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There is no positive doubt, thus it must be considered valid.
I'm supicious on the grounds that apparently the consecration was done in 1993 but not announced till 1995?
General Discussion / Re: 2019 World Beard & Moustache Championships
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Grotesque, exaggerated false masculinity...
I agree. 
Are SSPV sacraments 100% wiithout doubt?  I know Ladislaus said there were witnesses to the Mendez consecration, and I don't know a ton about it, but is that really a "100% without doubt" situation?  
There is no positive doubt, thus it must be considered valid.
My download still says 0% downloaded after 20 minutes, anybody have suggestions?  
Are SSPV sacraments 100% wiithout doubt?  I know Ladislaus said there were witnesses to the Mendez consecration, and I don't know a ton about it, but is that really a "100% without doubt" situation?  
(Ooops--or rather arrrgh!   Mistaken ‘Reply’ that should've been ‘Modify’ now deleted by author.)
Quote from: Daisy Luther for The Organic Prepper

Hundreds of “Black Vest” Migrants Seize Terminal in Paris Airport:
“France does not belong to the French!”

Yesterday, hundreds of undocumented migrants took control of Terminal 2 of the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris France.  Approximately 500 migrants seized the terminal. [....]

It's obvious that those arrogantly hostile "migrants" no longer care about blowing away sympathetic delusions among their liberal supporters: The action as reported certainly doesn't seem like an effort by the starving rag-clothed widows & ophans promoted by the mainstream-media as the typical "migrants".   Nor do those "migrants" care about further angering their opponents who understand that the alleged "migrants" are really invaders: Predominately healthy well-fed young men, who fundamentally do not belong in Europe at all.

A nation that had any guts [×] would treat involvement in such a hostile action as permanent disqualification for continued residency, and sufficient cause for immediate deportation.  Riot police ought to be authorized to immobilize (e.g., tear-gas) then arrest the obvious offenders (whose "black vests" ought to be treated as uniforms of a hostile force).  France might have an operational advantage with its Napoleonic legal system, which I've repeatedly seen summarized as "guilty until proven innocent".

And when time's available, go arrest not only any alleged family who accompanied them, but also any of "migrant" birth in France.  At any time when the French civilian police aren't adequate to the "migrant" opposition (e.g., the infamous no-go zones), feel free to use military troops with urban-warfare experience or training.  The genuinely French people need to learn to accept a cost of recovering their own country that includes many people being hurt and many things being broken.

But to where might such "migrants" be deported?  It seems a safe bet that their native countries would refuse to repatriate them.  It's regrettable that there are no longer any "desert islands" available within a reasonably tractable distance from France.  For pretty much any island that's geographically suitable, powerful tourism interests, environmental-protectionist or real-estate interests, not to mention local residents of centuries standing, would prevent local placement of detention centers.  And except for meddlesome nonlocal enviros, one can hardly blame them.  Nowadays, any island that has its own water supply in a climate that's at least marginally hospitable also (almost certainly) has a native population, and nowadays, perhaps a local economy heavily dependent on tourism.

Note ×: There are numerous U.S. tombstones in France attesting to the inability of France to win any military conflicts since the days of Napoleon [××].  And despite his leadership, their victories were reversed after a few decades.

Note ××: Many United Statesians are ignorant of the FrancoPrussian War (1870--1871), which was France's only major war between the Napoleonic Wars and World War I: Its result was a surprising defeat on its own soil for favored France, and a major victory for the underdog Prussian monarchy leading various German states; all of that was practically decided in the war's first few months.  It also gave Italian revolutionaries an opportunity to capture Rome from papal rule (Pius IX) without intervention by the pope's French allies, who were then unavailable to provide their usual assistance.  But students in the U.S.A. are kept busy instead with, um, selected "history" of the aftermath of the U.S. "Civil War",  notably "Reconstruction" (1865--1876).
Did Archbishop Lefebvre soften a bit after the election of JP2?  Yes he did.  He was optimistic that he would be better than Paul VI.  Then things soured again at the time of Assisi, which ultimately led to the consecrations.

This attempt to suppress the reality of the "hard line" days is incredibly disturbing.  Let the Archbishop speak for himself.  He was of course entitled to change his mind, but the truth does not change.  He said what he said at the time.  Let the record stand.  And people are entitled to disagree with him.  It reminds me of Orwell's 1984.  In addition, he delivered most of these in public, and they were meant for public consumption and edification.  While it may be legally permitted, it's not morally acceptable for them to suppress this stuff.  Now, if there things in there contrary to faith and morals, then perhaps there would be reason to suppress them.  Perhaps the SSPX consider these sermons to be scandalous to the faithful, and are judging +Lefebvre ... all the while exploiting him and the devotion people have to him whenever it benefits them.
Health and Nutrition / Medical alert: Oral contraceptives cause cancer
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Medical alert: Oral contraceptives cause cancer

by: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers | May 17, 2019

Sensitive reading material follows. Not recommended for the unmarried.
Are these in French?  The same sermons that were published in the books?  
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