raise this question in order not to irritate minds. But not to irritate the Bishop of Fribourg is to enter silently into his game, and that of the Pope.

    Based on false principles, liberal Catholics are therefore not afraid to put themselves in perpetual contradiction with themselves. They proclaim, with their Master Jesus Christ, that no one can serve two masters, but in practice it is but in practice this is what they do: to serve the Catholic Church in words, and to serve the "conciliar" Church in deeds.

    May God keep us from this double spirit.

    Romans 5:20 "But where sin increased, grace abounded all the more."

    -I retract any and all statements I have made that are incongruent with the True Faith, and apologize for ever having made them-