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Politics and World Leaders / Re: "The Wall" and Go Fund Me
« Last post by Stubborn on Today at 05:27:48 AM »
A good break down of what it's all about - except toward the end where he slams the Church.

The Feeneyism Ghetto / Re: Saint Benedict Center
« Last post by Stubborn on Today at 04:58:02 AM »
Saint Benedict Center Official Press Statements
From the link:

"It is with sorrow that we must inform our many friends and supporters, and all the faithful Catholics who have attended the Traditional Latin Mass at Saint Benedict Center, that the Diocese of Manchester has now refused us the services of a priest, and has prohibited the administration of the sacraments at the Center.

We were surprised and disappointed by this decision. We are working to resolve this impasse, and will keep you informed about our progress."

Hard to believe they were surprised, but that being the case, it's no wonder they're disappointed. Sad to see they are directing more of their efforts toward going back for more. They are in the running for poster child of "Some people will never learn."

Attempting to "dialogue" about the doctrine of exclusive salvation with conciliar authorities? Will they never learn that there is nothing to "dialogue" about with those conciliarists who only have one infallible doctrine, the one which infallibly rejects the EENS doctrine as heresy?  What's wrong with them?

The whole episode reminds me of this snip from a sermon Fr. Wathen gave a few days after +ABL's excommunication. In regards to who the SBC is dealing with, nothing has changed:

..."the negotiations the archbishop and the officials in the Vatican had to do with the official Church giving him permission to perform these ordinations, and he eventually learned that the only reason that they were negotiating with him at all, was in order that they could get control through a commission, which they would establish to oversee his efforts and the efforts of his priests, to get control so that in due time they could completely nullify the whole enterprise.

The archbishop's intentions are well known to the whole world, they are to preservation of the faith, and we find that these who have charge of the Church had, and have, no other intention in this regard than to destroy the faith. That is their intention as I say, and that is an easily delineated and recognizable purpose that they have.

The reason why I make the point here, is simply that you need to be reminded of the powers that be. Just because they wear sacerdotal vestments and because they wear pectoral crosses, and because they seem to be Catholic, is no indication whatsoever of what they are. When you see them before the television cameras and you hear them making their pontifical statements, think of ravening wolves, think of men with forked tongues, think of men who are trained to deceive, who have cultivated the talent.

One of the priests who was interviewed concerning the excommunication of the archbishop said; "Well, it's an unfortunate thing but it is better to perform an amputation than that there be gangrene throughout the body."

I don't know how that strikes you but it strikes me as meaning this: Better to expel the archbishop and this smaller group of people from the Church, than to allow the influence that he might spread to circulate through the whole body of the Church, in other words, the true faith to him, is poison, they are in the position of power, but they regard the true faith as a contamination, as a dangerous infection..."

Health and Nutrition / Re: Struggle with stress and OCD
« Last post by ggreg on Today at 03:46:13 AM »
What about being a YouTube celery or starting a blog, you can make hundreds of thousands, even millions, from home and never having a boss.

On a more serious note, I hear digital marketing is also another area where there’s a lot of demand and people get paid well.
My brother lives in a home worth 1.3 million, has 11 children, paid his mortgage off by 40.  Never owned a business, never inherited much money.
Left university at 21, ordinary career as a software programmer.  He had just never been unemployed and lives a fairly frugal life. But they go on EU holidays every 3 years.
He would have earned a lot more if he had been career minded, but he was just a reliable worker who did his job.  People understimate the compound power of 20 years of earning and saving and not having periods of unemployment, failed businesses, bankruptcy and divorce.  Eventually he was made redundant around the age of 50, his department outsourced to India, got a big check (but he had paid his mortgage off by then anyway) and then found a new job in a new field after 2 to 3 month.  Had to learn Java and cloud software development from scratch.  But with the work discipline he had from all those years of plugging away, by month six he won employee of the month.
There are so many screwed up people in the work today with addictions, psycho problems and personal life problems that just being Mr. Stable and getting your job done with enthusiam and hard work puts you ahead of the pack in many offices.  Number 1 compliant I hear from business owners?  "We just cannot hire enough decent staff".  20% do 80% of the work.
If you are low risk, and he is, it is a way to be financially stable and comfortable at 45.  I took a riskier path myself but I am a gambler.
His daughter is a YouTuber.  She is married with kids now but she made very good money on YouTube doing makeup tutorials.
Digital marketing is just marketing using social media and web advertising.  I reckon that aside from human data analysts and salespeople who follow up the leads generated, plus professional proposal writers who can cutomize the proposal text to the readers skill level, a software robot can perform the actual marketing tasks much better.  So net jobs in marketing will probably drop.
Data jobs and data science and the tech around that will be the boom industry for white collar jobs.  Like getting into personal computers in the mid 1980s and the internet in 1993/94.
The Feeneyism Ghetto / Re: Saint Benedict Center
« Last post by Maria Auxiliadora on Today at 03:43:42 AM »

Yes. And all this preceeding the SSPX Prelature, what a coincidence.  ::)
Politics and World Leaders / Re: UN Genocide
« Last post by Quid Retribuam Domino on Today at 03:19:40 AM »
They're (along with WHO) are maintaining the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Dem Rep of Congo.

Congo is rich in water and minerals.
Health and Nutrition / Re: Struggle with stress and OCD
« Last post by Quid Retribuam Domino on Today at 03:04:27 AM »
Although never diagnosed, my father certainly has OCD/autistic traits.  He's a retired physicist, age 90.  He has lost some of his intellectual sharpness, but he's still a stickler for routine and detail.  In 1990, or thereabouts, he took it upon himself to clean out and organize a huge storage room at the laboratory where he worked.  It was not his job description, but it's constant state of chaos and disorder interfered with his work.  His assistants would take days sometimes to find necessary equipment.  Sometimes it would be located eventually in a building two miles away.  In the meantime, he'd gone ahead and ordered a replacement.  About a year ago, he received a call from the lab because an experimenter was looking for a hand-tooled mirror, made especially for a beam separator in a 1968.  A man who remembered him from his younger days said that if anyone knew if the mirror still existed and where to find, it would be Dr. M., if still living!  My father knew where the mirror was, in 1990!  They looked, and sure enough, exactly where he'd stored it all those years ago! 

That's not "OCD", nor are those traits of it. That's a man who was very well-organized, grabbed the bull by the nutsack, seized the day, and has a great memory.
These funds are routed to overseas banks and quickly changed into other assets, ending-up in Israel, no doubt.

On September 10th, 2001 the first Trillion dollar heist was publicly revealed.
24 hours later the Pentagon's Navy Department was hit by a cruise missile.
No way to trace accounting records after that.

Yes, the very budget analyst offices investigating the missing $ trillions $ were destroyed, and the people killed.
Cohen is the archetypal Jew. A liar. A backstabber. Two-faced. Possibly a murderer, too.
Yes, but what faith? His modern mess? Or God’s Holy truth?

He says one random good thing every now and then. It’s usually something of basic knowledge too, and everyone jumps for joy they start ignoring all the other 100 bad things he does/says. I seriously get annoyed with it. One good thing doesn’t erase the million bad things he’s done, said, and condoned.
There is only one true Faith.
SSPX Resistance News / Re: Status of the resistance in 2019
« Last post by Incredulous on Today at 12:59:39 AM »
I am against the heresy of modernism.
That would mean you'd have to be against four Baptisms... right?
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