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Funny Stuff for Catholics / Re: list of funny remarks by Prince Philip (RIP)
« Last post by Nadir on Yesterday at 04:56:21 PM »
This was the first time I posted something under the FUNNY STUFF FOR CATHOLICS heading. For my troubles I got two thumbs down and a response that addressed none of the FUNNY Stuff remarks but went on to discuss everything nasty associated with this now dead man.

So, thank you Minnesota as the only one who joined in with the topic of funny stuff.

Needless to say I will not be posting anything funny here again as a sense of humour doesn't seem to exist on this forum. Its who said something funny that determines if its funny.

That said, how many of you saw his funeral yesterday? The prayers reflecting the belief in God and the afterlife said out loud and the singing in praise of God was beautiful, a belief shared by any traditional Catholic, the likes of which I have not heard at a Catholic funeral for a long time. Now go and find fault in that as happened in their now Protestant St George's chapel.

Dear Cassini, it is not true that a sense of humour doesn't seem to exist on this forum.  Rather that we all have a different sense of humour, whether as individuals, nationalities or beliefs and knowledge.

Your postings here are greatly appreciated because you have knowledge that many here do not have.

You seem to have admired Prince Philip. He was certainly a witty, wordly man. God will judge him for his deeds, his wit won't carry much weight. Of course we can expect that he would have has a good traditional sendoff which deceives some. Sadly there much nastiness associated with him which we are all reaping. Sadly he was part of a conspiacy to destroy Christan civilization. I sincerely hope he repented.

The Feeneyism Ghetto / Re: False BOD is Foundational to VatII
« Last post by DecemRationis on Yesterday at 04:43:36 PM »

Now you too are conflating BoD proper with the extension of BoD to those who don’t profess the faith?  We’re not talking about classical BoD here, such as would apply to catechumens but to the extended BoD that effectively causes all manner of non-Catholic to be within the Church.  I really don’t know how many more times I have to explain this.


Classical BOD?

The St. Alphonsus quotes indicate that he accepted an "implicit BOD" and in one of the quotes he indicated an "infidel" could be justified as follows:

In order to be justified without Baptism, an infidel must love God above all things and must have a universal will to observe the divine precepts, among which the first is to receive Baptism: and therefore in order to be justified it is necessary for him to have at least an implicit desire of that sacrament.

You call that "classical BOD"? That fits almost like a glove with JPII's catechism on BOD.

So I'll ask you again in light of MCollier's comment, since you address my response to him and won't address my response to you.

MCollier wrote:

how anyone can maintain that Vatican II is in error/heretical while also holding the BOD/BOID positions.

St. Alphonsus believed in BOD/BOID and even wrote that an "infidel" could be saved by an "implicit BOD" with love of God and a desire to do His will. He held a BOD/BOID position.

So, again:  this statement would mean that you believe St. Alphonsus would not hold V2 at least in "error," or he's as stupid and inconsistent as the others who maintain or hold BOD/BOID positions while also holding V2 to be in error/heretical. Which is it?

Btw, how does St. Alphonsus's "implicit BOD" work out with your "necessity" of the sacraments?



Why do you call it a "farce?"
Because, as Ladislaus pointed out, the sspx (new or old) isn’t a religious organization, in any sense.  It is itself a “3rd Order” because there are no vows.  You can’t have a non-order start another non-order.  It makes no sense.
Yes! Phillip was a member of the Committee of 300.
Phillip was part of the problem we are experiencing today.  Now there is a virus and ναccιnє murdering people to depopulate the world.  In 1988 about the same year Archbishop Lefevre warns France about the mooslims.  
The third part of the sermon on the mount.

[1] Judge not, that you may not be judged, [2] For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again. [3] And why seest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye; and seest not the beam that is in thy own eye? [4] Or how sayest thou to thy brother: Let me cast the mote out of thy eye; and behold a beam is in thy own eye? [5] Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam in thy own eye, and then shalt thou see to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
This isn’t about judging.  This is why the world is experiencing a plandemic, lσcкdσωns, abortion , divorce, ɧoɱosɛҳųαƖity.   Then there is “Who am I to judge bergolio”  No. There are many people who should be punished for crimes against humanity but society has been silent and allowed evil people on to prey innocent people. The evil people want to murder poor people.  Our bishops in Africa have been fighting for year against  dangerous ναccιnєs that have murdered Catholics with very little help from anyone. Society no longer “judges” and society is quickly becoming pagan atheist.  
The Sacred: Catholic Liturgy, Chant, Prayers / Re: Good book stands?
« Last post by roscoe on Yesterday at 03:09:12 PM »
Type book stand into ebay :popcorn:
Funny Stuff for Catholics / Re: list of funny remarks by Prince Philip (RIP)
« Last post by Ladislaus on Yesterday at 03:03:08 PM »
I for one believe that the one farmer in Australia represented the “legit” succession line to the throne.
The Sacred: Catholic Liturgy, Chant, Prayers / Re: Good book stands?
« Last post by Cryptinox on Yesterday at 02:22:37 PM »
Texas isn't the perfect state for prepping, homesteading, etc. (or so they say)
HOWEVER, in the category of homeschooling I can't imagine how Texas could be any more lenient or liberal with parents wanting to homeschool.
I have to give Texas an A+ in this category. 

The only way it could be better -- if there were a law mandating school vouchers! (rebates on property taxes, so you could spend it on homeschool materials or private tuition, rather than public schools you will never use)

Homeschool? You can even UN-school here in Texas. No curricula, no standard testing, no requirements whatsoever. 
I'm sure that it has occurred to Chris Cuomo that he is white.  I doubt that any professed "color-blindness" prevents him from seeing himself in the mirror.

Italians are white people.  Nativist Protestant notions to the contrary died out over a century ago --- though I can kind of understand that to lily-white Northern European Americans in the 1800s, Italians and Greeks would have been viewed much as those same people might view Iranians and Pakistanis today.

My son is about the whitest person who has ever walked the face of God's good earth, pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, he would not be at all out of place walking the streets of Oslo or Reykjavik (gets this from his mother, I'm of darker coloration, when I drive in the summer and get my "farmer's tan", my left arm is darker than the skin of many a mulatto or octoroon), but this being said, I have had the very same "talk" with him that black fathers lament having to have with their sons --- if you're ever pulled over, don't act sneaky, don't be argumentative, and for God's sake, always keep your hands where the police officer can see them.  In fact, I told him to do as I would do, if the officer asks to see your license, offer to get out of the car and let him (or her) retrieve your wallet from your pocket while you keep your hands in full view.  Wonder how many of these black youths who have gotten shot while they took their hands out of full view would have thought of that?

Sometimes I think they want to create a situation, even if they risk getting shot, to make some kind of point.  Next thing you know, they'll be claiming that nighttime and the rotation of the earth are racist, because, you see, when a black person is walking along a road in the dark --- as many of them do --- and are wearing dark clothes, they're almost impossible to see.  We see this a lot in the South.  At least a white person's face is discernible in low light.  I have told my son, if you ever accidentally hit one of them, kiss your life goodbye, you'll lose everything you have, the courts will see to that, wrongful death and that sort of thing.

(My apologies to those who maintain that the earth does not rotate.  Either way, night is night.)
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